In Support of Law Enforcement

I am someone who advocates against racism and discrimination. I’ve also written to condemn police brutality or systemic racism in the West. With feminism, I directly addressed its nature in Canada. Nevertheless, I’ve never written against Canadian law enforcement. It is just as I’ve done with same-sex behaviors, You will never find any blog or records where I condemn the metro police. There is none where I rebuked the RCMP or FEDs in Canada. Though, I’ve written extensively against unlawful arrests. Or, alleged planting of evidence on innocent people. I’ve even spoken on excessive use of power. I’m against the unjustified murder of unarmed citizens by the police in the West in general.

The quest is not against law enforcement as a whole but to address specific wrongdoings that exist within the system. Nonetheless, due to the fact that sometimes the law enforcer may be impossible to reason with or they may start shooting at innocent people for no reason, I advise people to use caution when calling the police and I advocate reforms in the justice system. I have friends, and family members in the military and in law enforcement and I rely on them for justice and safety so there is no way I can support a blanket statement that goes against the entire system.

We wanna make things better not remove what we have from existence. I see law enforcement as a necessary part of our civilization. As one who does not promote anarchy, I will always support the police and law enforcement. In fact, in cases of domestic abuse, for example, I advise victims to call the police immediately.

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