People should read my blog only for amusement. Perhaps photo credit: www.arabatheistbroadcasting.com one was curiously skeptical of the topic he/she should ALWAYS remember the context with which the statement was made. The goal is to understand my perspective as opposed to casting judgment when one does not agree with it.

You cannot expect everything to be in your favor. One of the most significant problems in our society today is this; people are not willing to read the minds that do not interest them. And reading gives us glimpses into the minds of the writer or the topic that is written about.

Many people avoid reading documents or misinterpret them thereby missing out on vital information in a point being made. For example, many green card holders who committed crimes and got deported did not know that if they commit a crime and go to prison, they will also get deported upon their release from prison. If they were not too cold to read they would have read the newspaper and listened to the announcement on the 10 O clock news.

They would have known before getting caught. However, since many were too lazy to inquire beforehand, many find this critical information out from a lawyer or a judge when they have already landed in prison and are about to be deported. I have seen this weakness in many aspects of our society, especially in the music industry. Many of my street buddies refuse to speak proper English or use advanced vocabulary because they are afraid they won’t seem fresh.

Many high school and college dropouts are guilty of this, but there are also a few intellectuals in high places who do the same thing. This lazy attitude has deprived a whole generation of developing the proper judgment needed to understand how the government works, how laws are adjudicated and how financial institutions utilized debt and credit systems.

Staunch Hip Hop fans understand who I am and take an interest in what I stand for. They know where I’m coming from when I express my views. I write to entertain those who enjoy a good read, I aspire to hone my writing skills and give my opinion on issues that excite me. Many topics have not been blogged on due to time constraints or lack of motivation.

However, for the most part, I blog for the reasons stated above. As a Hip Hop artist what I do is not commonplace. Rappers are not regularly writing articles on the Internet like I do. At least not yet. I come from a generation that is literally sandwiched between two ages. Elders came from the years between the late 1800’s and the time period that ended in the 1960’s.

They taught us what they know with a firm conviction that their morals and principles based on the religious proliferation of the past were the only right way. We are the generation of the 1970’s through to the mid-1980’s that were raised by a relatively ancient code of conduct but also had to adapt to new norms. From teachings of God to respect for elders to manners of ladies and gentlemen.

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During the Mid 1980’s cutting-edge technologies emerged, musical legends like Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley faced untimely deaths in the wake of new exposures as Michael Jackson rose to prominence. Breakdancing gave way to Hip Hop which spawned ‘gangsta rap.’

In West Africa, numerous dictators ruled over countries that had recently gained independence from colonialism and during this social reshuffle; a new generation was being born (late 1980’s to mid-1990’s). Along with that new generation came breakthroughs in technology, broken down barriers of diversity, sexism and social consciousness. This opened the doors to public acceptance of trends that were once considered taboo.

Women gained liberation from dependence on men and soon started to earn better money, acquire higher statuses in jobs and openly explore sexual options that were once hidden. Pop culture and Hollywood movies saw a boom in the exploitation of new talents and technologies.

Homosexuality and transgender lifestyles became more trendy as many racial barriers were also broken for the first time in history. While baby boomers grew older and new generations became young adults, there came a total disconnect between morals and principles that were once thought to be normal. But baby boomers and their predecessors never understood how.

This gave rise to a generation gap as technology continues to improve many kids skipped a process of innocence as the internet exposed them to everything. Many kids gained easy access and participated immaturely with a broad sense of social exposure and then became accustomed to the lifestyle which used to be only accessible to privileged adults.

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RACISM – I address many race issues, and sometimes I contrast these views with perceptions of what used to be, what is and what is going to be. The main thing I want people to know about me is, I’m not racist in any sense of the word. I appreciate all races and cultures. I want to see the world where racial equality is practiced on all levels.

I want to see the world where Hollywood after producing movies that glorify ancient cultures of Rome, Greece, the Mayans and Aztecs also produce movies that glorify ancient civilization in Africa from the Ghana, Songhai and Mali Empires to extolling views of the Zulus and Arab and Jewish legends. I want to see a positive representation of all cultures in Western pop and Hollywood cultures as well as in ceremonies at schools and Universities and right down to the core mentalities in all establishments.

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SEXISM – Everyone knows that sex sells. When I blog about sexy women, I don’t mean to be seen as a chauvinist, misogamist or sexist but as an artist who enjoys different fantasies of female beauty and female sexuality. I see writing as an art and even though I want people to adhere to the message in my articles I also want them to appreciate the new perspective and the skill I use to articulate my thoughts.

Just like when a comedian or a philosopher. I believe in romance, my example is from my own parents and grandparents. I think women should be treated equally, but I also feel that such equality comes with responsibilities on each side.

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HOMOPHOBIA – I am not homophobic. I am a heterosexual male who respects everyone’s sexual orientation or identity.  So when I blog on topics like Jersey Shore ripping off Hip Hop slang to establish an Italian pop trend, I’m not racist or homophobic, I’m only narrating a story in the way that it was initially meant to be questioned.

I write in context, and I use a perspective to express the thought that I’m trying to convey. Truth be told, as it was in the beginning, related to previous generations, the current age, and the new generation – many who missed out in prior teachings can be informed of what was and compare it to what is. However, this does not mean that

I’m personally against the progress or freedom of those being blogged about. Whether it be good or bad, I always side with the ability to co-exist with humans who understand and can appreciate the differences in ourselves and others.

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MATERIALISM – New technologies have proved useful to people who wish to keep abreast with the fast pace of technological evolution in today’s society. Some things are unnecessary to one group of people while others see it as a poorly needed necessity.

I promote business, marketing, indulgence and the ability to live life to the fullest. Many who know me, know I would gladly be content with a few good things rather than having to buy the most extravagant things. Like all people I have a selection of dream items and experiences which I would like to indulge in before my time is over.

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VIOLENCE AND CRIME – Being a Hip Hop artist advocating for rap and R&B music, it is easy to assume that I’m interested in a world of anarchy. But this is far from the truth. I take pride in being a law-abiding citizen. I’ve never been in trouble with the law in all the six countries I’ve lived in. During the genocidal war in Sierra Leone, I was with the government soldiers who were trying to stop the massacre, not with the rebels.

I believe some laws are foolishly based on the mistakes of the weak in society, but that does not mean I would break them. However, our community is riddled with crime and violence, and people should question why it is that way. My actions (and yours) will be calculated.

I’m a graduate of the school of hard knocks, I have a Ph.D. in street life. My blog is a way for me to interpret what I see or feel, not necessarily what is right in society –it’s what artists do.  I observe trends and speak on those things.   People write to convey a message, to inform others on a topic, to tell a story based on their life experiences or lives lived and even to speak out on societal injustices like Police brutality and corrupt government.

Whatever the message, curious minds will always make their own judgment at the end of the day. I know who I am and I stand by my belief, but I do not impose my views and I will not accept that from anyone. There cannot be peace if everyone is not at least partially content with what’s going on.*


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