It Was Written

To preserve my intellectual property I wrote and published all my lyrics (shout out to Ken Cowle). I expressed my point of view on various topics. I told stories. The primary goal was to have my work preserved. I did not want my message to be misconstrued or my efforts laid to waste. Like Shakespeare a true artist sees financial prosperity as a byproduct of their talent.

I offered publishing deals to other great people. To urged other edutainers who have an impressive body of work, consisting of their original intellectual property, to get published, I offered to help them pen, organize and distribute their work.

Many thought I was seeking financial gain but I wanted to help them to preserve their intellectual property in a written format. Do you know that when you strip the rhythm from a song and leave the words in a written format, they take on a new life of its own? The fact that those words can be sung or rapped only breathes more life into them. I guess this is what King David was thinking when he wrote the Psalms.*


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