Is it really the side chick’s fault?

Information Nigeria

When I watch videos like this, I laugh because of the disloyalty. Yes, the guy is at fault. Yes, men disguise their polygamy nowadays. What cracks me up is when one group of females loses it about the next group. Like when one group says, “to hell with female loyalty” and sleeps with married men. And the other group wants them to ostracize all men who are in a relationship? When it comes to dating, women who wish to assume control over the polygamous nature of men, often try to educate other women to accept and reject the same circumstances collectively. This way, they believe that will make it easier to restrain or trap their man.

The only problem is when they spread the word. When the media expose all the tactics men use to continue to enjoy polygamy, some women get frustrated because other women do not play along. Here is why. The reason is, women are highly competitive against each other. How can they remain 100% loyal to each other when they are also competing at the same time? Once their personal interest is compromised, they betray each other without even feeling apologetic for it.

Let’s not forget, about 80% of all prisoners are men. We have a growing number of gay men. The vast majority of homeless people are men, and the overwhelming number of war deaths are men. Workplace accidents, heart attacks, you name it, compared to women, far more men are either dead, gay or in prison. There is a more substantial number of straight women who want to date the small number of heterosexual men that are available. They place a higher value on females when there is no scarcity of women.


As these women’s luck would have it, society teaches and expects them never to willingly or knowingly be the additional wife or girlfriend of a man. Our society motivates women to yearn for a monogamous attachment. But the amount of single and straight women dramatically outnumbers that of the other gender. Having such a competitive nature, the women who cannot find a suitable man then betrays the strict female code to become what we now call a side chick. Of course, their goal is to manipulate the man away from his primary girl. However, they get upset when the man ends up having so many choices. It’s no more the men’s fault than it’s the unreasonable expectations of society. Society and the mainstream media wants to end polygamy forever. You cannot kill and imprison an overwhelming number of men and then expect the remaining women to have one man each.

I’ll bet you £100, both of their dates donkey fucked them on countless occasions. Just kidding. But hell, I’m willing to throw in an extra £50, that they were gagging and spitting on it within one week if for some unforeseen reason it wasn’t on the first hangout. I’m sorry Y’all, I smell a fantasy on this one. They’re speaking of how they wish it would have played out. Both of dates smashed balls deep only to find out they’re the side dish on that Nandos takeout.*

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