An Increasing Number of Young Men Scorn Marriage Today

Sixty and Me

I must be a foreseer because I’ve been saying this for years!!!! It’s a shame but you can’t blame anyone for all this chaos that’s going on. We just need to recognize what’s wrong and fix it. Feminism is a good thing but it is also very dangerous for men since it liberates women with financial independence and sexual freedom. In the process of doing that, it also bastardizes the young men.

Most young men are nice, helpful and supportive of women. Most are great men who love their family and their country. All most men want is a good source of income, a decent home, a loyal wife and a family. But many young men either can’t afford it or they fear the feminist mentality that all women have today. The main reason why men do all the amazing things we do is to make women happy. The betrayal of being cast off as villains, after all we’ve done, is just too raw. These young men resent being in a relationship because it’s a lose, lose situation for them.


No love, no relationship, no relationship no family. What will the future be if this generation destroys the need for family? Women are┬ádragging men through the court system. A man can’t make a mistake? He can’t grow? He’s supposed to be perfect and never, get mad, frustrated, scared, confused, or offend a female or he’s a pig? I say there are other ways to give equality outside of feminism.*

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