Do the US Allies Release US Prisoners to the US Anymore?

There used to be a time when a law-abiding American citizen came upon trouble while visiting a foreign country, the US ambassador in that country would pull a few strings so the authorities could release the prisoner to the US. Okay, allow me to make this segway from A$AP Rocky. I know a lot of us to have a short attention span these days but who remembers Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Famous French politician? Retired Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? Influential alleged mother and daughter fucker? Etc. To say the least, one could add that the espoused European mogul seemed to have a raging appetite for black pussy? Stay with me on this one.

In Europe, the black people are not ALWAYS as bold and assertive against White Nationalists as those in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. One could argue this statement to great lengths if they were to come to a politically correct conclusion. But the fact remains that in most cases, in Europe, there is an obscured difference between the Afro European and the black immigrant who is fresh off the boat. Often, an Afro European maybe a close descendant of an immigrant who was once fresh off the boat. The two can be interchangeable if you get my drift. I believe racism takes a higher tool in Europe than it does in Canada or the United States.

Is England still Europe? Let’s make the UK an exception in this illustration. When I say Europe in this instance, we should consider every other European country besides the United Kingdom. Plus of course, I shouldn’t have to say but to be on the safe side, we should also exclude the highly educated and rather academic or financially accomplished families out there. Once we have sifted through the various levels of the aristocratic black minority in Europe, we then have an immigrant majority of which some are prostitutes. Remember, this is a complete segway. In countries like Spain and Italy, for example, it is common to receive fellatio from a black prostitute in the nearby bushes.

There are brothels and suites where married men who wish to cheat on their wives go to cheat during their lunch break. Sadly, when you enter these spheres, you will find many African immigrants selling pieces of their soul for as low as thirty euros per orgasm. While this sex culture is entirely normal in Europe, I have heard stories of respectable black women from North America who were insulted after they visited these areas and someone mistook them for a prostitute. There is an abundance of disrespect for black people. Men with money, the rich and affluent, if they have a taste for such pleasures, can practically take their pick of these women. And no, the women are not ugly.

It’s the opposite. Over 90% of these prostitutes whether African, Asian, or East European, are drop-dead gorgeous. Women of that same caliber would live on a far higher status in the United States or Canada. For the perverted men though, it’s like picking fresh fruits. I mean they can buy a cold beer or whiskey in just about any corner store and drink it in the streets on their way to the spot where numerous beautiful prostitutes wait to be chosen for sex. I presume some of these arrangements are homosexual as well. Yes, if you are reading this blog with a North American eye, you may have a gruesome picture in your head. With the European eye, this would be normal.

Keep in mind that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is from the culture I’ve just described. Or you can look at it this other way, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and R. Kelly would probably consider the European sextopia as Valhalla. Since we have black immigrants who take full advantage of the business end of this sextopia, you will find many white men with a raging appetite for black pussy. They snack on it for lunch and piggyback it to their hut. However, the US, Canada, and Europe are allies. They work together in the UN, EU, NATO, G8, etc. When their respective citizens break trivial statutes in each other’s homeland, in good faith, each government can negotiate the release of their citizen.

Hence, that is what we now expect to happen in the case of A$AP Rocky. Lamentably, since many Europeans come from the sextopia culture I’ve described above when they visit America and try that shit there, they do not walk away with a slap on the wrist. The black woman is much more valuable in American law. The American police would pull God over and arrest Him if he tried to solicit the wrong woman for sex. You cannot openly violate a woman and walk away. You may not be able to buy her off. That is what happened to Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Even though he is God in Europe, when he tried to touch that black maid in that New York hotel, the NYPD dragged his ass to jail and kept him in there.

Bear in mind that since there are hundreds of cheap black prostitutes and street hookers in Europe where racism is much more colorful, for the NYPD to arrest the European hotshot over a black maid was rather humiliating from the perspective of a European John. Imagine that the accused serial sex offender was an IMF boss. He influences the European policy-making arena. Well, to cut a long story short, when the Europeans realized that they could not get away with crimes in America, they also tighten their laws at home. When an American commits a crime in Europe, even though the two regions are allies on various frontiers, the American no longer receive special treatment.

The math is if many blacks are prostitutes or poor immigrants the people can consider the African American in such low regard. Especially since Donald Trump has forced Europe to pay their fair share in Nato, the UN, etc. They throw the book at the US citizen since the same happens when a European commits crimes in America. The crime doesn’t have to be similar. What’s normal in Europe is abnormal in America. What’s typical in America is not the same in Europe. If America jails their people, they jail ours as well. In some European countries, if you call yourself a king or queen as we do in America, the authorities could arrest you. Can’t call yourself that unless you come from actual nobility and you were royal.

I’m describing the difference between the American and European crime system. A$AP is a celebrity, but he’s black in a region of the world where there are NOT that many black people on a pedestal. You can’t look at it with a North American eye. If we are to solve this, we must see it their way and find solutions within that line of thinking. They don’t care how we look at it. They will give us special treatment if we give them the same. Some of the acts that are legal in Europe are severe crimes in the US. In Europe, the age of consent ranges from as low as 14, 16 to 18 years of age, for example. Prostitution and homosexuality are also legal. Not to be homophobic, but it shows how they see black people.

There is also more convenient access to all types of narcotics. Can you do the math? If someone with a taste for such things were to be caught in the states, they would be sentenced to life in prison. Well, in Europe they have laws too. Rape, murder, making real threats, or committing vicious acts of violence, can send an unsuspecting foreigner to prison. I think I wrote about it more directly when it first happened. I will do more of that soon. For this post, the message is to warn us North Americans when we travel abroad to be mindful of their laws. A$AP’s case is based on racism even though the Swedes will claim it is not. Being black is much more complicated there.

True. What makes it even more tricky is because if A$AP were to accuse them of racism, they would charge him for that. Also though one can presume that the Swedish system is quietly racist, their authorities are adamant about their rule of law. The other place where North Americans can easily find themselves in trouble with the law is in the UAE. Out there, in some regions, you can be locked up if they see you kissing your girlfriend or drinking alcohol. There is a vast difference between the freedoms one exercises in America and what they get when they travel abroad. Some laws protect citizens in other countries which a foreigner may not enjoy.*

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