During Accusations

In a society that believes its men cheat and women do not, many allegations of abuse and rape are fabricated. I wonder, if men are such great cheats, then who are they cheating with? All men are not rapists. Being physically stronger does not mean we commit domestic abuse. No one takes into account, his good nature.

When a woman leaves her husband, even if it’s a betrayal, the woman automatically sees herself as a victim. Society supports her even when she has betrayed her husband. If a woman cheats she can justify her action as the other man making her happier. Our society applauds this justification. In a society that believes women are treated unequally, we implement equality while being prejudiced at the same time?

Making Government Programs Gender

In divorce, after losing his children, home, half of his belongings and savings, the man is further required to pay alimony and child support to his ex-wife. This man can not go on with his life until he becomes bankrupt. When he becomes bankrupt, there is no government program to help him. Abused men, recovered addicts, the unemployed, mentally ill, those with learning difficulties, the blind and divorced, etc., have no help. In fact, if such a place exists, it does not receive appropriate funding or public support.

Alleyn Court Preparatory School

In Canada, many women say they “do not need a man” and most get assistance from a government program. This helps them pay bills, keep a roof over their heads, and put food on their table. If the woman has a child her government help is even stronger. There are women who date men to get pregnant. Once they give birth, they break up with the man. In this system, if a man did the same, the court charges with a crime. Meanwhile, our society leaves its men homeless with no government program to help them.

Emasculation of Masculine Boys

Many women who go to college, do not take up the most difficult courses even when the subsequent career from those courses pay very well. Women do not flock to agriculture, fishery, construction, policing, firefighting, coal mining, lumbering, structural iron/steel work, farming/ranching. They are not taking up garbage collection, roofing, installation, and repairs, working on electrical power lines, etc. Instead, because they have access to several support systems, put in place for just women, many are nurses, secretaries, kindergarten and school teachers, therapists, news reporters, models, etc.

Most of those jobs with a majority of women are gatekeeping positions where if a misandry loving feminist is there then the male clients suffer. In the school system you will find that since the majority of teachers are women, they discourage masculine assertiveness. They view all females as disadvantaged and give high preference to the girls while paying little to no concern about the success of their male students. Yet, they scream about equality. The education system allows many active school boys to be heavily medicated on hard drugs.


Negative Portrayal of men in the Media

In almost any television program, movie, magazine, tabloid, newspaper or media, they clown the father figure as the fool or buffoon. The more they despise the male character, the more fun the show is. The Maury Show is a typical example. In that show,  when the paternity test vindicates the accused man, they comfort the women who falsely accused him. When the results show that the man is the father after denying the child, they shame him. This clear double standard has gone unchecked for over a decade.

The Male Gender Role

One of the big issues men have with the male gender role is when society takes no excuse from men while being lenient when towards women. Take, for example, society tells us what a man is, and what qualifies him but the woman would take offense if told the same. No one should tell a woman what she ought to do to qualify as a real woman.*


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