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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    What is a continuous process where one person systematically diminishes the other’s internal consciousness? That is emotional abuse – the mania of the abuser on the condition of the abused. That obsessive preoccupation may persist throughout their cohabitation. When people have a disciplined conversation, they watch for statistics and findings from various credible studies. Sometimes I find that problematic, as we now have biased investors, researchers, analysts, or scientists who determine the results they want before starting a study. In such cases, they reject or ignore any evidence that does not support their hypothesis. Rather than honesty, they utilize their survey as a resource that justifies their preconceived notions. 

    That is probably one of the reasons why, nowadays, I do not always depend on the findings from recent studies. My position is that human behaviors are usually similar. I discourage the idea of ​​toxic masculinity, male domination, or chauvinism as gender matters. In my view, those in power may or may not abuse it. It does not matter if the person is male, female, trans, or neutral, if he or she has power over another person and they are inherently abusive, he or she will violate the other person’s rights and get away with it. Therefore, my argument is based on the availability of power and the nature of the person in control and not the generalization that a particular gender group will behave in a certain way only because of some sort of systemic prejudice.

    Add the potential of sovereign wealth to such a character, and you will find that gender was never the problem. It was always about that person’s nature. Many times our society condemns these kinds of behaviors…

    In the 21st century, the “powers that be” have seen it fit to favor the common woman over the ordinary man. Most non-hazardous workplaces employ an overwhelming number of women. Often, the female population surpasses the male. Women have received free or subsidized training and became highly-paid executives. Meanwhile, a vast amount of North American men only have base education. Many are either underemployed or unemployed. We also see numerous of the highly educated women command a dominant status in their households. That is a biased shift of power. However, although the influence of acquisition has been transferred from men to women, 21st Century women still sustain conventional expectations of men.

    Where the woman earns the leading income, she seldom respects her husband or partner. Some even refuse to disclose their income to their companion, make household and financial decisions without his consent, and show him the door when he faces her about that. Those women assume a victim mentality and equate their betrayal with strength. We have seen examples of influential public women such as Gayle King and Jada Pinkett Smith. They have disappointed the community in one way or another and remained arrogant while even refusing to apologize or acknowledge wrongdoing. Add the potential of sovereign wealth to such a character and you will find that gender was never the problem. It was always about that person’s nature.

    Supporting the male gender irritates these women? I quickly realized that we do not live in a gynocentric universe. No, we do not. We live in a man’s contraption that is saturated with irrational feminists.

    Many times our society condemns these kinds of behaviors and attributes them to men. We then label those men as controlling and abusive. However, when you give women the same power, they tend to display the same toxic attitude. If men do it and women do it too, then it is not gender. The victim in this situation is the person with less educational, social, or economic power. Now, while there is a lot of help for women who fall victim to financially strong men, what should men do when they find themselves trapped in a relationship due to lack of sovereign wealth? Years ago, while still living in Canada, I wrote a series of blogs about male alienation. I mentioned that contrary to what most people think, numerous men are suffering in silence.

    I pointed out a culture of open discrimination and prejudice against men. Of course, those blogs were not enjoyable. After all, I lived in a feminist paradise. How dare I presume to talk about men in any way that drew attention to their plight? Several women criticized me, tried to scare me from the subject, gave me superficial labels, etc. Some were deleted from my page. Supporting the male gender irritates these women? I quickly realized that we do not live in a gynocentric universe. No, we do not. We live in a man’s contraption that is saturated with irrational feminists. This realization led me to the research of feminism. When I did, I saw that there were different classifications of that mindset. My reasoning was NOT that I do not support women’s rights.

    In fact, I have encouraged women in every just cause. Nonetheless, I cannot ignore the double standard. So, regardless of who decides to be offended by what I write, I’m willing to take any hit that comes with whatever it takes to continue with my blog. Whatever the consequence, I am forever determined to use my influence to convey this message. What is the message? Yes, women have gone through centuries of discrimination. They have undergone everything from bias to exclusion, sexual abuse, and injustice. These are indisputable facts. They experienced all forms of hatred. The other side of that truth is that the world is also tough for men. The certainty is that men must rise, and everyone must step up to do something to protect duality.

    That is very powerful. I have written extensively about men, money, and the pressure for men to be financially responsible. Experience shows that women who earn more money than men often do not respect those men. There are a large number of families where the wife makes more, and the husband is the stay at home partner. In almost all of those scenarios, the woman does not respect the man. Some of those women refuse to disclose their income to their husband. They often cheat on their husband while compensating him with an allowance. They show him the door if he protests about that. In the same situation, when the roles are reversed, women would be in tears, accusing their husbands of gender marginalization or cruelty.

    Some of those women refuse to disclose their income to their husbands. They often cheat on their husband while compensating him with an allowance. They show him the door if he protests about that.

    Make no mistake, it is gender warfare, and men suffer silently if their fate is ill. So, how do these men get out without a tarnished reputation? He must go public. We are talking about wives, who earn more money than their husbands, who then see that it allows them to cheat on their husband, to disrespect him, to withhold the income, and even to deny him sex. Those are not the only points of my focus on this blog. In this episode of The Sandmann’s Journal, we’ll cover some tips and hints. What should a man do if his wife cheats? Should he allow himself to be held hostage from exploring love with other women? Imagine a situation when a wife has flipped so far that she does not want to cheat on her not so secret lover by having sex with her husband.

    When such a wife seeks to maintain a positive image in the public as if she and their marriage were good, but verbally and emotionally abuses her husband when they are behind closed doors. If he fights her, society accuses him of domestic abuse. If he finds comfort in the arms of another woman, they call her a homewrecker. His wife cheats like crazy. Society says, if she’s cheating, he must divorce her. Just split up and move on. They would advise. But has anyone found solutions for such a man to deal with the real emotional process of dissolution or betrayal? How does a person who is ashamed of his marriage or relationship go? Is there a right way out, or should he just take responsibility even if circumstances weren’t his fault? 

    One of the funny parts of my experience as a writer is that the most unenlightened people who read the blog automatically assume something stupid. They either believe that I am speaking from personal experience or I am attacking them or someone. They do not see the educational value or the opportunity to become aware of something trivial. As I’ve stated earlier, I am willing to take any label or name-calling as a consequence of getting this message heard. No matter the cost, we will change the world. Oh, and if you are the man in this situation, find a lover and impregnate her repeatedly. Cheat as much as possible and hide your income as well. Even if you think you love that person, have an outside child, and take your new fatherhood as comfort.* 


    Hip Hop Mogul 50 Cent Categorises Ebony Queens as “Angry” Over Some Successful Black Men’s Mating Choice

    I’m just going to come out and say it, point-blank. Fif is wrong on this one. I think it’s self-hate for any black man to generalize women from other races as more exotic, feminine, or beautiful than those from his race. Are they more cooperative than our ebony queens? I do not believe that. It is a known fact, throughout the ages, Melanie women are often far more beautiful, exotic, and collaborative.

    My Reaction To Beyonce’s “Long Live the King, You a King” – ALREADY

    One thing about being an impartial writer is just that. You are impartial. We are moving into the Fall of 2020. Two of the best mainstream female artists, Beyonce and Cardi B, have injected some love into the global manosphere. Beyonce’s “Already” video is super dope! Every man, especially black men, have to appreciate this rare dose of pure and unadulterated feminine love. We must give these incredibly talented artists, their flowers.

    My Reaction to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Wireless Application Protocol – WAP

    I like this song! It’s much better than the dick-shaming ballads that many female artists have roared out of their lungs. Let’s breakdown this cultural instigator. Can we agree that this song has many dimensions? The first is feminism, womanism, or both. Woman power if you can. In that dimension, we can be happy that some of our women seem to have heard us. We have spent the past decade blogging, vlogging, writing, protesting, or even complaining. Oh, the harmful effects of feminism on heterosexual relationships.

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