I want to preserve the intellectual property in the literary works I’ve written. That is why I add the lyrics of my songs inside the books I’ve written (shout out to Ken Cowle). The reason is that I have expressed my point of view in various ways. I’ve told many interesting stories. Now the goal is to preserve them. I do not want people to misconstrue my information or lay my efforts to waste.

Like Shakespeare, a real artist sees financial prosperity as a byproduct of their talent. And with that said, I offer to publish other great people as well. I want to urge other edutainers who have an impressive body of unpublished work, consisting of their original intellectual property. Let’s post your material! Let me help you with my pen, organizational skills, and distribution network.

To Publish You as Soon as Possible

Many people think my motive is financial gain, but I want to help other writers to organize and preserve their work. Do you know that when you strip the rhythm of a song and leave the words in its written form, they take on a new life as poetry? The fact that you can sing or rap those words only makes it that much more immeasurable. I guess this is what King David did when he wrote the Psalms.*


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