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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    I’ve always liked the name, Megan. For some reason, when I think about it, I anticipate a sensationally tender she. There was one point in my life when I wished for a daughter who I’d name Megan. In 2020 we have a beautiful rap star with this name. Why is it a backbreaker for so many women to date a traditional man who does not daydream about humping their friend? For most romantic couples, a date night stirs happy emotions. It ends with none stop lovemaking. Say what you want, or even disagree, but the woman is the ultimate prize in 99% of all dates. Usually, the man cannot wait to bring her home. But this situation is quite wearisome. They are both good-looking and wealthy but we have to choose one of the two lovers. Also, we had only heard one side of the story.

    Even if the initiative was completely lost, there is no explanation to justify the abuse to any woman.”

    If you choose Tory, the public would say, “exactly what we thought, he supports the physical and traumatic abuse of black women!” Run with Meg, and some might say, “how did you go about supporting the dissolution of another black man without even hearing his side in the story or seeing any evidence against him?” Megan Thee Stallion has been freestyling, twerking, and making IG statements. She has even released a photo of her injured leg. Although it is unfair to choose, I will always side with the truth. After Tory Lanez released his new album, I decided to do some thorough research into Megan’s story because there is a horrible wound on her foot. She has said it came from a bullet. Looking at the picture, I can say thank God she was only grazed. Thank God it was not a direct hit.

    Even if the initiative was completely lost, there is no explanation to justify the abuse to any woman. The only justification should be if he did not shoot her and the wound came from something else. If he did, that was terrible. The wound looks painful. We must protect our women from harm and we must defend them. Following my research, the facts are in favor of Megan Thee Stallion simply because she was injured. This came from trauma. My heart goes out to Megan Thee Stallion. Black men, let’s protect our queens! We can’t afford to lose them. Let’s also consider the fact that Tory Lanez made music about the shooting incident. That also shows that he did not do it. If he did, and there was evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, as well as more pending charges, he would not have done that.

    Music is a great way for a musician to speak their truth. Tory’s album is hot! He categorically denies the accusation and challenges the people who took Megan’s side before waiting for the truth to come out. He has a point in that regard. From what I could hear, he suggests that Megan’s back was turned during the incident. In a no snitching culture, he appears to want his and her fans to know that she did not see who pulled the trigger. But that does not remove the fact that his woman suffered physical, emotional, and psychological injury. As his girlfriend, if he saw someone shoot her, he had to attack the person. However, after the accusations, it is understandable why he has focused on clearing his name at this time. Someone injured his girl while she was on a date with him.

    We know that law enforcement is very strict.”

    The question is, who did it? The lyrics on this “Daystar” album show Tory’s denial. He also makes a lot of sense with his view of the state of independent artists. We saw what happened to Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Prince and the list could go on. As an artist, I can attest to the resistance. The only reason I’ve gone on for a while is that I do everything for myself. I had knocked on many closed doors where they threw kitchen sinks as I returned to my alamo. Considering where I started and where I came from, you can say that I’ve done well for myself. But you won’t want any of the haters or critics to hear you say that. I wrote all that to say, I get it. When you own your masters, you get shut out so that your songs are removed from mainstream platforms.

    According to Tory Lanez, he gained ownership of his masters and soon after, this career-ending incident happened. I doubt Megan Thee Stallion would have lied about the shooting, but we saw how paranoid Tupac became when he did not know who set him up. The forces are, very, very creative in how to blackball, eliminate, or kill artists they do not like. We will have to keep an eye on this story and see how it ends on the legal side. The only reason I am still slightly objective is because of the police report. We know that law enforcement is very strict. So far, the only charge against Tory Lanez is the illegal possession of a firearm. Based on that, there is a possibility that the rapper might claim that he never shot his girlfriend and suggest that her wound came from something else.

    There is still that unaddressed part where he did nothing when someone hurt his woman while she was hanging out with him.”

    There is a small window of innocence there. For our sake, however, I do not understand. As a successful public figure, why would Tory do such a thing? I have no choice but to wonder why. As someone who has zero-tolerance for any form of violence against women, the mere fact that there is an injury, it tilts my support in her favor. She has suffered physical, emotional, and psychological anguish. In any case, that is irrevocably unacceptable. I’m just stating the truth as I see it. We can also forget the controversy and talk about music. We are musicians, right? Okay, if you’re not a musician you’re probably a fan. Am I right about that? So if we agree that there is an artistic aspect then we have to consider the quality of the music that Tory Lanez has delivered to us.

    As I said earlier, the album is blazing! His flow is impeccable. Considering the circumstance, someone could suggest that the music is irrelevant. I’d say, disagree with the content, but what about the quality? To me, some of the flow sounds like Drake. Maybe there is even some Meek Mill there as well. But, Drake is a god. Meek Mill is also out of this world. Is it wrong to be influenced by them? I’d say no. So, after the polemic, we can say the album is dope! It is probably one of the best in 2020. There is a chance that the authorities will not charge Tory Lanez with the shooting. He could clear his name. However, even if that happens, there is still that unaddressed part where he did nothing when someone hurt his woman while she was hanging out with him.*


    Is it Time to Examine the Overall Experience of Economic and Sexual Corruption in Sierra Leone?

    In Sierra Leone, there is an experience. The majority of the poor expect anyone with money or opportunities to share those resources with them. This disenfranchised majority has the courage to beg or ask anyone for free help. If someone were grabbed during the perpetration of a crime, the police officers would probably prefer a bribe to justice. If a student flunked a test or exam, that teacher or professor would probably require money to pass them. Do you understand my point? When we have people, who consider themselves low in luck, who live a difficult life, accept bribes to look the other way, we have a systemic gap.

    African Black: The Unreleased Anthems & Ballads

    There are fifteen tracks. The new Krio records, “Tonight feat. Reebz, & Specikinging,” “IV U feat. Tru Raw & King Boss L.A,” and”Superstar feat. Nes Mburu & Afrikan Diamond.” There are Calypso and Soca crossovers, “Oh La La & Maria feat. Delee,” as well as Zimba, Calypso, and Rap versions of my song “City Boy feat. Winnie Culture.” Look for the Rock and Roll Crossover, “Demodogs feat. T. I. M. & Rene Guillot.” This is Swift Nightz’s first release from Berlin, Germany. I published its accompanying book, “Crime Rhymes” out of St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies in 2019. I have slated this record as a November 2020 release.

    Voting Blindly in the 2020 United States Presidential Election

    In late October of 2020, even two weeks before the general elections, if you’re an independent, you’re still unclear on which exact policies the Democrats plan to implement if Joe Biden wins. What will the Biden administration do? What does “going too far left mean?” Some people say they want to take our guns. They will defund the police, and raise taxes as high as 62% for those who make over $400k a year. They haven’t denounced Plan Parenthood. They also have not explained their position on topics like newer sexual preferences, children’s role in gender identity, or unforeseen waves of feminism. Biden is 78 years old.

    Unspecific Tales About the Bringing into Being of the Police Force

    Depending on the narrator of the story, police history varies from continent to continent. Or even from region to region. For example, the very first professionalized police were the Philadelphia PD. Their mandate was to control unbridled worker strikes. According to the text, the authorities (that ran the system back then) initially sent in the army to control the crowd. That often led to a bloodbath. Luckily for everyone, the government created the police as a less deadly option. So basically, when people resisted the law back then the authorities did not change the law or the system, they sent in the military to kill them.

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