My First Trip to Jamaica

Funny story. In 2003 I went vacationing in Jamaica. My family (parents/siblings) often go to the Caribbean Islands for vacation. I’ve even visited a few on the US Virgin Islands. Those pics are on the other Facebook page lol. There I was, complaining to Osheen about how I don’t want to go to Haiti with my mom. Osheen came out the left field and said, “Freddy man, this is not Jamaica you know.” – In a thick Jamaican accent. He was like, “You wan see the reeeeeeal Jamaica?” I answered, “hell yeah!” This dude brought me to his hood in St. Catherine. Damn that shit was dope. It was gangsta as fuck. It was like a place in Africa, far from the safety of the luxury resort where I was staying. 

The whole time he keeps saying, “this is the reeeeal Jamaica, you know.” Shitting on the resort like how people come to Jamaica, and lay on the beach at a resort and then think they’ve been to Jamaica. Lol, he was trying to take me up the mountain to meet the bush doctors or whoever like the rasta gurus and all that but I stayed a few days and bounced. I was trying to hit Vegas with my buddies from Villanova. Those were my Seaside Heights and Jersey Shore days. Lol. Now I wanna go back to Jamaica and actually go meet those bush doctors that Osheen was telling me about.

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