Feminism in the United States, Canada, Australia and Western Europe is not the same as in Africa. African women are calling for equal opportunities, leadership roles, financial independence, etc. like what the first and second wave feminists achieved in the West. Africa was pillaged and ruined by the West. There is no free education, healthcare or welfare system in many countries. Africa has not recovered from colonization. Whether advanced or underdeveloped, feminists usually aligned their ideology with the media, political, entertainment, and educational system. Especially those from the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden and other parts of Western Europe. A few truths about feminism that African women are unaware of include:

The Key Differences

1. African feminists do not know that by becoming feminists, they can no longer think or act outside of the feminist ideology. Feminism is like democracy, once allowed, it takes power from the people and become almost impossible to rid. 2. Many African women are unaware that feminism blatantly rules out all religious laws that govern women, especially those of Christianity and Islam. It bastardizes ancestors and redefines God. 3. Our African sisters are unaware that feminism encourages death through abortion, birth control, and emasculation. 4. Feminism destroys the heterosexual family by teaching women to rebel against tradition, marriage, and gender roles. 5. Feminism is openly biased against men, it is a fanatical ideology falsely based on equality, but when you bring up men’s rights, they reject it.

The Conversation feminism

It is important to note that many Western women have lost their traditional heritage. Nor can they appreciate the importance of African tradition. Many of these Western feminists are also philanthropists and educators. That gives them unprecedented access to women in the poorest countries. Most of the women in these poorer countries come in touch with feminism through the Western philanthropist. These women would disagree if they knew the truth, but right now, many do not understand the full nature of feminism. Many of the African women who are identifying with feminism do not know that most Western philanthropists are also atheists. Many are witches [white] while most are none practicing Christians or moderate Muslims. It’s not that I am discriminating against atheists and witches. I’m saying the Africans don’t know these philanthropists.

Africans are unaware that the Western philanthropist who funds and organizes their Women’s Conference in Africa is also a witch, lesbian or atheist. Many Africans are witches


To Be Financially Independent

Based on the region where a feminist comes from, are there different types of feminists? Those who believe God created Adam and Eve and who want men’s rights issues to be resolved? And those who believe in evolution? The atheist who finds God and religions are human-made ploys to control the masses? Feminism not only ignores history, biology and statistics, it also avoids cultures and traditions often depicting ancestors as patrician fanatics who manipulated the world on behalf of men. As a result, classical music, films, literature, and other forms of art they now have seen as misogynistic materials.*