Innocent Reasons Why Some Beautiful Women Get Cloaked While Dating

When it comes to dating, it should be common knowledge that there are alpha and beta personalities. How one responds is quite varied from how another will behave in a comparable circumstance. Or to put it another way, what you get away with one person could not fly with another. Either way, I still have a tough time accepting that an honest woman could have a difficult time landing a good stud. If you are a 100% single woman and you’re at least half beautiful or decent, then if you can’t steal a date, the puzzle is in your dishonesty. Guys are readily available for sex, companionship, or even a long term relationship that leads to marriage. Yes, ladies, you’ve guessed it, yours truly is going there again.

Lol! Nah, but seriously, the problem, as I see it in the case of cloaking, is with the women. Are they beautiful? Sure! Are they cute? Most likely! Cloaking is when someone stands another person up on a date. Are all women putting in the right amount of effort to find the guy they want? Nah! They’re dangling a maybe while expecting guys to go all in. Most women are not prepared to risk a few rejections or sacrifice their ego to find love. Many qualify men on face value – he’s too short, he has a big gut, that man is obnoxious, this one is arrogant, he’s toxic, etc. Several of today’s women do not take the time to know the man who is calling them down. Many say “no” so quickly as if the man’s heart does not break.

Many women have a checklist that men must suffice to get a hello. They won’t even greet a guy unless they found him attractive. Even then, the best many of these beautiful women do is to dangle a maybe for him to grasp. These same women would run off if the man did the same to them. Their double standard gets them cloaked. For example, here are what might happen when a woman gets stood up. Because she doesn’t encourage a man unless she thinks he’s cute, and she dangles a maybe at best, most guys compensate for the possibility that the woman might walk. The woman might pass on him and when she does what then? What does he do when she rejects or snobs him for some other loser?

Most women are not prepared to risk a few rejections or sacrifice their ego to find love. “

He can’t do anything. If he keeps calling, the lady could say he’s harassing. If he texts her a lot or begs she might say he’s pathetic. All he can do is swallow his pride, suppress his desire, get over his interest for her and move on. To avoid that predicament, the man might talk to several other women at the same time. He spread out his affairs, so if Tamara rejects him, then there’s still Emma and Rebecca. He does not want to lose money, he does not want to be lonely, and he does not want to be label a stalker or as someone pathetic. 

Most men accept a woman’s maybe and improvise with someone else even if that person is only a friend. Out of all the women who he’s courting whichever one treats him well, that gives more than a maybe, that one moves to the top of his priorities. The more that one handles him well, the more she becomes important and eventually when she graduates into girlfriend status guess what? You get stood up, blocked or deleted. He now has a girlfriend. Knowing how difficult it is to find one he will ax any links that threaten to take that away from him. 

There is the other scenario where the female takes too long to warm up. Men can be very spontaneous; we can meet a woman and marry her right away. We could have sex within five minutes of connection. We could dump the woman we are with and immediately commit to someone new if they strike a bullseye in our heart. That is because many guys are in unhappy relationships with women whom they settled for because the one they loved, shifted on them. So, when they meet you, and you have the potential to be better, they lose control and come on strong.

Because she doesn’t encourage a man unless she thinks he’s cute, and she dangles a maybe at best, most guys compensate for the possibility that the woman might walk.”

A good man’s desire to delight a beautiful woman is a vital sign of how much he wants to love, provide for and protect her. That energy multiplies when he’s single, but if she takes too long to respond, he may move on to another. In the article embedded, (“Cloaking’ is the newest dating term. It’s a particularly cruel way of ghosting.” By Lisa Bonos of The Washington Post), the guy who cloaked the gentlewoman might have been having significant difficulties with his girlfriend, fiance or wife. She may have threatened one too many times that she’s going to leave him. 

Do you know what it feels like as a man when you walk into your home, and your lady is gone? The closet and draws are empty? All her things are out of there? It’s knee-buckling and throat choking. That pain is immeasurable for the man. So when his girlfriend, fiance or wife continues to threaten to leave he dreads that moment. The moment when she’s gone, and he is all alone. So guess what? He signs up secretly on a dating app, looking for a savior. Lol! A woman who will nurse his broken heart and get him back on his feet when his bae ditches him. 

That is most likely the guy who cloaks women online. He suddenly cloaks her because at the last minute his original lady did a turnaround. She decided to stay and work it out. She gave him a few conditions for him to act right to make it work. She, the online date, not knowing any of this, is still expecting him to show up for their appointment. However, when the man was ready, she waited too long. Now she’s prepared, but his babe is not leaving him anymore. She gets stood up, and after that, he blocks and deletes her because if his flaky bae finds out he had a Plan B, she would be upset all over again. You may ask, why didn’t he call and cancel? That’s because if he did that and his lady changes her mind and decides to leave him, then he would have withdrawn his only chance of being with someone.*

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