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    Just a decade ago, I caught heat by writing about the men who “go their own way.” I even suggested that the MeToo Movement is a trojan horse. Today, if you ask me, I would say that it is sexual harassment when women post half-naked or nude photos online. But, many men do not know their value. They continue to see such abuse as an opportunity. The reason I’m responding this way is that she drives anyone who sees her image to think about copulation. A man who went about his day, being aware of his work, is distracted by these photos and wastes his time looking at them. The woman in the picture usually has no intention of interacting with him. It is harassment. A man must be able to choose before viewing the poster of the half-naked woman.

    If the mainstream media were honest, the number of men who have modified their behavior towards women would be higher.

    Furthermore, speaking of social media, such behavior is also disrespectful for men who have a committed relationship. The lady takes an indicative photo and publishes it on the internet. A married man has no way of preventing himself from seeing it. He turns on his phone or computer, and there it is. If it’s harassment to approach women for sex or send them personal messages asking for a date, then it should also be harassment for the same women to show men their half-naked photos via the internet. Even more wrong is if the woman in question extorts money from the transaction. In light of the social changes we have made in society, it should be offensive for anyone to post sexually provocative photos that the audience had not requested.

    Now, it may take about another decade before everyone understands what I’m saying. But, we will get there. USA Today reported a study that found 51% of men have already shifted their behavior to women. According to the survey, 59% of people believe that the MeToo Movement is necessary. 46% say a much-needed discussion has begun. If the mainstream media were honest, the number of men who have modified their behavior towards women would be higher. Men who go their way are not a new campaign anymore. It has increased significantly over the years. Almost everyone has heard phrases like simp, manjiana, white knight, hitting the wall, etc. Despite that, this study suggests that 75% of men now expect women to say hello first.

    90% of men have stopped asking women for their phone numbers. I remind you, I am not speaking as a man who has gone his own way [MGTOW]. My approach to romance or sex has always been simple. He asks to receive or seek to find. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had to chase too many women. I can even claim that the older I get, the less I am fascinated in general. For example, in Germany, my home is an elegant three-story mansion. Usually, I sit on the couch in the living room on the ground floor, Netflix TV, or a news channel as background noise. It is a dense forest area in Berlin. The city is full of hyperactive young to middle-aged women, and you will have a hard time finding one that is not beautiful. It’s the perfect place to meet someone adorable. 

    Already, this USA Today study has shown that 40% of men now believe it is better to improve their self-acceptance than to pursue romance. 23% place a successful career and a high level of income above courtship. 

    However, even though from my living room sofa, I see the attractive women walking outside, I have become accustomed to closing the curtains. That is to avoid any assumption that if someone passed by as I happen to look up, they could assume that I was checking them out. Another of my views is that I believe that employment is now a woman’s aim. In conclusion, men must invent, build, or create their own business. Going to an office to compete with women is a waste of time when women outnumber men in the workplace. There are so many laws and policies of harassment against men. It’s not the most comfortable environment for heterosexual guys. A true heterosexual gentleman should be trying to put at least one pony to sleep.

    If a man was in an environment full of dozens of beautiful women, but he could not shoot his shot, then my advice is that he walks away and never goes back. I also agree that although these ideas are foreign now, you should better believe that they will be accessible in a few years. I say heterosexual men should turn the entire workplace over to women and go about doing their own business somewhere. Already, this USA Today study has shown that 40% of men think it’s better to improve their self-esteem than to pursue romance. 23% put a successful career and a high level of income above courtship. Many reject marriage. The study also shows that women want equality in business, but in a dating situation, they also want men to take the risk.

    For public relations between men and women, heterosexual men have always accepted the uncertainties women use to their advantage. But in the light of the MeToo Movement, these men say it’s shit. Most men consider friendship to be beneficial if marriage is entirely out of the question. I would say that it is rather unfortunate that at a time when women have become more attractive and sexually liberated, the MeToo Movement has created an environment that prevents freedom from exploring those probabilities. For me, this is presumably one of my biggest turn-offs from feminism. There has been a considerable improvement in fashion, hairstyles, makeup, etc. It is convenient for a 5 in 10, in terms of beauty, to dress herself to look like a 9 in 10.

    That means that if you are a young man today, you will work with 5 in 10 women who look like 9 in 10, but you can’t even look at them with bright eyes, let alone ask someone for an immoral appointment. Who are you in such a scenario? You can’t tell a dirty joke or dream of hitting heads with your sexy and single colleague. I feel almost sad for today’s young people. It’s like being told to fast while attending a banquet. So why get involved? Last year, while in the Netherlands, I hired a young woman to do an outstanding job. I had to be extremely tolerant of her cheeky demeanor, poor work ethic, and lack of experience. She combined the situation by suggesting that with my kindness, I flirt. I had to fire her right away! I’d even paid her above her asking price.

    Does it have the capability to undo the gains that women have made in the workplace? Of course, everyone knows its illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender. But this situation is not misogyny. It is self-preservation.

    I’m not saying this because of the gender of the woman. It was her arrogance to assume that I was sexually curious. She thought I was impressed and flirting and did something that could ruin my respect and reputation – all without checking if her suspicion was right. I couldn’t be bothered. That situation was unfortunate. Now, here’s a controversial question. For those who run their own small business, if you are a man, will you hire a woman at this time and age? Keep in mind that there is also a statistic that shows that young women CEOs only hire women. This statistic even suggests that women bosses often sack men and replace them with women. We are no longer talking about dating. We now see the result of the MeToo Movement in the business area.

    Male coworkers are running away from their female counterparts. Male small business owners are afraid to hire women. The point of this discussion is to consider the long term effects of the MeToo Movement. Does it have the capability to undo the gains that women have made in the workplace? Of course, everyone knows its illegal to discriminate based on gender. But this situation is not misogyny. It is self-preservation. If you are a heterosexual man in the entertainment business, would you fly that promising young actress out to meet you? If she’s beautiful and you become attracted to her, while she is not interested in you, she could accuse you of inappropriate behavior. If you are an affluent man would you want a common woman to select you?*


    Hip Hop Mogul 50 Cent Categorises Ebony Queens as “Angry” Over Some Successful Black Men’s Mating Choice

    I’m just going to come out and say it, point-blank. Fif is wrong on this one. I think it’s self-hate for any black man to generalize women from other races as more exotic, feminine, or beautiful than those from his race. Are they more cooperative than our ebony queens? I do not believe that. It is a known fact, throughout the ages, Melanie women are often far more beautiful, exotic, and collaborative.

    My Reaction To Beyonce’s “Long Live the King, You a King” – ALREADY

    One thing about being an impartial writer is just that. You are impartial. We are moving into the Fall of 2020. Two of the best mainstream female artists, Beyonce and Cardi B, have injected some love into the global manosphere. Beyonce’s “Already” video is super dope! Every man, especially black men, have to appreciate this rare dose of pure and unadulterated feminine love. We must give these incredibly talented artists, their flowers.

    My Reaction to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Wireless Application Protocol – WAP

    I like this song! It’s much better than the dick-shaming ballads that many female artists have roared out of their lungs. Let’s breakdown this cultural instigator. Can we agree that this song has many dimensions? The first is feminism, womanism, or both. Woman power if you can. In that dimension, we can be happy that some of our women seem to have heard us. We have spent the past decade blogging, vlogging, writing, protesting, or even complaining. Oh, the harmful effects of feminism on heterosexual relationships.

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