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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    I’ve never had tears in my eyes for someone I’ve never met, except for the assassination of Nipsey Hussle. This man’s murder had a profound effect on me. I was watching an interview with Maino at the Breakfast Club, where Charlamagne tha God said what I’d been thinking. If that can happen to Nipsey, God forbid, it could happen to any of us. The rapper Kodak Black had made some offhanded remarks about rendezvousing with Lauren London, who was Nipsey’s wifey, but he seemed to reference her grieving less compassionately.

    Kodak Black later apologized, but his justification sounded arrogant. His mannerism and choice of words showed no compassion for the situation. That provoked T.I and The Game, but according to media reports from TMZ and VladTV, Kodak simply believed T.I wanted to be the first person to hit on Lauren London since Nipsey is no longer with us. As I watched T.I’s explanation of why he got agitated with Kodak Black I had my thoughts on the matter. Like, as black people or Africans, we can’t do anything by ourselves, but together we could move mountains.

    I wondered if we are ready to join hands and move mountains? Can we as black people step up? We can’t keep killing each other and then blame the proverbial white man for oppressing our race. Didn’t Kanye West say slavery was a choice? Maybe we should have asked him for his definition of slavery. Like, are we slaves to the streets? Why do we make all this money and still want to run on the roads? We all have access to the land. We can plant and grow our food. We can teach our children, and we can love our women. We can save our money.

    That’s what my album, “Laboramus Exspectantes” was about – labor and expect, work hard and hope to be paid. These young guys between the ages of 18 and 29 probably think the older heads (30 to 45 years old) are just hating on them. They don’t realize that we were just like them before some of them were even born. When older cats speak on something like the assassination of Nipsey Hussle, we see it as a what if that was me… type of thing. We have a little bit more to live for so we wonder how we can protect our loved ones and secure our property?

    If that can happen to Nipsey, God forbid, it could happen to any of us. “

    Certain Immortality

    When a police person decides to gun down an unarmed civilian we wonder what if God forbid that was us, what will our family do? What will our friends do? How would our domain persevere if we should fall like many others who have met an untimely demise? That is why Kodak Black’s comments were out of pocket. He was only thinking about himself and how he’s going to acquire this beautiful widow. That’s some cold shit. We don’t know what really happened. All we can tell is that Nip is gone. He never saw it coming, and neither did we.

    When it comes to the who and the why I can’t burn another brother on the words of TMZ or CNN. Yes, it looks very fishy that O. J. Simpson’s former prosecutor is going to defend Nipsey’s alleged killer. However, in the footage, you can’t see the shooter’s face clearly. You can see someone do the deed but can’t say for sure who is he. It’s the media and police that said who it is. It could be or it could not. The so-called shooter was reportedly on IG denying his involvement in the offense. Speaking for myself, I know if I ain’t got it, I don’t have it.

    There is no one I can call who will slide me a stack just on the strength of our relationship. That shooter is supposed to be broke yet he could come up with such a high profile lawyer? It makes one wonder if the conspiracy theories have some truth in them? If they do and a person from the neighborhood pulled the trigger than one can also wonder if it is wise to return to the community after one becomes successful? Nipsey had made it, he got floor seats at the Staple Center, he dated a Hollywood bombshell, he drove luxury cars, had high profile celebrity friends, he was a family man and his music career was successful. Should he have moved away?

    If a person from the neighborhood pulled the trigger than one can also wonder if it is wise to return to the community after one becomes successful? “

    There are photos on the internet of Kodak Black smiling in Nipsey Hussle’s face. I’ve seen an Instagram or Twiter post from Nipsey promoting a Kodak Black song. When Nipsey met his demise, Kodak spoke of Lauran London’s grief as if it was pointless. He disassociated himself from “dude” as of they were never friends or associates. A separate question should go to Kodak Black asking him what if, God forbid, that was him who faced such a demise? God forbid, would he want someone to pull up on his widow while being disrespectful? They had not even buried Nipsey yet. The grief was still fresh and yet he didn’t have the conscience to show compassion. 

    As I was saying earlier, for me when I don’t have it, I don’t have it. The only person I might be able to call for help is my mother, but she might have a limit. Anybody who I call might probably ask for an explanation, shame me for needing the support and then give me an excuse or dismissal as to why they can’t look out for me. That’s my reality. So in that regard, I would be amazed at how Nipsey’s alleged killer got arrested so quickly and then hired a hire profile lawyer immediately. The scary part is when you start getting older, and you begin to assume mortality a bit more.

    I know I’m not bulletproof. I know that God forbid, once someone is gone, they’re out of here forever. This world was here long before any of us were born and it’s going to be here even longer than that after we’re all gone. I have been lucky to travel a bit where I visited museums and saw how many great people and civilizations have come and gone. Brilliant, strong, courageous and outstanding people – all gone. I realize that I also will be gone and this tragedy has caused me to think about what my legacy would be and how long will it last before those future generations remove them to make way for their own? Mother nature herself, does her part in erasing your footprints from the sand.

    The entire experience of our life from our individual perspective is based on consciousness. It’s based on our waking moment and the ability to feel, see, hear, perceive or taste and sense. That is what enables us to experience life. When you’re young you drive recklessly; you put your life in unnecessary risks, have unprotected sex with strangers and make all sorts of mistakes that you later cringe when you look back. The fact that many of us make it to the old age is a miracle. You’ll find that family is far more critical. Even so, is the consciousness of the higher power. So you check yourself. You practice respect for others, morals, values, and human decency.

    When other people face their untimely demise, show compassion because you consider yourself in that situation and know that you are not the only person on the planet. I know I can’t see who the shooter is in that video. The footage is super grainy. I also know that I don’t trust the people bearing the news. I believe in this case the LAPD is trying their best but I can hardly trust anyone these days. Not going to fake my death or anything like Tupac did but I’m about to enroll in university and study for my Master’s Degree in Journalism. After what they did to Nipsey, after all the protesting against police brutality, economic disenfranchisement and the fall of the heterosexual family, black on black crime continues to be an issue? It’s not worth it if I was Pac after getting shot that second time? Shit, it’s not worth it.

    After what they did to Nipsey, after all the protesting against police brutality, economic disenfranchisement and the fall of the heterosexual family, black on black crime continues to be an issue?

    Boosie explained my life right down to the letter. In my hood? I was nobody. Everybody was stepping up to me to give me advice. Like, “oh you’re 21, and you’re still in yo mama’s house?” “Why are you studying theater?” “Oh, you think you’re smart now, using big words?” That’s when I was broke. Soon as I moved out, bought a Cadillac (the Deville was my dream car at the time), and started looking fresh, they were like, “you know money isn’t everything.” “Oh, don’t let it go to your head now.” “Oh, you remember where you come from?” “Don’t make music like that.”

    Meanwhile, I’m just trying to eat some Jollof rice and a slice of that Thanksgiving turkey. I couldn’t even mention my success. Nobody wanted to hear it. Don’t bring it up son, you’re bragging. But outside of my hood??? It’s true. The ones that you love that you care about and wanna ride for? They’re the ones that dog you. This is so true. Hell, I’m African and don’t even know where I’d be buried when my time comes. Might be enshrined in Europe, Canada or America. Smh. That’s not even counting other black people.*


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