Feminism’s Calamitous Outcome has Destroyed the Traditional Family

From The Hive

How many heterosexual or homosexual males agree that feminism’s disastrous outcome has destroyed the traditional family? We have mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins whom we love. We have the wife, fiance, girlfriend, or women with whom we have relationships. What about the friend, colleague, acquaintance? We men always and always support all the rights of women and absolute equality in all domains of their lives. When women are happy, we are delighted. Now, here are some videos and tips that show the growing concern for the survival of the traditional family.

Take depression; for example, every gender suffers from it. Where do men (straight, gay, neutral or trans) go to get the help? People should be honored members of the traditional family. Be that as it may, we have observed several men fall into alcohol, narcotics, and other substance abuses or addictions partly due to low self-esteem and misandry. Men who suffer from neglect, sub-achievement or inability to find a loyal wife, etc., have nowhere to go. There is nothing there to help men with those needs. If these men received the help they need, they would be better children, siblings, husbands, fathers, fiancees, friends, associates, or colleagues.

Feminism Gone Awry

Can you believe that boys are real losers in the current school system? Society does not recognize the neglect of little boys. Every man was once a boy, when men like myself, criticize feminism, it’s not to reverse the advances that women have made nor to debunk all the concerns of feminism. What we mean is that the attempt to bring equality to women is done at the expense of men. Equal does not mean identical, men play a vital role in society. When we have a near equal ratio of educated men with women, we have a balanced community where people are equally capable of being the best that they can be.

I’m one of those guys who think it’s best when both sexes win. As simple as this sounds, misogyny has to be intended. I do not believe we should punish people who are predestined to the mentality that preexisted this time. Wages are important. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. We all have ambition. Homeless men do not only need some private shelters available to them; they need apartments, jobs, cars, and brides. No, it’s not about misogyny or misandry, but about balance.*


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