RESPECT YOUR MAN’S HUSTLE – In my opinion, the best way to surmise infidelity is to become accustomed to the history of polygamy. The word “cheating” means that a person is supposed to be with only one partner at a time. The puppet master devised and initiated it, to discourage marriage. Today, that word almost assumes that polygamy never existed. And in reality, that in itself is the root problem why cheating is a problem right there. Read the Bible, the Koran moreover the Torah, or any history book on the subject of mating. You will find that since the beginning of time men have always had several wives and concubines. Men never had an obligation to notify each of their wives or concubines about their sexual relationship with other women.

For thousands of years, everyone accepted this system in many cultures around the world. The Bible even describes King David as a man after the heart of God. Meaning God honored him. And guess what? David was a polygamist. Before I move away from holy books, I would like to show that even in the Greek and Roman mythology of the gods, the male gods were polygamous by nature as well. Animals, insects, birds, fishes and other life forms are also polygamous in a way. Males have always had the option to bed as many females as they want without being embarrassed about it. Nature has ingrained this behavior trait in our DNA. However, just renaming polygamy to cheating was not enough to influence thousands of years of deep-rooted habits. When marriage became unacceptable, that gave rise to the byproduct of deception.

And, of course, women had a pressing predicament with being second, third, fourth or fifth wives or worse yet the hundredth concubine. Hence it was easy to sell the idea of one man, one woman to them. Understanding this is crucial. It allows us to know that most male’s brains are hard-wired to bed as many beautiful women as possible. And this bed of women includes sisters, cousins, aunts, friends or whoever. This trait is from thousands of years of inscription into the nature of all men. Therefore, for a man not to deceive, he must himself not want to do it, and he must override his urges to do so.

A man has to look at beautiful women, feeling the strong desire to lie down with them and cancel his genetic programming so that he does not adhere to his deeply rooted polygamous nature. It is like having a full bladder and still resisting the urge to urinate. Consequently, with this burning impulse in his loins, it does not take much for him to give in. Another example is to stop a monkey from liking banana or a squirrel from loving peanuts. This characteristic is the reason why most men are more natural to seduce sexually and why big corporations use the figure of the female body to advertise their products to males. It is because guys are typically attached to sleep with several women.

His polygamous nature will have the best of him and he will donkey fuck that girl.  If you have a great guy, you need to know that other women want him as well.

To help your man resist his urge to go out on you, I think it is best not to disrespect what he does for a living. Whether he’s failing or not, his bustle is his hustle. Respect and enable it. A few women might say they’ve tried that and he still cheated. Some ways to show that you appreciate your man’s bustle is the clean suit or work clothes. Packed lunch, showing up at his job on his break time to have a quickie. Having dinner ready, listening and trusting in his goals, etc. Show your man consistently that you respect what he does and you depend on him to do a great job. This tip may not have worked before, but it really helps. You want to build his commitment and engage his time, so he is not distracted by the beauty of other women.

You have to accept that there are many other beautiful single women in the world and that your handsome man is naturally hard-wired to sleep with all of them. Know that he is instinctively designed to react to every beautiful face, ass, tits or whatever in a matter of seconds. And the availability of free porn on the internet has only sharpened his senses to be more aware of beautiful women. Know that every time he sees a beautiful woman, he has to nullify his natural instinct to go after her. When you make your shared home a comfortable place to return after a hard day at work, a place where he has a decision, potential, and admiration, he will return faithfully. Doing the opposite will send him looking for a sanctuary. In that process, he will meet someone.

PUTTING THE CHILDREN ABOVE HIM – As the subject conveys, some women put their children above their husband or boyfriend who is the child’s father. Even if he is the step-father, he is the head of the home. The mother is co-head of the household, and the children should respect both parents. The mother and father should discuss and agree on how to raise their children. If you’re a woman who wants to keep your man laughing, you should never do a discourtesy to him especially in the presence of his children. And the same goes for the father, never shout, outcry or take issues with the mother in the presence of her children. The puppet master has some women believing that they are the only head of household. Since many women are the breadwinner today, a jobless father can quickly fall into the category of a deadbeat dad.

Many women take relationship advice from The Kardashians TV show for example and then apply that information to their relationship. Those women cannot understand how their man should come first or why. To them, if the man comes first, then the children are mistreated. Wrong! Have you ever tried to take a pup from a bitch? Probably she gives a threatening growl, delivers a ravenous bark or she attacks and bites you. And you notice that the male is missing from that picture, right? Most human females are the same way after giving birth. Modern societies expect the man to cross his congenital sexual coding designed to bed as many women as he finds sexually attractive, but the same community does not teach women how to get past their postpartum and protective nature about their children. In fact, just suggesting this action is a sacrilege.

The one he had with her before she became pregnant, no longer exists. Many people don’t even know that this reason is why some men run from pregnancy. 

The audacity to even say something like this. Well, one reason why cheating is a huge issue is that there is no balance in this equation. The responsibility to control or override one’s natural impulse is laid solely on men while women get a “get out of jail free card.” The side effect of that get out of jail free card is when her man adheres to his natural impulse to start a second or third family. The reason he does this is that the romance died during her postpartum and after childbirth. He is out there looking for adventure. Relationships are similar to pacts, people agreed to enter one based on certain expectations and experiences that they want to enjoy. When postpartum changes the initiative, the guy does not recognize his partner anymore. So, he runs. Once again, I have no technological evidence for what I say here.

Many scientific researchers are sympathetic to feminism so that they curve their research to reflect those views. This blog is my opinion; I’m sure a gifted person with a different perspective, can quickly debunk the point I’m making here. The media and Hollywood would rather have the public believe that all women are angels and men are utterly insensitive pigs who cannot keep their penis in their pants. This dismissal of men’s needs is because the media and Hollywood have found it more profitable to exploit women’s emotion. I will dare to declare boldly that we men are polygamous beings who desire admiration, as well as the romance that usually flourishes at the beginning of most normal relationships. But many women change entirely after pregnancy, and most men cannot understand the postpartum syndrome.

Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil might not tell women to make quality time for their husband or boyfriend, even if they are pregnant or raising a young baby. That the child should not have more respect, love or worship, then its father. Scientists and researchers have taken the time to supply technological explanations about how female hormones are, how the body of women changes to punctuate the delicacy of the female existence. But they usually beat around the bush when it comes to the affectional needs of men. So what do you expect? If his women disrespect him in front of his children, stops being affectionate to him, stops presenting herself as sexually attractive, starts to bark at him and proceeds to assist their children without his input?

If she changes their home system, does not have sex anymore and appears to place the children above his needs – all the time? He will walk away because, in his subconscious mind, there’s no place for him in that relationship anymore. He has lost control of his family; he’s now an afterthought. You will find a lot of research and studies on the needs of women. Websites, books, movies, and studies that focus on women’s questions, but very few for men. Simply because masculine needs are abysmal does not mean they don’t exist. This discrimination is evident, with politicians, lobbyists, and many others who can manage the changing behavioral information filtered for the public.

For this reason, I believe our society has set women up for failure with men. It’s because the media promotes a false subject matter and denies many issues that concern the success of the family. Especially when it comes to subjective questions encompassing human nature. It’s almost like nobody wants to solve that problem. Nevertheless, the fact remains that many women will take away their affection from the father, or husband when they become pregnant. And this leads the man to seek new adventures as he sees the current family to be a total loss.*