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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    Almost every devout Hiphoppa has complained that there are no true G.O.A T. emcees among today’s generation of rappers. This is because they make the type of songs that leaves us baffled by the outcome of today’s social engineering and we have a media that does not report the truth. There is an impious feminist ideology that is causing a division between men and women while spreading like cancer. Adult men are wearing tight pants and boys are wearing dresses. Women are wearing nothing more than a fitted blouse barely covering their crotch, with high heels on.

    As products of this new wave of social engineering, these rappers are very influential to the youth.”

    Major record labels don’t sign the best emcees anymore. Instead, they hire rappers who are not worthy of the title. Many of them sing a lot, and their bars would be booed in the golden age. As products of this new wave of social engineering, these rappers are very influential to the youth. Yet their street credibility is highly questionable. Many Old Skool Hiphoppas think there is a deliberate attempt to destroy the essence of what it means to be a true master of ceremonies. Many believe that the Kulture is worth fighting for.

    G. O. A. T. emcees

    Let’s be honest, the top guys right now are Future, J. Cole, Drake, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. Out of that list, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are the only ones who pass the G. O. A. T. test. Sure, we have some sic spitters out there, like Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q and Joey Bada$$. The problem is they aren’t connecting like the legends who came before them. Luckily, things are different when it comes to Battle Rap. What is even more interesting about Battle Rappers is the fact that they are not recording artists. They are great rappers.

    Today, Battle Rappers represent the Kulture far more than the average mainstream rapper does. As emcees, they are the hidden voices of the community, the influences, who note the collective experience of the people in their art and also give new perspectives to various circumstances. They have a collection of necessary skills. They write or remember their rhymes. Some iconic emcees like Styles P, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and The Notorious BIG claimed to rap without having to write their lyrics down. This is not the case for any new rapper right now.

    In the creative process, what an emcee writes and raps about should be relevant to the experiences in their community or on the streets. His or her message has to be connected to the Kulture which is what many new rappers lack. For example, when legendary emcees rapped about drugs, they talked about selling them due to the lack of better opportunities, as their only option to escape poverty. New rappers rap about taking drugs to enjoy a party while being high. These two perspectives are poles apart from each other.

    G. O. A. T. emcees


    I wrote about Curren$y a while ago, saying he’s among the G. O. A. T. emcees of this generation. This part of my list is where I move away from mainstream artists to an emcee that may have been around longer, but is entirely unknown. His consistency over time has seasoned him for a moment like this. What do you expect from a vet who has signed with No Limit Records and Young Money / Cash Money Records? The “Pilot Talk” emcee has an apparent crush on jet planes and muscle cars. Curren$y has delivered enough substantial projects to the point where he is a legend in this generation. He released 8 albums with over 10 mixtapes within the last decade.

    Sure, we have some sic spitters out there, like Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q and Joey Bada$$. The problem is they aren’t connecting like the legends who came before them.”

    G. O. A. T. emcees

    Murda Mook

    A Battle Rap legend from Harlem, New York who assaulted the rap scene in 2003 as a contender against Jea Millz. Although he has been around longer than most of the new rappers who are out right now, his consistency is substantial enough to make him a G. O. A. T. in today’s generation. Mook signed with Ruff Ryders Entertainment after fighting his way through some impressive Battles. He became one of the most revered Battle Rappers in Hip Hop.

    Battle Rap emcees had not shined in the main arena before. Like many of them, Mook is underground artists who don’t usually get the big recording contract, heavy radio play or headline tour. Mook’s 2007 eight round battle with Loaded Lux was a show stopper and has also gone against Serius Jones and Iron Solomon at the Url Summer Madness.

    Murda Mook is a G. O. A. T. emcee. After being in the rap game for about 20 years, seeing some success, he has worked with L. L. Cool J, Q-Tip, Snoop Dogg and DMX. You can check out his 2007 album, “Murda He Wrote” or his 2014 mixtape, “Easy Does It,” but it’s his freestyles that continually gets the crowd cheering. He is genuinely one of Hip Hop’s best off the top rhyme-spitters.

    G. O. A. T. emcees

    Loaded Lux

    Technically, if we considered when he entered the game or the number of classic albums he has released, Lux will not make this cut. If we go by the contributions he has made to the Kulture, he is a G. O. A. T. emcee, especially on the underground scene. Since Battle Rap emcees rarely break in the mainstream arena, some made their mark on BET’s 106 & Park program.

    After his appearance on the SMACK DVD, he was undefeated for 7 weeks on 106 & Park’s Freestyle Fridays and was inducted into their Hall of Fame. He has also competed at Summer Madness 2 where he delivered a Stella run. The quotable rhymes from his freestyles became so popular he received a wink from the mainstream industry as big-name artists continue to tweet his one-liners.

    Loaded Lux has worked with Mac Miller, and in 2013 his mixtape, “You Gon ‘Get This Work” was hosted by Shaq. His Rap Battle with Calicoe, has many in Hip Hop believing it to be one of the best rap battles ever. But it was his battle against Hallow Da Don at the High Stakes event that really solidified his name in the game. Loaded has also competed with Charlie Clip in a very controversial battle. He released the albums, “Beloved” and “Beloved 2” which are highly praised for their catchy punch lines.

    G. O. A. T. emcees

    Charlie Clips

    This emcee is a revered artist who also hails from Harlem, New York. Clips are widely considered the most famous battle rapper of all time and best known for his iconic rap battles with Loaded Lux, Tay Rock, Hollow Da Don, Aye Verb, and T-Rex. Charlie Clips is often categorized between today’s legends of Battle Rap such as Loaded Lux, Murda Mook, and Hollow Da Don. He has released several mixtapes including “Full Loaded Clips,” “Legendary” and “Lenox Ave Beast.” Clips are close friends with Battle Rapper DNA.

    In the creative process, what an emcee writes and raps about should be relevant to either the experiences in the inner city community or on the streets.”

    G. O. A. T. emcees

    Hallow Da Don

    Hollow da Don is praised as one of the most spectacular battle rappers of the century. He was also a champion on Freestyle Friday at BET’s 106 & Park, where he held the title for seven weeks. Like Loaded Lux, is also an inductee in the show’s Hall of Fame. He performed an unforgettable performance at the Jump Off World Rap Championship, where he was nominated for MVP with an 8-2 record.

    Freestyle from the top of the head, it became habitual in 2008 for emcees to alternate between freestyle and written rhymes which was around the same time when Hallow came on the scene to compete in the NYC Fight Club.”

    He won ten consecutive battles until New Jersey rapper Arsonal, in a controversial match, brought his streak to an end. He also defeated Joe Budden in a heated contest. Hallow Da Don is highly revered in Rap battle communities across the country. He blazed through experienced emcees like Loaded Lux and Charlie Clips. He defeated Canada’s KOTD champion Pat Stay in an epic 2015 performance.*


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