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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    In the article, “Meek Mill’s Fight is not finished CNN’s Deena Zaru report on Meek’s fight for reform in the rigged criminal justice system. Bear in mind that a conflict exists in America where in relations with the judicial system, the mainstream media does not use words such as “rigged.” Always add a grain of salt as you read their articles since they are sure to curve the facts. It saddens me to continue to express my frustration at the criminal justice system in the United States of America.

    As an American, I would like to say the most beautiful things about the law enforcement and the court system. But that would be silly. On the contrary, I lack the right words when it comes to describing the depth of how dishonest the law enforcement officials are when they interact with citizens of the minority population. Police brutality can range from forcing a decent person to lie down on the ground for no good reason to the unmerciful beating of their “suspect”  to the murder of a child or a parent.

    I honestly believe every policeman in America is a potential murderer.

    One person may say, Well police keep peace, security, and law in communities. They risk their lives every day to serve law-abiding citizens. I would have agreed with this person if I had not observed an endless amount of police mishandling of power in the United States. You would be a fool if you thought the respect between the average citizen and the police is mutual. They want you to respect them while they use justified bigotry to disrespect you, destroy your property, or even kill you. I honestly believe that every cop in America is a potential murderer. The only question for me is who they will shoot next?

    A Questionable Judicial System

    As someone who dreamed of becoming an American, I do not know who disappointed me more? The judicial system, law enforcement or the mainstream media? I often tend to group them as one entity because they all lie to their audience with a straight face. Someone else may ask what does the police have to do with Meek Mill’s parole violation? Well, I have personally experienced how dishonest they are. Every policeman I encountered in America was, in fact, a bigoted prick. I believe Meek Mill when he says that the arresting cops falsified the initial arrest that led to his current charges. Forget the mythological explanation about many good policemen who outnumber the bad ones. When it comes to prison or death, a liar is a liar, and a murderer is a murderer.

    Any good cops who claims to risk his life serving the community with justice that then covers up for another cop who is a murderer or dishonest policeman are just as corrupt in my book.

    A competent policeman or policewoman can claim that he or she risk their lives serving the community. But if they are entirely dishonest when one of their colleagues commits a crime like murder or perjury, then they are all corrupt. Ask the police, what is the meaning of an “accessory to murder?” They will tell you that it is when someone discovers a crime someone else has committed and then assists the criminal to hide it. That is the meaning of this law. So then if the police and the court system are not corrupt, how can a cop claim to be good and then commit perjury to protect another cop who has murdered an innocent person?

    Justified Bigotry

    Keep in mind that we’re talking about people’s lives. We’re talking about people’s financial future or their hopes and aspirations. How can a court system stand on the high moral ground, and then excuse a policeman for brutality or murder? According to Meek Mill, the policemen who arrested him later committed perjury when they lied that he pointed a gun at them. Name one person who lives in America that will believe that? Every American knows that the police are way too trigger happy. They have murdered thousands of unarmed CITIZENS within the last decade. In America, the cops even slay women and children and then commit perjury.

    Do the quick research; you will establish that I’m not exaggerating. As disturbing as this blog may seem, your study will prove my point. The American police are dishonest, and the courts allow them to continue that way. I remember attending driving school in New Jersey when the coach warned me to pull over immediately when I saw the police flashing their lights behind me. I asked myself why he would be reminding me like that, instead of just informing me? To me, it sounded like he thought I was planning to commit a crime. I was new in the country at the time. I considered the police and the court system in high esteem.

    Then I bought my first car, and you could not imagine my excitement. One day, I was driving my car, on the main road, going about my business, enjoying my day and there it was. As sure as the sunshine, a police car was behind me with its lights on full blast. At that moment I thought, what did I do? I had buckled my seat belt, I was driving the speed limit, and I had not varied from my lane. 20 munites after I pulled over, the policeman showed up and asked me for my license and registration. When I gave it to him, he told a bold faced lie that I was speeding and wrote me a ticket. I disputed, but he told me to go to court.

    Judges & Police Murofficers

    I know, that wrongful traffic offense is nothing compared to Meek Mill’s assault charge. If you notice, the police interaction ranges from bogus traffic citations to cold-blooded murder. There was another instance when another policeman pulled me over when I didn’t have my insurance and registration cards with me in the car. I took my car to the car wash that afternoon and forgot to put the insurance and registration cards back in the glove compartment. Of course, while driving through a predominantly Caucasian part of town that night, this cop pulled me over. He lied that I was speeding and when I could not produce my insurance and registration cards he gave me three tickets. Failure to show proof of insurance, failure to show proof of registration and speeding. That was the second speeding ticket that I received without speeding. I decided to fight those tickets.

    After dicking me around for months, the court gave me a date. I took time off work, showed up with my proof of insurance and registration, but the judge could not be bothered. He gave the cop the benefit of the doubt without hearing my side of the story. Then he ordered me to plead with the police so he can withdraw his initial citation. If not, I’d get three points on my brand new driver’s license. What?! That was that? Being new to the country I refused.

    Months later, they suspended my driver’s license which then affected my ability to get to work and college during that 1998 New Jersey winter. There was another time when cops pulled me over at gunpoint and ordered me to lay or sit on the ground. And this was over another bogus traffic violation which they claimed I had committed. So as you can see, from my personal experience and that of others like Amadou Diallo whom the police murdered in New York that same year. Meek Mill is right about using his platform to call for reform in the justice system.

    Other Police Heartbreaks

    Now, let me be the first one to say that I’m not comparing myself to Meek Mill. He is a far more accomplished artist. He has way more experience in the streets of America than I do and my encounters with the police and the court system are no match for his.  The only reason why I shared my experiences is to demonstrate why I believe him. Hundreds of thousands of people face these same problems in each state. The police are a menace to the American society, and everybody knows that.

    For Meek, his story is how the police lied that he pointed a gun at them. Then the court system accepted that lie and put him on probation. Being on probation now every time he comes in contact with the police the court cites him for violation of his parole. When they do, they throw him in prison. He’s a law-abiding citizen, a businessman, and a philanthropist. He has not been caught committing a crime, so why should they send him to prison just because he came in contact with the police?*


    Saying Never to the Readily Available Free Pornography on the Internet

    Our civilization has gone through more than twenty years with instantly accessible [free] pornography on the web. In these twenty years, we have experienced a pioneering mobile phone revolution that has put the Internet in our pockets, twenty-four hours, and seven days all year long. That is at the same time when the genetic coding of most men dictates that every attractive woman we meet for the first time will arouse us sexually.

    My Reaction to Naughty Dog’s Heartbreaking Video Game, “The Last of Us Part II”

    I have made a climactic shift in the way I socialize with people. It’s not only that. These days, you won’t find me looking for new musicians, inviting strangers to see the latest blockbuster, and I don’t buy unproven video games anymore. Anything I touch should have a predefined motive. I have taken a step back. Today my approach in every situation is relatively reasonable. I look at the history of my involvement in a given situation to decide if that is a path worth continuing.

    Male & Female Consanguinity After the MeToo Movement

    It was only a decade ago when I caught heat from writing about men going their own way. I even suggested that the MeToo Movement is a trojan horse. Today, if you ask me, I’d say it’s sexual harassment to post half nude or nude pictures anywhere. But, a lot of men do not know their worth. They may see such abuse as a privilege. My reason for responding this way is because the person in question causes the men who see her picture to think about sex.

    Justified Remonstrances Free From Ill-considered Demands

    We have to ensure that, even as we call for police reforms, we do NOT alienate our police force. Regardless of our demands for sweeping changes in some of the methods they use, it is outright stupid to advocate for defunding and disbanding our police. If we look at what’s happening, we should see that the police are outstretched in the variety of situations they address. We must define police brutality as their use of unnecessary force against nonviolent suspects.

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