Hypnotherapist Tonya Tko on Wrangling Unwilling Men into an Unwanted Relationship

While radical feminism holds the hearts and minds of modern women, something tells me masculine and heterosexual men will be fine. In my reaction to the Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion WAP video, I said women have heard us. Feminism has a very powerful influence in a large part of the world that even after realizing the truth, many do not know how to break the spell. How to get out of the pack and spin back the hands of time to make a change? Usually, I’d condemn all half-naked cellphone, mirrors, and online twerking videos as a hopeless cry for attention, but there could be more to it. What if some of these feminists are trying to rekindle their femininity? Do they take these erotic photos and shoot those inappropriate videos to advertise their fertility?

Maybe as Tonya Tko puts it, we just don’t know.”

Could it be a mating call? Do they do that to attract a truly loyal and dedicated husband? Of course, am not simping. If you’ve followed my blog, you’d remember that I’ve been on the front lines in the hard-on thots movement for over a decade. There has been an influx of radical feminists who have graduated from posting half-naked mirror pics to outright pillow humping in Facebook stories. It can’t be a simple mating call when an IG model progresses to armature porn on OnlyFans. We know the government is broke. They can’t keep offering unmarried mothers free benefits forever. Yes, women-only scholarships are still piling up, but they have to pass algebra and calculus to qualify for the right courses that lead to good-paying jobs.

There is no man in the house. The baby’s dad has turned MGTOW and the average 9-5 is not cutting it. She has switched her Facebook and IG simp to an OnlyFans paying customer. It is a sensible option for an average radical feminist in 2021. I am not claiming to be anywhere close to perfect. We’re all damaged in some way. I have more flaws than a low carat diamond, but I’m reaching for my brightest capacity. Maybe as Tonya Tko puts it, we just don’t know. Perhaps these feminists are responding to behind-the-scenes actualities as opposed to well-meaning theories. All I can say is that generally speaking, it seems like some of our women have heard our manospheric outcry. I’m seeing diehard feminists who no longer refer to themselves as such.

Tonya Tko is a writer, hypnotherapist, and life coach. From what I can see in her posts, she seems to approach the issue of gender relations from a feminist point of view. Nonetheless, when you listen to her, you’d find that she has the same message as the manosphere, although her signal short-circuits between traditional values ​​and radical feminist ideals. There are hints of what appears as if she is torn between contemporary witchery and Christianity. Let’s analyze the reaction video that provoked my counter-reaction. I think she gets the message but her feminist pedagogy frictions with her deeply rooted and maybe even cultural rationale. For her, the theory does not match the reality. It stirred up what appeared to be her very experienced emotions.

He was delivering an optimistic sermon to the women in his congregation.”

There is no doubt that she might want to see a rise in the number of black families. In my opinion, when you watch her video to the end, you’d see that she is on the same page as the cleric whom she was criticizing. It’s not often that we hear the underlying mysteries of a radical feminist’s tablecloth of social revolution. Lately, I’ve seen many of them reprimanding and agreeing at the same time. That’s why I believe they’re getting the message. They have male trust issues that substantiate their self-destructive rebellion. Yet, they also want to be loved, cared for, and led by a man. At the beginning of the video, an emotional but casually dressed pastor preached: “See, a man will not marry somebody he’s cool with. He’s not gonna marry someone that he likes.”

The minister exhorted, “you will not impress him with your looks. Your looks will get him to look, but afterward, he’ll look the other way.” As he preached, Tonya Tko wallowed in unbelief making facial expressions that imply what I suspect. For her, this theory does not match her reality. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head when the pastor said: “…as good as you think you look, there is another woman that looks just as good as you, if not better.” The clergyman appeared to be a believer in traditional values. He was delivering an optimistic sermon to the women in his congregation. If women valued more than their looks, will a simp resist if, one day, they dropped it like it’s hot? As positive as his words sounded, they appeared to give Tonya a headache.

The pastor spoke of certain men who marry humble women because they inspire them to have a strong drive in life. Hysterically, the life coach burst out laughing. The pastor continued: “there is not one man in here, who will marry a woman just because she looks good and just because she’s got a nice smile.” He emphasized that there are men who are only serious about women who invigorate their passion. They work harder, settle down, provide for the family, protect and raise god-fearing kids. And then stick around until the children have their own careers or start their own families. Bear the time we live in mind. Even the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has measured the marriage rate at 6.1 per 1,000 people in the population.

Narrow it down to the black community. It’s said that 1 in 4 black women will wear a wedding dress. Statistic says 60% of all black children are born to unwedded single feminists. The hypnotherapist was laughing. Is it that easy to land a husband? Should every black womanist ditch feminism and revert to traditionalism. The pastor might want his congregation to equip themselves for an honest marriage but if they did, would the men be ready to play their part? “This is too much,” shaking her head while referring to all men, she moaned, “the sheer and utter arrogance of men.” I wonder why did she choose the word “arrogance” in this situation? Does she not recognize this preacher as an ordained minister with the authority to give that advice?

It is too late for many but they’ve all recognized the decline in the number of black families.

Why is she referring to him as if he was an ordinary man? Could it be that the life coach, hypnotherapist, and author who is not ugly, probably has an army of married men simping in her inbox? Radical feminists have marched, betrayed, shamed, attacked, challenged, and undermined masculinity to the point where they urge all women to be masculine while persuading men to be feminine. Modern women are waking up. They no longer want to participate in such a movement. Many women no longer want to be feminists because they see gender conflict as a social problem that afflicts their potential to raise a family. But also, they cannot stop the feminist machine from pressuring them to be uncooperative with the leadership of heterosexual men.

They want to stop the war against men, but we have so many simps that let them know, going back to traditional standards will only result in heartbreak. That’s the truth. I know this because, interestingly, many women are starting to confront radical feminists who wage Cold Wars on heterosexual boys or men. As I observed her body language in the video, I summarized that despite all the bathroom mirror pics, the Facebook and IG twerking videos, or even the OnlyFans career, many women are ready to return to the husband-led household. They have heard the message about the abundance of single mothers, low marriage rates, and high divorce charges. It is too late for many but they’ve all recognized the decline in the number of black families.

If I could be honest, I’d also say, since the beginning of creation (or evolution), masculinity has clashed with femininity. As a gender, men dominate almost every aspect of this world. The logic is artless. We are more intoxicating, organized, and extremely creative. One would expect everyone to be grateful. By God, we have built an excellent civilization. Except, feminists are suffocated in it. We harass them sexually and pressure them with gender roles, family responsibility, and traditionalism. Radical feminists have two big problems – men and the civilization we’ve established. If it’s a pillar of modern society, it’s a problem for them. Damn near everything is made by men. As a result, a lot of feminists suggest that our system has cheated them. 

Men complete physically and mentally challenging tasks. We have superior economic prowess and afford suitable shelter. We can sustain, protect, and of course, permeate our world. Oh, and some even get a caveat with all that. To adhere to predispositions and bask in the delights of polygamy. Surely, that part is devastating to a devoted woman who requires continuous support after childbearing. Radical feminists despise culture, tradition, morality, religion, marriage, literature, rules, politics, philosophy, or history. You name it. Men have used a farsighted logic to arrive at what we perceive as a reasonable conclusion – the gender role. In that arrangement, modest women must remain feminine and cooperative stay-at-home partners to their devoted male lover.

“…far too often, men just start speaking and they feel that based on their genetics or because they were born with a penis, it gives them the authority…” She says.

She is honored to administrate their home with excitement to doll up and cook meals with love. This modest woman caresses her man’s ego, providing him with lots of good sex, while joyfully raising their children. In short, the traditional woman takes excellent care of the home while her hard-working hero goes into the world to take down a mammoth. That arrangement would be amazing, except for one problem. Radical feminists hate it and there are not enough men who can take a mammoth down. “Oh God,” Tonya Tko exclaimed. “…when we talk about the arrogance of men, far too often, men just start speaking and they feel that based on their genetics or because they were born with a penis, it gives them the authority to just speak on this.” She says.

“…this man can stand up there and say, ‘oh I would not marry someone I’m cool with… I would not this… I would not that… and then he started talking in absolutes and then he said no one in here…” In the next part of her reaction, she unveiled that men have no authority in romantic relationships. “Most men get married because they are with someone who wants to get married… A decision is only as good as the filter through which that decision is made.” First, she explained how some men favor marriage when the bride is a trophy. According to her interpretation, for those men, marrying a woman for nothing more than her beauty or DNA is enough. These men merely want to show a gorgeous woman off to boost their ego among peers and in the public.

The trophy wife validates his status as one who is capable of landing such a high prize. She explained that the pastor (in the video) was making a terrible impression. And that justified her point that he is unqualified to speak on the subject. He’s just an arrogant man. “It’s like we are constantly putting men in a category that one, isn’t earned and two, is far outside of the scope of who it is that they have shown us with their own actions that they truly are.” According to her, the pastor was narrating vein poetry. He was romanticizing something that a person with a penis and a big fluffy beard will never be able to demonstrate. She said men cannot even choose to be fathers. We go around having unprotected sex with everyone until a random woman gets pregnant.

I won’t lie, her contentious reference to the penis while attempting to strip the males of their title, respect or value was very worrying. But it also helped me to understand a frustrating issue that I had struggled with within the last few years. Many women want to be that traditional wife but they also have a grudge that the man who loves them will almost surely break their heart. Tonya is telling men that radical feminists will resent anyone with a penis and a beard. Dipped in animosity, they have psyched their minds to ignore a man’s title, accomplishment, or honor. I’d say, if you’re a man and you’ve met a radical feminist, there is no point in explaining yourself. Just grab your hat and run for the hills. Tonya described the basis of cancel culture to a T.

This is why at the beginning of this blog I said, she has the same message as the manosphere, which is how to bring black families back together. However, her signal short-circuits between traditional values and radical feminist ideals. Women with this mindset love and hate men at the same time. That’s dangerous for the next guy because they can manipulate his environment to limit his strength just to subdue him in an unforeseen manner. You will surrender without knowing it. A modern man would have to be a beta simp if he cannot see that every radical feminist has deep-seated malice for him. Counseling a feminist with the facts is like pouring fuel into the fire. You are a MAN telling WOMEN what to do. The wolf is advising the sheep he plans to devour.

“Your point of view has too many holes in it because there are far too many examples that show otherwise.” Ignoring whatever a man might want, she grunts, “if you know men’s ego like we know men’s ego, they don’t like to be challenged… they’re like you’re trying to change me. They go kicking and screaming. Being a man in today’s age is toxic… this is why a lot of men avoid relationships. Because they don’t wanna shift out of that toxicity… they know when they get into a relationship they’d have to socialize themselves for domestication and a lot of men want to stay wild… Men marry the women who choose them. And men are really of the mindset that it is them who do the choosing… a woman has to endure the fight of him not want to give up his toxic ways of the past… not wanting to give up the freedom of roving and roaming around as he chooses.”

Here she breaks down exactly how some women ignore a man’s desire and manipulate him into an unwanted relationship. According to her, the woman spots the man, does research, chooses while misleading him to think that he chose her. Tonya continues to illustrate how women should transition men. According to her, understanding how our ego works, they manipulate us to assume we have decided to settle down. Once we married them, passively, the women manage to change our nature systematically – and finally, takes our freedom away. This is priceless information. No wonder why so many men cheat. If this is true, that means many guys are in unhappy relationships in which they have been manipulated to believe they chose.

Hence, women do not date a man who another woman has chosen. They are aware of the time it took the other woman to manipulate and subdue him. It’s a betrayal to undo the other woman by gratifying this man, an arrogant wolf, with an ego, penis, and fluffy beard giving him an escape from the trap he does not realize he’s in. Any man who reads this blog and watches this video should identify when he’s in such a relationship and get out of it. He should then be wise to see through the fog of deception and avoid another manipulation into a relationship that he does not want. “There is a woman that has the intuition that this is her man and that she is what he needs.” She continues. “…he doesn’t come willingly…” Changing to a softer tone she explains.

“When it comes to getting into a relationship, far too often, it is the woman who has to wrangle this man out of his singleness. He doesn’t come running down… the way that it really goes down is, there is a woman who decides that this is the man that she wants… she feels it in her intuition and she projects into the future and she’s like okay, this is the man who I’m going to be with, I am what he needs, he may not know because far too often, men don’t really know what the hell they want. For the most part, that window of opportunity is few and far between… She feels like she’s going to be a good match and a compliment for him and what is going on in his life.” Basically, when you understand what Tonya said, she also implied that, if you are a man of means, the entire dating to marriage to divorce scheme could be a calculated move. This is another form of modern-day witchery.* 

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