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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    In every good narrative, there is a protagonist, an antagonist, the reason why they clash, the betrayal and the outcome. The most pivotal part of the story will be the point of deception which then leads to the climax. Any writer who is worth his or her weight on paper will tell you that the “build up” to the point of betrayal and the aftermath (revenge) marks the exhilaration in the thriller. The adage goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold.” As much as I agree, lukewarm is the most unpleasant temperature.

    OK. First, of, Jewish traditions imparted the 13th – 20th-century beliefs of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Agreed?

    Thus, I would dare to say “all betrayal is like cookery that we’ve served lukewarmly.” Yikes! How can this not happen? Well, to fully grasp Donald Sterling’s catastrophe you and I will have to try at least to get where he’s coming from. Understanding his cultural and religious orientation brings his betrayal into proper perspective. Donald Sterling’s deception was easy to orchestrate. Why? Because of the same things I’ve been writing about all these years – the swift change in the world’s socio-political, cultural and religious mentality. OK. First, of, Jewish traditions imparted the 13th – 20th-century beliefs of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Agreed? OK.

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    The idea of monotheism (worshiping only one God), polygamy, faith, charity, homophobia, chastity and religion based virtues are all related to an all-seeing Almighty God. Agreed? The first mentality of the entire world was based on the teachings of who? Prophets! Not, scientists. All scriptures condemn premarital sex and childbirth outside of wedlock – hence the term – bastard. Therefore, a man has merely to marry a woman to stay on good terms with God. Keep in mind, under this teaching, God trumps government or constitution. This means a God-fearing man with a yearning for women just had to marry each one he wanted.

    Since there is no such thing as gender equality in religion, scripture barred women indefinitely, from marrying multiple husbands.

    Once he did that he obeyed the scripture and was free of wrongdoing. But this has changed now. A man is to marry only one woman. Since there is no such thing as gender equality in religion, scripture barred women indefinitely, from marrying multiple husbands. I say so because scripture portrays women as the helper of man. Not his equal rival, as it is today. I’m stating the facts as they relate to the scriptures. Please don’t judge me for explaining this. Moreover, this explains why Donald Sterling believes he is a God-fearing man of ethical conduct and character even though he has a wife, concubines and he discriminates. Yep, he’s a dinosaur.

    Jews celebrating after a meal together

    This brings me to my next point. In Abrahamic teachings of monotheism, God has chosen Abraham to be the Father of a unique people. Empowered by God’s rules and promises, Israel is that people. Some Arabs can trace their lineage to Abraham as well, this makes them chosen by God also. If you have Abraham’s blood, you’re unique to God. All Jews have Abraham’s blood. Having this blood comes with a responsibility. Ever shunned, Israel has relied on their God, Yahweh, for ages. In obeying Yahweh, they eat Kosher food, pray to Yahweh and by no means mingle ever so carefully with none Jews.

    In obeying Yahweh, they eat Kosher food, pray to Yahweh and by no means mingle ever so closely with none Jews. It’s not out of spite, rather it’s their tradition.”

    It’s not out of spite. Instead, it’s Jewish tradition. Seeing that the protection of Jewish bloodline, religion, and culture is rather crucial, this is where the idea of racism can become tricky. Jewish women are pretty just like all other women, but Jews cannot intermarry. They cannot dine with or mingle ever so intimately with people of different cultures, creeds, and Gods because they cannot disobey Yahweh. Now let me make one thing VERY clear, Yahweh is a Hot God! He is one robust Spirit. In fact, I won’t advise anyone to mess with Him. That ever so merciful, loving Spirit also has a ravenous temper. That is Who the Jews worship, fear and obey. Yahweh is the originator of all things Jewish! Jews owe their existence to Him. That’s that!

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    That does not mean Jews cannot be your friends or they cannot do business with others. No. That does not say others are not welcome in their homes. However, in the Jewish world, you and I are heathens. We are unclean, so they must receive us with caution! We do not have Abraham’s blood, meaning we don’t belong to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. It is this privilege that Christians and the Rastafarian yearns. For one, Jesus was a Jew; this is the Christian’s link to God. Because the God Jesus proclaimed is the God of the Jews.

    They cannot dine with or mingle ever so intimately with people of different cultures, creeds, and Gods because they cannot disobey Yahweh.

    The scriptures afford this same privilege of Abraham’s descendants to Muslims as well. Islam based on the teachings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who are the Godfathers of our monotheistic concept of reality. However, in today’s world, this is all irrelevant. If one worshiped and obeyed Allah, Jehovah or Yahweh to His strictest form, they deem an “extremist.” As the world changes, people are now allowed to have premarital sex, and none wedded families. They are allowed to drink and be homosexuals. All of which the Abrahamic teaching has strictly condemned. Now, do you see why Donald Sterling would be a natural person to betray?

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    All you’ll have to do is wind him up and record. Why? Everything he or any other Abrahamic cultured person believes is racist, homophobic or sexist by today’s standards. Times changed, but the scriptures stayed the same. As a black man, I condemn Donald Sterling’s anti-black remarks. As a basketball nut, I adore Magic Johnson. Magic may have cheated on his wife with a slew of gorgeous women. Hey, we’re heathens, remember? Sadly, he contracted HIV. But he changed his ways and used his example to make a difference. To me, he is an excellent example for kids today because he shows that one can rectify wrongdoing and calamity do not have to befall someone because of ill fate or a mistake.

    Magic has brought more awareness to safe sex and used his clout to promote philanthropy. He even provided support and treatment for other HIV or Aids patients. I love Magic. He made the best of his tragedy. As a black person, I know black people are aware that racists do speak atrociously about us when they are behind the safely closed doors of their sanctuary. Remember, Mitt Romney’s closed-door babble about minorities? Jewish tradition aside, it is no surprise that Donald Sterling would care ever so less or be repulsed by the thought of his concubine associating with minorities. Ironically, the concubine is a minority as well, and racism is a two-way street.

    Mr. and Mrs. Sterling

    Racists hate minorities and minorities resent racists, and round and round we go in an ever hypocritical drama of “I don’t hate you.” The consoling part of this quandary is at least not all whites are racists, and not all minorities resent whites. Racism is diminishing… slowly! When all is said and done, the Sterlings were betrayed by someone who Donald deemed trustworthy. He opened his arms to her, revealed his true feelings, and she recorded it all. Sterling and his wife own a billionaire dollar empire, the girlfriend knew she was never going to inherit it all. He and his wife hold a basketball team in a predominantly black NBA, and they are Jewish. After all the trial and tribulations Jewish people have endured through, it comes as no surprise that he would be thrown under the bus.

    I feel for their struggle that they’ve endured through over centuries and quite frankly, I want Yahweh or Allah to be a friendly Spirit to me and mine.”

    I personally give Jews and Arabs free passes because I understand their religion. Their struggle that they’ve endured through over centuries, and quite frankly, I want Yahweh or Allah to be a friendly Spirit to me and mine. That being said, I condemn racism on all levels, but I know Donald Sterling’s racist remarks has come at a significant cost to him. What I cannot do is assume that he lost his LA Clippers team because of racist remarks. To me, it seems he’s being squeezed by someone who wants the team and his ever so racist views and comments have made it very easy for that to happen. *


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