BEAUTY IS A THING; HALF STEPPING IS ANOTHER – A diverse amount of people who don’t cheat, will admit that they like certainty. Most men are the same way. Do you know a brilliant woman who doesn’t ever seem to have a man? But the ordinary one is always in a relationship? On a scale from one to ten, where one is the least and ten the most. There’s no denying that everyone wants to date, sex or marry a ten. Then again, numerous people fall into the minus ten divisions as well. Here too we have to wonder why it is, although most men would somewhat reel in the perfect woman, many of them are with the minus ten? Some people will accuse me of substantiating women or theorizing the men’s interests.

Or even using a numerical system to conclude the feminine elegance. I will not blame people for that. If I had a different way of characterizing women with the intensity of their beauty, charm, sex appeal, etc., I would have used it. Since I don’t have another way of wording this, in which you can understand what I mean about the different levels of physical appeal of women, I have used the one to ten formula. And if you allow me to make my mark with this format, you are compelled to accept that some women are more charming than a ten and others are less than a minus ten. While the gray area is often obscure. Another person can accuse me of channeling the value of attraction through physical manifestation alone.

Adding that beauty is skin deep while the character is all. To that argument, I ask the person to consider the subject of this blog. In this case, beauty is the whole package. From appearance to charisma to enlightenment to morale, to sex appeal or swagger. The call is admittedly in the eye of the spectator. I’m sure you agree that my minus ten may be more than ten. And my plus ten can be someone’s minus. Anyhow, you analyze my thought process. Consider trying to have a fair discussion about some of the better apologies some people might need to cheat. Ironically, you may be surprised at the number of attractive women, with the extra ten mark whose spouses have deceived them for a much less attractive person. The usual advice is to leave that man, know that you deserve better, love yourself and be independent.

Some of these beautiful women who come with the full package have had boyfriends or husbands who have left them for someone of the same sex. Being physically attractive, morally healthy, 

However, when you meet the next guy, somewhere along the road, the new man is worse than the previous. What could be the reason for the fond polygamous character of males? Why are we (men) so easy to seduce even when our partner is the closest thing to perfection? One reason is found in the Hip-Hop slang, “half-stepping.” No, I’m not excusing the cheater. For some reoccurring reason, you (the victim) were not entirely open to your mate. He wanted all of you, but you give some of you. The sex may have been great; you could have exceptional abilities and make fantastic proposals. You may have been the sweetest person. However, you did not fully open your heart and soul to him.

You had secrets you have not told him; you had more private discussions with your friends than with him. This man knew that when it came to his company, you were very personal, and he was the last person you want for emotional comfort. This does not mean that you did not have valid reasons when it comes to those sensitive concerns. You merely confided in others more than you did with him. Perhaps you did not believe that he won’t rub it in your face. Maybe you were not comfortable speaking with him about those things, possibly you knew your buddies for a longer time than you had known him. Maybe you felt he was not the appropriate person.

Except if he feels like he’s locked off a part of your inner being, where you shut him out of your emotional vulnerability, he can search for that with another companion. Half-stepping can also be waiting too long to move in with him, present your investments, trust him with your children from past relationships, completely let go of an ex-lover, details about your past, reluctance to plan a future, failure to keep your word, etc. You seem to come very close, but always stop short. On the one hand, he does not know if he should give you more time or if they should walk away and yet he has a need to be relished more than you are comfortable to DO.

CONSTANT BLAME FOR WANTING SEX – You know yourself, you regularly assume every man wants to sleep with you. Even though you are an adult who is sexually active, you presume to be “holier than thou.” When a man says hello, you assume that he is hitting on you. And you berate him because of it. That strategy has exhibited a bad attitude within you. You are only kind to the men you want to date. If you think he’s cute, you hang out with him. If not, you don’t even look his way let alone respond to his attention. That behavior in itself makes it easy for a cheater to spot you as his next offering. Because he quickly recognizes that if you did not like him, you would not even speak to him. So now that you’re calling and texting this means? Yep, a fuckathon.

Learn to be casual with men. The safest way to drag your man or inadvertently welcome a cheater is to accuse all men of being cheaters. Let me repeat that I am not an expert on this delicate subject. Don’t divert attention, avoid conversation or blame the spokesperson of this sad news. That does not eliminate the problem of cheating. It is only through blogs like this that communication can become more beneficial for men and women who wish to surmise today’s highly sexual culture of dating. I am not an expert on the subject, and I have no tangible proof of the truth in these matters. I risk my renown by asserting these observations to open up this can of worms so that we all can get to the bottom of this debate. There is always a reason why a man chooses to submit to his polygamic nature.

By ignoring them, assuming they want to get with you and you’re not a bitch, you discursively create sexual tension. If you like the person, go for it. If you want a relationship, let him know.

Think of it with this logic. Most singles are free to sow their oats with as many people as possible. As long as a man is not in a relationship, nobody cares with whom he sleeps. He may have threesomes or orgy parties, and that would be acceptable. Only if he were married or in a relationship, then our modern society would point the finger to accuse him of cheating. Concerning this logic, does this behavior not allow males to maintain a highly sexually active and polygamous lifestyle? It’s even worse because he does not marry any of the women he sleeps with during that time. All of those sexually desensitized women circle back into the dating pool bringing that baggage with them.

The single man strikes at least four new worlds each month because he is single. When a relationship is in question, he is expected to shag with only one? Not to mention if this person is a “real woman.” She may have stipulations not to have sex on the first date, no one night stand, no booty call, no married men, etc. So now, her new relationship with the single guy has reduced his sex in half even as her previous casual encounters have desensitized her. If this woman is you, you are preserving yourself from the pigs who bother you in the streets or feed your various inboxes with hundreds of special offers. In his mind, you’re slowing his role. Both are flawed to each other. Our dating culture is counterproductive to monogamy. It trains unmarried people to be promiscuous.

Know that he will have to have sex to cheat so when you blame him for cheating, you play a scenario where he and this person have sex. Be kind to the guys who speak to you courteously so they can judge you as a friend.

These sexually active individuals then enter into a monogamous relationship where their mate expects them to cease from being lavished with sex. Still, while he is trying to focus on his partner, she is accusing him of cheating or wanting to cheat. His partner is indirectly reassuring him that he has the potential to arrange the women he probably hadn’t realized are potential targets. Do you understand me? Let me repeat it. When you speak only with the men you admire, you let them know that they can fuck you. Why? They learned that you would not even talk to them if you did not think they were cute in your opinion. Presume and blame your man for being dishonest, you indirectly allow him to know that he has the chance to fuck other girls.

Given that he was already serious before sealing his rooster to you, suggesting sex with other women triggers him to cheat. Even if all your friends have had a partner who has deceived them, you should not expect that you will have the same encounter. Sometimes it’s best to let the pitbull stay asleep. Do not wake him up. Instead of blaming your man for cheating only because you know that the other girl is a slut, you should be careful not to inform him that the girl in question is a hoe. Don’t give him that notice. Remember, your boy has a brain and a penis that is hard-wired to sleep with every decent woman who is available. You do not want to recommend it to his subconscious mind.

SOCIETY MAY ASK YOU NOT TO COMPREHEND: An excellent way to surmise how the minds of people in our community are is to study the recent US election. Many people assume that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton because she was deceptive. Or because he engaged with white supremacy or perhaps there was some alleged interference by the Russian government etc. But all these suggestions are wrong in my opinion. Trump won for a simple reason. He’s a billionaire. The media, Hollywood culture, Wall Street, and other aspects of our society have the ability to generate announcements. They all have a deep admiration for people with money. The reason why many people worship celebrities is not that they are talented.

It’s because they are wealthy and famous. In our society, it does not usually matter what the good stands for. As long as someone has an abundance of money they can rule. Trump’s wealth played a crucial role in how the media treated him and how people perceived him. And so he won. This import of the consequence of wealth guides us to the subject under consideration. How to help males to not cheat? Because our society has delegated men as pursuers and women as to follow. In most romantic situations, you will find that women appreciate different things from how people enjoy those same things. Some women will claim to be objective or self-sufficient. Just the idea of economic sovereignty to empower women shows how our society measures the difference.

The Library of Economics and Liberty defines poverty as insufficient resources, goods or capabilities and the constraints to achieving the desired end. They emphasize on distinguishing techniques to make optimal use of scarce resources or finding alternatives. Here, you immediately face the question of choice. Cambridge Dictionary cuts right to the chase and defines it as when something is not easy to find or get. In this context, we try to surmise another reason why most men cheat. About the parts that both males and females play that can lead to this behavior. We know that feminists believe that women are unequal in society. They want significant opportunities, benefits, and provisions allocated to women in specific.

For example, private home financing, free or cheaper supply of food and medicine, and rescue facilities. This was to ensure that women who are in tight economic situations do not rely on their romantic partners. Some feminists have gone as far as to demand that women be hired at requiring places of work. And get paid the same as the employees who are present even if they are absent from work due to reasons beyond a sick day, a day off or paid vacation. Is it fair to say feminists don’t respect the law of demand and supply? On the other hand, the Men’s Rights Movement considers that the cost of home maintenance, child support, and the lack of rescue facilities puts men at high risks.

Furthermore that these risks stem from systemic discrimination against the male gender. They argue that men are the burden bearers of the economy and yet this sacrifice is not rewarded with gratitude. When we look sincerely at the concerns between feminism and MRA we see that the cause of their vastly different issues stems from scarcity. There is not enough wealth, or resources for every man, woman, or child in the world. If it were, men and women would not care who did what and why. We know that people obtain capital through wages but without technology, the ratio of men who can perform hard industrial labor is significantly higher than that of women. Since there is a scarcity of wealth, food, clothing, and shelter then who should get what and who should not?

Basically, a man with a Ferrari is not the same as a lady with a Ferrari. They both appreciate this item differently. To explain this correctly, I will compose a quick refresher course

Better yet, who already has what and who does not? Radical feminists protest to take from those who already have and give to those who do not. MRA scream for due reward. Investopedia explains it as follows: “One of the most important economic laws, the law of supply and demand is linked to almost all economic principles in one way or another. In practice, supply and demand pull against each other until the market finds an equilibrium of price on both supply and demand, leading to increase or decrease in different ways.” The fundamental principle of demand and supply plus price and the choice, show that there is a result of every action or reaction. For example, if you use all the money in your salary, you will be hard up before the next payday comes around.

The best way to reconcile the economy to deal with demand, supply, and scarcity? Use a measure of preference. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we all express our priority in one way or another. Penalysis defines the scale of choice as our order to prioritize. What we consider most urgent in the first place and the least desirable. This confirms the preference women have in the technological age that was not possible in the industrial age. This preference is the same scale that feminists are trying to compensate for the wealth of women. The level of choice is a list of needs or desires that surround food, clothing, shelter, and everything in between. Now, when you analyze scarcity, the law of supply and demand and the scale of preference, you deal with choice.

You also sell in a result. This result is what economists call, the opportunity cost. What sacrifice made to have or acquire something. If someone chooses to remain a virgin until they get married, for example, they sacrifice the pleasure of premarital sex. They hope to have a better chance of getting a marriage proposal from a wealthy or highly influential person. Or, an individual who gives up the party to get a higher education. They hit the books for some years so that when they graduate with a doctorate, they will be paid more for their time and thus live a life of abundance. The opportunity cost is something that we sacrificed from our current scale of preference based on the current level of rarity and the current price of supplied goods, accommodation or commodities that we demand.

It affects both men and women. Now with that little reminder of scarcity, demand, supply, the scale of preference and opportunity cost we can see the crux of where the idea of being independent or empowered originates. For women, financial independence is classic neglect of someone else’s efforts to seduce them with food, clothes, shelter or everything in between. If you are a female, you may encounter a man who has made a lot of sacrifices. If you are a man, you put your resources on the line for a woman who does not appreciate your sacrifices. Here is how it usually plays out. Before you meet this person, you have a set of goal or ambition for yourself. Not too many favors are free, so you worked around obstacles, saved your chips, reticulated and created your contacts.

When you meet someone whom you think is of the same interest you decide to relinquish your system to include theirs’.

Believing that they also have the same goals as you, you consolidate your resources with their own because you love, lust or admire them. You think they want to achieve the same dream and live the same life you aspired to live. Or perhaps you just wanted to help this person because you love them. And, of course, men have a nature that women can easily seduce. With the magic of female genitalia, women have an additional way to navigate the platforms of scarcity, demand, supply, the scale of preference or even the opportunity cost. That means the reasons a man decides to enter into a romantic relationship is entirely different from why she does the same even when they both have similar values and goals.

Throughout history, men have been more than willing to invest a lot of time, financial sacrifice and endure some level of scarcity, putting their romantic partner/s at the top of their scale of preference. Most men have equated women to the highest commodity. And that in itself is the trade in every relationship. Many guys have bypassed other opportunities for the women and children they care about. From that person’s point of view, their lady has suddenly caught the most significant case of amnesia. She has forgotten everything both physical or abstract, that he has or wants to contribute. He sees that as the ultimate betrayal.

In a time when the puppet master has aimed the new wave of feminism at the natural feelings in women, calling its support for women as a gender liberation against the men who have carried that yoke faithfully for centuries, you find that cheating becomes more widespread than it ever was. Remember, men are already sacrificing their polygamic nature to meet the modern indoctrination of what a family is in the first place. Their mate said one thing at the beginning of the relationship. Then someone brainwashed her. The man rings on his pact to hold back his polygamy nature. In order words, he has no reason to remain faithful.

Relationships are a covenant. The man agrees to hold back his polygamic nature and sacrifice his resources and life in exchange for the magic of the female touch and her genitalia. When a new wave of feminism spoils her thinking and causes her to ignore his efforts, then he breaks the pact. She no longer needs or appreciates what he has done and rejects the attempts he is trying to make so why continue to restrain himself? This man has only one option. Leave that woman and find another one. But society has brainwashed every other woman with the same ideology. So he continues to cheat. He loses hope and views all women as selfish opportunists who deserve to be deceived. *