Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor (Toronto)

Mayweather assumed that by being professional while wearing a T-shirt and a hat bearing the Canadian flag, he would eclipse an Irish guy in Toronto. Many Americans think Canada is like America! Americans expect their opponents to prove their worth by winning. I made the same mistake without knowing that in Canada, your main prerequisite to compete is based on if you are Canadian or not. Interestingly enough, even if you’re great, if you’re not a Canadian, you will find many Canadians rooting against your endeavors in Canada. Americans judge by merit and acclamation, Canadians judge by nationality. It is very easy for an American to miss point.

Again, in Canada, it doesn’t matter how professional you are, if you support the flag, if you give gifts or whatever. From the outside looking in or relying on the behavior of Canadians outside of Canada, many Americans assume that America and Canada share the same outlook on life, opportunities or recognition for hard work, wealth and achievement. INCORRECT!!! There are exceptions but for the most part, if you’re an American, there are unforeseen issues in Canada that you could be blind sided by.

Therefore McGregor became a Canadian by default because the Irish Canadians identified with him over his nationality. So even though Mayweather was more professional, Mcgregor gain their support because Mayweather is an American.” 

Only if that outsider was an underdog from a country other than the United States. No matter how large you are, as long as you are not a Canadian citizen, in Canada, the citizen will gain automatic support simply because he or she is a Canadian. When racism sets in, you will find whites with the same European background banding against people who are not from that European country.

For Americans, if one does not possess the talent, merit, influence or attitude that is required to thrive in a given situation, that person is toast even if they are an American. They could strike each other over a foreigner without considering that the person is of another nationality. In America, your appearance, talent, education, wealth, or abilities determine your status. This heightens the competitive drive of an American and as it does, the American wins most of the time but in other countries (including Canada) he or she may be resented for that.

On the one hand, Americans are more racist, but on the other, Canadians rarely support an outsider when within the Canadian border. This is why nearly everyone who lives there decides to naturalize. Only if that outsider was an underdog from a country other than the United States might they get some temporary support? Yep, it doesn’t matter how awesome you are, as long as you are not a Canadian citizen, in Canada, the citizen will always gain support simply because he or she is a Canadian and you are not.

If you’re black, and you want to impress a lot of people in Canada, you need to look for the Caribean and African communities. People from the Caribbean and African communities do not attend baseball, basketball, soccer, or boxing matches in the number that you would see in the United States. In Canada, most of those kinds of an event including Hip Hop concerts and comedy shows are attended mostly by white Canadians. If you’re popular, the none racist whites will find you but you’re better off not even bringing your money bag to make it rain or the iced out chain to stunt, to be honest. This is the first place where I saw common people disrespect wealth.

LOL! It took me years to learn that. Flag down a random chick she will automatically assume that you’re trying to sleep with her. If you have a nice car while wearing a nice chain then its the chain and the car that made you think you can sleep with her. Yep, you can’t even say hello to a stranger! Sometimes you will encounter “hatred” being taught as if it’s a virtue. *


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