In the late 90s, an underdog community appealed to lawmakers to have the bible and its prayers removed from public schools. Since America was founded on the basis of Christianity many Christians became upset at the idea of removing school prayers from public schools. Not very long after that, the government announced that it was separating church from state. Thus, this secular era officially began. Before we could understand what was really happening, television shows, movies, the media and some musicians and other celebrities began to openly advocate for homosexuality.

The bible’s anti-heathen doctrine was removed from the mainstream
while a pro-secular culture was popularized.”

The term, “homophobic” became a jinx. One public condemnation and you’d kiss your career, business or income goodbye. It was not just homosexuality, fornication became more fashionable, bastards were liberated, polygamy outlawed and adultery shamefaced. The tables were turned very swiftly. The bible’s anti-heathen doctrine was removed from the mainstream while a pro-secular culture was popularized. Soon, popes, deacons, bishops, reverends, priests and pastors stuttered when asked where they stand on common law children or the more touchy subject of homosexuality.

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As a black man, who is far from a good Christian, who does not belong to the bloodline of Israel and one that comes from a race that has been enslaved, segregated and discriminated against, some parts of the scripture have always been uncomfortable for me. I’ve questioned what God thinks of black people especially in a strict Abrahamic context since the historic black culture is far flung from Judaism. Being a Gentile, I take solace in the Christian doctrine that is now being outlawed. I have always embraced the chance it offers for forgiveness and redemption. This is now being overturned.

“It is vitally important to protect religious freedom in Indiana,” Governor Mike Pence, “It was, therefore, important to pass Senate Bill 101 in 2015 in order to help protect churches, Christian businesses, and individuals from those who want to punish them because of their Biblical beliefs!”

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The Indiana Senate Bill has merit. Churches, Christian businesses, and individuals do get punished when they adhere to their doctrine. Muslims have the same problem. I recorded a song called “Take U Out,” in which I used the slang, “faggot.” That caused a music director at a college radio station in Canada to deem my album homophobic and discriminate against me. Years later I recorded another song called “2 Passports” which sampled the Muslim phrase, “Allahu akbar.” One summer afternoon I drove to a park in a part of Canada that was hundreds of miles away from the college radio and played the song while sitting in my SUV.

Someone who is in a position of authority could discriminate against my art.”

An obese white lady became infuriated and called the police. I’m an artist, my lyrics are my artistic representation of life, culture, and the environment I live in. In my environment, which was founded on Abrahamic principles, an era has come when those principles are being overturned. Someone who is in a position of authority could discriminate against my art. Like the fat white lady who tried to capitalize on the fact that I’m a black man playing rap music in the park. She was going to use race and gender to influence the police to remove me from the park because she hates Muslims.

Luckily, the police didn’t come. She physically confronted me with an earful of her hatred for Muslims. Apart from the fact that I could have killed her, Canada is a country that prides itself in multiculturalism and freedom of religion. Yet, people who for religious reasons, believe homosexuality to be wrong are deemed homophobic and blackballed if they voice this doctrine. If there’s no law to protect religion, believers will get discriminated against or blackballed because of their doctrine. A heathen’s lack of reverence for scripture or a homosexual’s right could intrude on a believer’s doctrine. *


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