Interpreting the Slogan, “Make America Great Again” by Presidents Ronald Ragan and Donald Trump

Following 2015, the progressive wing of the mainstream media drove us to resent the famous Republican motto, “Make America Great Again.” I’ve sat back and reserved my evaluations of the North American public. How well do we know our government? There is a disturbing pattern. North Americans will sleepwalk through a circumstance. And then become experts in that same circumstance after the fact. This revelation is especially true for the black community. You may have heard the numerous conspiracy theories. In most instances, the black community never sees the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not until it enters the coop. We always find out later and complain after the wolf has already had its feast.

That’s why I leaned back to see how we would react. As Africans or Blacks, how do we interpret the slogan, “Make America Great Again”? Our answer should correlate with our perception of patriotism. Well, a harsh Democrat might come for my head. Let me ask this MAGA question. How can America be great again, only for the “white people?” Most of the countries that America competes with are either “white” or non-black. Don’t the black people in other advanced countries also experience the same inequalities and deprivations that Blacks undergo in America?

Here is an excellent argument to ponder and debate over. Let’s compare the standard of living, access to opportunities, and freedoms enjoyed by the average black person in North America. Is it on the same level as those in Europe, Asia, or Australia, for example? Would we be erroneous if we conclude that the blacks in North America lead their counterparts in other parts of the world? On that same note, one can attest that the once admired image of North Americans has diminished around the world. At least over the past two decades, it has. In that respect, we as Americans have lost our luster on the global frontier. Why does the Liberal flank of the mainstream media disregard that fact?

I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern in which North Americans sleepwalk through a circumstance only to become experts in that same circumstance after the fact.”

Yes, it’s true. The Republicans criticized President Obama relentlessly when he was in the Oval Office. They even prevented many of his policies from taking effect. However, once they came to power, the Democrats are doing the same to President Trump. It begs to question. What is the Republican and the Democratic’s exact interpretation of patriotism? Are they blocking each other’s policies for the benefit of the people or themselves? That question is crucial. Watch CNN, for instance, and you will see that they report negatively against Donald Trump despite if he is right. Yet, they rarely do the same when the Democrats are corrupt. So how can we trust them to report the unbiased truth? 

The most common question that every Black or African person asks about the MAGA slogan is: “when was the United States ever great for Blacks?” The logic behind that question is factual. The United States has never been economically, politically, or ethically satisfying for Blacks. Therefore, making it great again could only be to the benefit the Caucasian people.  Do we really believe every Caucasian has always had a giant cherry on their proverbial cake? That is if we interpretat the MAGA slogan from a domestic perspective. That’s when that argument is legible. However, from an international perspective, we would be amiss. And if so, we are sleepwalking once again. 

Do we have twenty years to sleep on another conspiracy theory to lament in future songs, books, documentaries, or movies? I’m not here to praise Donald Trump. I’m here to explain the slogan, “Make the United States great again.” And to do so, one must compare the two policies of the current administration: national and foreign. When we study the Donald Trump administration, we observe that his domestic policy has been more open-minded than the last two Democratic administrations. Where is the racial differentiation that is supposed to make America whiter than it was? There has even been a notable increase in the form of second-chance prison reforms in favor of Black prisoners. 

Under the Trump administration, we have also seen a rise in employment for all minority groups. The US economy is at its best right now. Yes, I know President Obama launched many of the signs of progress we see. There is data that can be used to argue that the Trump administration inherited an excellent economy from the administration of former President Obama. Still, make America great again is a statement of national endearment. When Americans travel around the world, we meet a lot of people who are resentful and disrespectful to us. Many people from other countries do all they can to cheat the US citizen in any financial or commercial arrangement. That is without looking at the race. 

Try to be an American in Paris or Amsterdam and take a taxi without knowing where you are going. See if the taxi driver does not make a fool of you. That’s just taking a cab. Most places you go, people treat you indignantly because you are an American. In the days when people liked an American who appeared in clean sneakers, a white T-shirt, and blue jeans, we felt proud to say we are American. It is a fact; some people even think that their military is capable of defeating the US Army at war. They scorn the fact that we need three jobs to make ends meet, the bad roads, the dilapidated infrastructure, and the lack of comprehensive health care in the United States. They rub them in our faces.

Besides China and India, many countries do not have a large army because America gives them billions of dollars and protects them for free. They spend their budget on employment, health care, education, and new technologies. North America is still “great” from an international perspective, and that’s what I believe the term MAGA represents. When it comes to Trump’s immigration policy, we can maintain that his general rhetoric is insensitive, but his points are accurate. Of course, I don’t want to see broken families. I back the Dream Act, and I am not a fan of selective immigration. The United States is a land of opportunities; people from impoverished nations should have the possibility to emigrate there. 

However, name a country that will open its borders for a caravan of more than twenty thousand people to march through. No nation will authorize it. Have you tried visiting India? Or Dubai, for example? In some societies, the authorities suspend your passport the moment you arrive there, restrict your movement within the country and pay you a visit when your visa expires. I was born in Sierra Leone, and as I have naturalized in the United States and Canada, I need a visa to enter Sierra Leone. Many countries have a stricter immigration policy than the United States. 

The only reason nobody knows is that President Trump talks about ours, while leaders from other states are silent about theirs. Making America Great Again seems to represent the brand change of the global image of the United States. It seems to be less applicable to the national system and more relevant to the international platform. That does not mean that the struggle in the Black community is over. *

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