European Cultureshock

I was about to grab a couple of beers, look around and network. The pool pallor was sick so I decided that if I got into a conversation with a local, I’d order another round to get a feel for the spot and see what it’s all about. Being in Europe, the 1st thing I noticed was the arrogance of us North Americans. Especially female North American socialites turned journalists or philanthropists who, when they see local women catering to men’s sexual needs, instantly start preaching insubordination, self-love or man hate.

I got the feeling that the local European women were either not feeling that or they were over it. Though well intended, to none Americans, North Americans came off braggadocios. I heard one telling a prostitute that she’s a victim but the full blown whore laughed and said, “no I’m not”. She was disdained at the North American’s audacity. The North American was trying to help when the obvious fact is her help was not from a European perspective.

Where are your parents?”
“Do you have a pimp?” and “How did you start prostituting?”

By the time I was leaving, the North American had gone from hanging out with the European virgin types to hanging out with the many prostitutes who were disguised at the gathering. She didn’t know this was also her class so she was asking surprised questions like… The North American had shown up with bottled water and hand sanitizer giving the impression of a more hygienic, more knowledgeable and valuable person.

A European woman out with friends declared that she’s a virgin who goes dancing but will only have sex after marriage. Thinking the European is naive to settle for just one man without first having lots of casual sex from dating a wide range of men, the North American, with dropped jaw said she could never imagine marrying a man she’s never slept with. Next thing I know, the North American woman was being snubbed by the European women who behaved like the virgin type.

By the time I was leaving the pool hall, the North American was now hanging out where the prostitutes were getting loose. She didn’t realize that she had been shifted to that class of women so she continued to ask surprised questions like… Well, this is the section for “liberated females” at the bar chatting, getting hit on or around the corner slanging kuchy with other half naked women. All liquids find their level, I thought to myself.

What I liked about this experience was
the class of the virgin types. They didn’t preach, they were just living.”

Regardless if she came there with bottled water and hand sanitizer, once she started talking about casual sex and claiming a stone cold liberation from the trappings of a husband, she was instantly classified in the same category and due to that the “good girls” could not be seen hanging out with her. The bottled water North American ordered a few glasses of wine while attempting to influence the virgin types how to dishonor a suitor.

The liberated American showed up hoping to meet a cute man
she could drink, flirt with and blue ball after he got drunk. But surprisingly...”

The virgin types drank “soft drinks” the whole time and laughed at every ridiculous comment she made. What I liked about this experience was the class of the virgin types. They didn’t preach, they were just living. Observing from a distance, I had a feeling that if at all, the virgin types didn’t drink much alcohol, smoke or take drugs.

I was willing to bet that they were not real virgins but had sex discretely and didn’t go out unless they were on a date or out with well-mannered friends. Either way, they had spoken gracefully while nursing a glass of soda or soft drink. The liberated American showed up hoping to meet a cute man she could drink, flirt with and blue ball after he got drunk. But surprisingly, when she got there she saw several half naked beautiful women in the streets, flagging down passing cars and explicitly soliciting sex to the men who walked by.

Some stumbled off into fully lit street corners and had sex there. The virgin types dreaded any attention from a “John” while the American considered the John a sexual predator. In order for a Sam to uphold a none perverted image to them, he would have to demonstrate that he’s never been a John, catcalled etc.

The virgin types were also flooded with indecent proposals. So, prostitutes were over there and the virgin types left. When I got home I decided to look up on romance vs. prostitution in Europe. What I found was shocking, to say the least. East European hotties, with the finest bodies, have flooded the scene and in some cases, are in competition with established brothels.

The liberated socialites were open season for horny men…”

I’ve never seen a brothel in my life. Virtually, the virgin types who don’t drink, smoke, have casual sex or mouth off to men. They run around in potential future wife packs, saving themselves for marriage to a professional, like an accountant, a lawyer or a civil servant because liberated socialites were open season for horny men willing to pay them for sex. With the influx of drop dead gorgeous hotties from East Europe, who would smash for less, I had another funny feeling that the price dropped dramatically.

Essentially, there is an identity predicament between women distinguishing themselves as whores and those who are not. As I watched various YouTube documentaries on prostitution in various cities in Europe, the one phrase that kept coming up was – human trafficking.

On the flip side, North American and European white peasants are deemed rich men in poor countries. If you didn’t think it’s wrong to do drugs, prostitutes etc, you’d bully in because where the US dollar is concerned, most are out for the taking. Without singling them out or being racist, white men from the States and Europe crowd those cities in Europe and Asia where they capitalize on the sex being sold by bar girls, prostitutes, dancers and sex slaves.

The understanding is since they have access to some of the best technologies and money, they would fix what’s wrong in these women’s lives. To stop children from being forced into prostitution, in some of the documentaries, they urged these men not to be willing customers who preying upon emotionally and financially destitute underage European, Thai or Pilipino women, and children. *

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