MK-Ultra PLUS Domestic Terrorism Aimed at Second Amendment Right


America has become a place where no one is safe. At the outset, it’s fierce for someone to medicate a person and take command of their subconscious. To make them murder innocent people. Just so the public and the legislators will agree to take away the second amendment right. Then again, it’s more twisted when the mainstream media portrays these mass killers as “a shooter.” When in fact, the shooter is “a terrorist.” I don’t want to stir up panic, but in this kind of situation, anyone can blow someone’s brains out! In America, the very policemen who came to the rescue of these victims can blow their heads off in another situation.

Terror lingers in the back of the mind of everyone in America. As you step out of the shower, get dressed for work, drive your nice car, the possibility is high. At any moment a domestic terrorist could show up and execute you or anyone in that vicinity. Let’s talk about the division among our fellow Americans. The black and white struggle or the red and blue states. Or we can speak on social engineering. How it has caused radical feminism, the mainstream media, or political correctness to become the bedrock of society. But we will never see the risk of a potential civil war in America.

Yes, you read that right. America may be preparing for a civil war. In all my experience, I’ve never seen people stack up on weapons to shoot beer cans. A gun is an essential tool in America. The “authorities” depend on it. Law enforcement uses it against the citizens. We have these white men who have access to high powered weapons. And they fire them at an unsuspecting crowd. We know the MK-Ultra is a real thing. And we know there is a branch of power that is desperately seeking to take the second amendment away. Ask yourself, why else would the mainstream media not report these terrible “shootings” as a terrorist attack? My guess is because they need to force the public to think about gun control.

Is it wrong if I say maybe we should teach our children how not to be bullied? Maybe they should never single out a person in school and discriminate against them?

In my observation, we speak English quite differently in America. For example, black means African American, Jamaican means the Caribbean, African means bushmen from Africa. Terrorist means Muslim, and the word shooter is starting to imply a lack of gun control. Every time a gunman goes on a killing spree, people have the same debate. Gun lovers suspect the MK-Ultra using government of trying to scare people. So they will support their plan to take away their guns. They believe the government wants to trample on other constitutional rights but needs to disarm them first before it does. Many argue that the government has armed the police with military-style weapons. When they should never need such arms if they are only working in communities.

So you have organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA) who promote stand your ground laws. Especially when a white racist murders a black person (Zimmerman vs. Trayvon). But then say nothing when the system imprisons a black person who protects their home from an intruder. No matter how you look at it, many people are not willing to give up their second amendment right. This stubbornness seems idiotic and cruel to others. Because they believe a ban on all assault rifles will keep the public safe from mass shootings. I have reasons for suspecting that these shootings may be MK-Ultra related. There are more and more of these shootings happening of late, as opposed to the 1970s, 80s or 90s.

It makes me ask myself what has changed? Why were people not doing mass public shootings of random civilians during in the 18th and 19th centuries? Why not during the Silent Generation, The Baby boomers, or even Generation X period? The coincidence is too accessible. Suddenly radical feminism, the Me Too movement, rappers tattooing their face. The Arab Spring brought down more than five jurisdictions in the Middle East. And suddenly there is a rise in these mass public shootings. Whenever there is one of these shootings, the mainstream media does not call the assailant a terrorist. They do not talk about other possible causes such as bullying. They zone in on gun control and begin panel discussions.

I have never been able to shake the American fascination for violence and guns. From the movies to the music to the actual mentality of the average people.

Therefore, the people cling to old-fashioned constitutional amendments. To allow them to bear arms under the guise of hunting or self-protection. On the other hand, anti-gun patriots are enthusiastically confident in the government and law enforcement. They don’t only promote new, stricter gun laws but an indefinite ban on firearms in general. Meanwhile the families of these victims reel in grief. The survivors remain traumatized from witnessing the deadly shooting. The media will move on to the next “Breaking News” until the next fire. When the MK-Ultra controlled gunman assaults another group of unsuspecting people. Then we have the same aimless debate about guns. We ignore the possibility of MK-Ultra or maybe the excessive bullying in public schools.

Why is it that in such a prosperous nation where life is supposed to be innocuously beautiful do people get blindsided unsuspectingly. At political rallies, movie theaters, religious gatherings, at a workplace or inside a classroom? Don’t even let me get into street violence among the youths. Isn’t it somewhat ironic that some people want ethical standards repealed by the law? But they do not want gun laws tightened? Why are some African Americans killing each other? Why is that murderer different from a shooter? Or the killer different from a terrorist? When they’ve all committed the same crime. Why does the same media that promotes the Me Too Movement not classify the KKK as a terrorist organization?

How can we excuse anyone who drugs someone to take a shotgun and a 38 revolver and shoot at the teenagers? Or that some of those teens are bullies in school? When people are not ready to address the subject of MK-Ultra, they turn to mental illness. The mainstream media never fails to paint the mentally ill as a possible murderer. Ironically, many killers have used insanity as their defense. Although studies clearly show that people with mental illness are usually none violent. Common sense tells us that a mass shooter is furious about something. Or they were under the influence of something. Which is why I said it is the cruelest thing when someone causes another person to kill innocent people just because they want to forward their agenda.

These shootings appear to be premeditated, calculated, well-plotted acts of domestic terrorists committed by mentally sound individuals who for whatever reason decided to do this. I think these shooters can hide behind their so-called insanity because people believe it. Due to this selfish act, several law-abiding citizens end up losing their rights to bear arms. Many families are torn by losing a loved one to these shootings! This is the dilemma we face in America. We blame Hollywood, video games, and even the street rapper for inciting the thought of violence but we rarely blame the one big reason – MK-Ultra mind control. If you look at it, our society is rotating in one big cycle of sanctimonious hypocrisy.*

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