Let me start with a disclaimer. I do not intend this blog for people who do not want to do the work it takes to enter and maintain a successful relationship. It is not for those who are already in a beneficial relationship. This blog is my opinion. Therefore it is not a one size fits all solution. This blog is for women who are honestly looking for success with men. I am going to give you some easy things to do that will almost guarantee your success with most responsible people. To understand this blog, even if the idea of adjusting your attitude to please the man of your dreams is creepy crawly for you, I still think you should consider these points with an open mind.

You are not looking for a sperm donor, you want a current partner with whom to live and age so you educate yourself and you are not influenced by the wrong people. First, you need to know what is wrong and how to avoid being wrong. For example, when you buy a new machine, you read the owner’s manual. The same applies to men. Right, men are not robots, but we have an owner’s manual, and most women do not bother to read it. Many women naturally assume their beauty and a man’s desire to have sex is enough to negate the instructions in the current relationship manual. Some women have developed a big head from all the praise, and interest men show to their beauty. And this leads many of them to believe that they do not have to work on their character.

Keep in mind that a fact is only a fact if you can prove it. And in this case, I cannot verify what I’m about to say here. Notwithstanding, I think there is a great puppet master, somewhere who choreographs the behavior-altering information for the general public. Is it the question that you are enough of a free thinker or you are a puppet? If your opinion and approach toward dating men have changed from what it was fifteen to twenty years ago, you must wonder how it came to be that way? What turned your acumen? Was it a TV show, something on the Internet, a magazine, or did someone tell you by word of mouth? Peer-pressured? How did you proceed to know how to believe and repeat what you do?

If you have established ways, remain what you are naturally. But if you are looking for some clues to lead you in the right direction, then keep reading.

Try not to see this blog as me blaming women or patting a cheater on his back. In my opinion, some women tend to give too much power to people who manipulate their emotions. There are unique feminine concerns such as social and corporate marginalization, unfaithful companions, religious bigotry, and other sensitive issues. Most women relate to what other women go through on a daily basis. The puppet master utilizes this exploitation through direct and indirect indoctrination. The puppet master has created many women with the same philosophy as Wendy Williams or Amber Rose, for example. They were never that way before they came into contact with the information.

The media exploited their emotion to indoctrinate them to ignore the reformist attributes of first and second wave feminism and to advance the counterproductive aspects of third, fourth, and fifth wave feminism. People who adhere to that persuasion are similar to stagnant street vendors who wonder why their motorcycle is not moving forward. Some people speak as though there is no science involved in male behavior or there are no causes and effects of women’s actions. As if men had no free will, likes or dislikes. It’s like putting a car in reverse and then wondering why it is not moving forward? With that, here are ten character traits that could be the reason why most women get cheated on.*