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Hello ladies! Welcome to the Love Doctor; your favorite section of Freddy Will’s Blog. Our first topic is how to make him love you?! Have you done everything to grab his attention and he just won’t notice? And yet those rude grease balls you could care less about won’t stop hitting on you? It sucks, doesn’t it? The one guy you care so much about doesn’t even notice. Or maybe he’s looking elsewhere? Give The Love Doctor a chance! He’s been known to give precise advice in EVERY love situation.

Let’s see how you can have your prince run into your arms. Dr. Paul Dobransky, the author of ‘The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love,’ said: “Men have certain innate needs that must be met before they truly feel connected to you.” The good doctor thinks subconsciously, every man has different categories of female personalities in his head. He points out that a woman must fall within those categories for him to commit. Is this why some guys pop the question early while other men wait decades and never ask to jump the broom?

I’m not saying you should go pick a fight with “Tony the Blade” and get your lover stabbed for trying to protect you in a crowded nightclub, but it’s a documented fact; a man falls in LOVE with a woman he can protect. By all means, ladies, help him hide in the baby’s toy basket if the grim reaper was here for a pound of his flesh. Nonetheless, certain vulnerabilities in your personality make him feel like you rely on his strength and it causes him to rise to the occasion. In his bestselling novel, ‘Love Signals’ Dr. David Givens said: “I’m not saying that you should act helpless, but letting him see your vulnerable side will bring him closer to you because it unlocks his instincts to take care of you.”

Men have a superhero mentality! Which means; he won’t even know why he ran to you after you thanked him a few times. My dear independent women if the man you want is not looking your way, chances are your guarded personality is pushing him away. Did you notice how men compete with each other? I know women can be vicious in their competitions too, but men generally love to stand out! Men have a different meaning for the word “respect,” and he wants to know that you are going to be grateful for what he’s going to do before he does it for you.

The moment you say you don’t need it or you can do it yourself you opened the other woman’s legs for him. At that point, the countdown is on. Unless you were only looking for a sperm donor in which case be my guest and insult his pride because you can’t wait for him to grab his coat and lie about a crucial meeting. Otherwise, the experts are saying you should do everything to make him your hero if you want him to never leave your side. Tell mutual jokes and laugh with him as you unwind after mind-blowing sex, don’t fall asleep when he pops in that goofy movie you’ve endured one too many times. Coax him when he’s in one of those grumpy moods.

It is true that most men have a dirty mind and will cheat on you, but you must also know that if he cheats he did not cheat alone. There was a woman out there who was willing to cheat on him. So the question becomes; why would he leave one woman and drive all the way across town to get the same thing he left behind? Chances are if you take good care of yourself and you make him happy by letting him be the life of the conversations, let him know how much you admired his talents and showed him your vulnerable side from time to time, he would be at home with you. Most women think it’s the mind-blowing sex and the delicious home cooking that makes a man fall in love. But honestly speaking, the woman across town also has a scrumptious recipe as well as a comfortable bed.


It’s not what you do it’s what you both do together as a team. Have you cooked and ate dinner together? You get the peppers while he chops the meat? Or is it one cook at a time in your kitchen? As if that wasn’t enough the man of your dreams also wants you to admire who he is and let him know you like him the way he is. How many women meet a man with sub-par career or more than a few bad habits and they think if they spend enough time with him they could “change him?” You would have to be serious about him to even attempt this.

Dr. Dan Neuharth the author of ‘Secrets You Keep From Yourself’ asserted in his book that “By making it clear that you don’t expect your guy to change, he’ll feel like you truly understand him. Don’t threaten his sense of self, that leaves him feeling on firm enough ground to commit.” The experts are claiming if you blow him off he will wonder what you are up to. Men want freedom if you restrict it but if he sees your vulnerability and you blow him off at the same time your prince gets stuck with YOU! He can’t go anywhere. And just yesterday you wanted him to fall so deeply in love with you, didn’t you? And now he won’t leave your side, why? Because he feels understood! You get his stupid jokes, and you let him know you need him there but he can go if he wants to.


Men have hormones just like women do. But a man’s hormone reacts in the opposite way to how a woman’s hormones operate. Love is a science. Dr. Alan Hirsch who is a neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation stresses that “Falling in love is a process of developing attachment, which happens when Oxycontin floods the brain.” For a man to fall in real love, he has to know you and him are a perfect fit. This means that while he pays attention to your best friend’s beauty, your personality needs to be balanced. You can’t be too flawless, and you cannot be too flawed. If you have a flaw, don’t hide it, he needs to see your fault, but he also wants you to be strong. Go ahead!

Try it and see. Give him enough to know you’re interested but less enough, so he is curious. Then show that vulnerable side while respecting and appreciating him for who he is. Work with him as if you were his teammate and show him you totally get who he is and your prince will shower you with so much love you would think someone put him up to it. Yes. It was you!*

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