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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    Many people seek marriage when they do not know what marriage really is. Most men just want to lock down that special lady to keep her from slipping away. Most women are merely eager to experience their “big day.” This claim is not to say they’re not in love. Some men actually think they’ll never find someone special who will STAY with them. These men drop to their knees and pop the big question almost immediately. You can bet your ass that the moment a beautiful woman comes along his path continuously showing romantic interest in them they fail to check for compatibility. Does the woman he’s about to marry the makings of a loyal wife or is he about to be a divorced man who is paying alimony.

    The man may not even know what the original construct of marriage is. Many parents did not bring their children up to know that marriage is not just about the wedding day.”

    Before marriage, the woman may pretend to care for what he expects from her. Once he marries her, the court literally places his balls on a chopping board and gives her a meat cleaver. This is in the man’s favor. He may think that as long as she gets a dream wedding and a massive ring, she’ll be happy. Not knowing she carefully selected him because he works hard and earns well, he allows the love to blind him of her potential capability of ruining his life. The man may not even know what the original construct of marriage is.

    Many parents did not bring their children up to know that marriage is not just about the wedding day. The guy may not understand his responsibility to her. All he knows, he wanted a beautiful girl to fall into his arms, so he married the best one that came along. Yet, he never expresses his true feelings because he’s afraid it might turn her off. The essence of family is fragile from the very beginning due to the absence of fundamental truths. That truth is, the media has promoted a feminist mentality that has swept through the world. And men are the primary target of this movement. Today’s marriage severs man with a wife who sees him as a buffoon.

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    The problem is, most of the ideas of a perfect husband
    comes from revised new age relationship schemes shown in movies, TV Shows,  magazines or friends but the idea of a perfect wife comes from the traditional construct of marriage.”

    For most, marriage is a fantasy. This means it’s more of a built-in mentality rather than a reality. How a spouse should be how they should behave around the opposite sex, what kinds of career are best or worse etc. In anticipation of a happy home and a beautiful family, many will fantasize. Not once does the guy stop to ask will she behave the same after she has children? Will she maintain her seduction? Shall she honor his wishes? Will he follow her lead and trust her judgment? Etc.

    To him, only having a beautiful wife is enough. And many women feel victimized in their traditional role in the family, so they seek role reversal. Initially, her focus is on the wedding show off with family and friends. He can’t see past the mind-blowing sex. Somewhere along the line, they will fight over money and control. The problem is, most of the ideas of a perfect husband come from revised new age relationship schemes shown in movies, TV Shows,  magazines and supported by friends but the idea of an ideal wife comes from the traditional construct of marriage which men expect, but feminism is entirely against.

    No one told her that for her, marriage is a life where her goal is to prolong the survival of his genes. As incredible as the big day sounds for most marriage hopefuls many women do not even know why they should take their husband’s last name? This man who she is about to say “I do” to; will she obey him knowing he’s the ordained head of their family, above the children or the pets even? No. She’s new school while he’s old school. The whole thing is a colossal explosion waiting to happen.

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    The mistake most couples make today is they never separate reality from fantasy. Our society has not prepared its people for marriage. One big argument and out they run! Getting married is a GREAT thing if it’s with the right person. There are a few mistakes that could damage a person’s life after they’ve been married. Baby mama drama with a partner’s ex, someone who blew their credit before you met them, criminal record, misrepresentation or even worst, bad karma. Now you can’t afford a proper home because of your partner’s credit, one of you cannot find a decent job. Unexplained health issues? Disagreement on what to spend money on etc. Or a divorce comes, and it devastated the children, ruin the father’s finances and drives the mom in several pumps and dump romances. She meets someone’s baby daddy and comes home with her kids new a stepfather.

    Marriage should not be settled in court being that it’s a spiritual pact between two people. It should only involve a Priest, an Imam or a Rabbi…”

    And as much as I respect the court system, I firmly believe man-made laws are not suitable to govern these issues. Marriage should not be settled in court is that it is a spiritual pact between two people. It should ONLY involve a Priest, an Imam or a Rabbi… not a judge. Young people need to be taught this. Just think about it, the law outlawed polygamy and legalized homosexuality later. Who is to say which one is wrong or right? Women have become independent. Does this mean more alimony and child support payments will go to men?

    Courts can decide who you love and who gets rewarded or punished for a breakup? Instead, shouldn’t people be taught their obligations within each relationship so they can work it out with their spiritual adviser? But then again, some may say the spiritual adviser also has some explaining to do. In either case, the point I’m making is marriage is more complicated than it seems to a single person. *


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