Minority Lives, Families, Careers, Aspirations & Concerns Matter

Why protest an award when it had never been accessible?”

Whenever there’s a clamor for equal opportunities for people of the minority, some whites go, “all lives matter!” Alluding that a discriminatory idea is being spread to scapegoat all white people. This is particularly crummy since it’s whites who have stubbornly continued to discriminate against people of another ethnicity. Whites are usually the ones who keep their neighborhoods, businesses, schools, workplaces, recreation centers or social clubs inaccessible. Many are secretly racist.

To be fair, it is necessary to clarify that some whites are not bigots. There has been a large number who have helped in the fight against discrimination. It’s also essential to expose the vast majority who are racist. Many times, those who are not racists have witnessed the racist ones target and discriminate against people of other race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, profession or age and they have kept quiet for fear of being isolated from what is known as “white privileges.” With the riots in Ferguson for example, many white celebrities remained silent during the whole thing.

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Trump wants to lead our best and brightest men and women into Iran, Syria, China and perhaps even Russia to make demands.”

Let’s take Donald Trump for an example. What could be a clearer corroboration of his desire to segregate Americans by race, religion, gender or status, hidden in plain view? He represents his campaign as the “silent majority” who simply want to “Make America Great Again.” Trump is absolutely right when he says the United States has become the Santa Claus of the world, but unless you were a bigot, you would find his solutions to be completely grotesque.

Most Mexicans are rapists? To hell with political correctness? Deport 11 million people? Build a wall along the Mexican border and force Mexico to pay for it? All Muslims including Syrian refugees, should be banned from the United States? A prisoner of war is not a war hero? Women bleed what? Who are Donald Trumps supporters? Klan-like racists and political bigots who care less of how he’s going to do what he says? Watch a Trump rally and all you hear is > the “silent majority” of the United States would like to take the country back from homosexuals, Muslims and those minority loving Democrats?

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Historically, powerful minority characters are played by whites.”

When Trump speaks of “Making America Great Again” he rules out the fact that the US economy is at its best. He rules out the landmark of having the first none white president. Instead, the billionaire and his “silent majority” believes the United States has gone astray. Forget the auto industry was saved and is doing much better now. Forget that gas is less than $2 cheap, the end of two costly wars without being lured into a new one.

Trump wants to lead our best and brightest men and women into Iran, Syria, China and perhaps even Russia to make demands. As someone reading this article, you know what he’s said implies that discrimination is being rejuvenated because the “silent majority” has taken offense to Obama Care, among other things. They want to repeal the President’s foreign and domestic policies despite the success and they want to return the failed policies that had created a much worse living hell for women and other minorities. As an Independent voter, I can only make one conclusion. The “silent majority” are racist bigots.

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Trump is absolutely right when he says that the United States is the Santa Claus of the world, but unless you were a bigot, you would find his solutions to be completely grotesque.”

This year many celebrities of color have announced that they will boycott the Oscar awards because they did not nominate anyone of the minority for any awards. But, racial segregation has been in the entertainment industry for ages! Many black women who had been nominated, starred as either a prostitute, a whore, a slave or a peasant who ekes their way through life.

Historically, the more charming roles are reserved for white women who get nominated and win. Many black men who were nominated for an Oscar had to do so playing a drug trafficker, a pimp, an entertainer, athlete, criminal, slave or whoever is not powerful in today’s society. It’s very rare for a person of color to be given a role representing authority, charm, a sex idol, inspiring leadership or a highly educated legend. And even when this happened, that performance is rarely nominated for an Oscar. How did Donald Trump explain it? The “silent majority?”

Unarmed minority men are still being, profiled, followed and even murdered. Minority men and women are less likely to score a high paying job, live in an affluent neighborhood, marry an affluent mate, score a huge deal on their invention, gain access to good education etc. This is why I blame people of the minority for not being united among each other. Why protest an award when it had never been accessible? Why even esteem it? Isn’t it bad enough that minorities are being exploited while discriminated against, we have to go and put the “silent majority” that exploit and discriminate on a peddle stool? *

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