Did you know that in the next 70 years all of Europe will be an Islamic continent? The average European family has 1 to 2 children per family. And the number of traditional families have declined drastically. Countries such as Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom already show evidence that the Islamic population is growing at a more stable pace than the Caucasian. Studies suggest that for a culture to survive, families must have a minimum of 4 or more children. The current European family has fewer children and is prone to divorce.

The decline in Family Size & Structure

There is a considerable decline in the number of traditional European families. 1) Christian faiths protected the conventional European family by governing courtship and marriage. Now that radical feminism has dismantled its premise from political and governmental roles, they also created a void for other religions to be influential. 2) As a result of feminism, many European women turned against European men. 3) Most people were brainwashed into feminism through the media, Hollywood and in the education system. 4) Divorce rate skyrocketed. 5) Marriage rate declined. 7) The number of single mothers increased. As a result of all this, even if the average European family did not produce children per family. Therefore their culture will not survive because the structures that held them are no longer there.

European Family

However, the Muslim population has remained faithful to their religion. Muslims keep the commandments, raise traditional families and instill the values of duality in their communities. As a result of having enough children, their culture and tradition will surpass that of the Europeans. Even while living abroad, they discourage premarital sex, divorce and having children out of wedlock. Once married many families has 5 to 8 children on average. And many of them are immigrants who became and gave birth to second and third generation citizens. As a result, that culture is projected to grow not only the most dominant in the next 70 years but also the majority.*


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