Nelson Mandela Against the Fall of South Africa

Some may typify his presidency as his triumphant finish. Others may acclaim him for conceiving a diverse South Africa. Therefore, the question is, did the European occupiers of South Africa eliminate Nelson Mandela’s greatest revolution? Because, if one were to occupy your homeland, abuse your women, claim your property and dishonored your customs. If they discriminated against you and your children, would you call for a peaceful reconciliation wherein you and they co-exist as mutual sympathizers? Who can genuinely express Mandela’s passion? Subsequently, it will be as if he did not fight to eradicate the culprits of Apartheid.

He intended to exclude white supremacy from South Africa because he wanted to restore his people back to the glory which they once had. We must recognize that he never achieve the goal that drove him to stand up against the European occupation and dominance of South Africa. Consequently, we have not adequately perceived Nelson Mandela’s legacy. His people had to accept a foreign dominance by demanded justice from the same people who imprisoned them. What I’m saying is his movement is not over. Not yet. His people had to accept a foreign dominance by demanded justice from the same people who imprisoned them. What I’m saying is his movement is not over. Not yet.

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27 Years in Total Isolation

Remember the nursery rhyme – “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream?” Because “merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream?” We don’t often give this rhyme much thought, but if you sit back and ponder on it, you’ll see that indeed, life is a dream. In this dream, WE must row gently, downstream. Is rowing, no matter how gentle, a calm undertaking? It requires energy.

To row a boat down a stream does not symbolize a lack of momentum. Instead, life is all a dream. A ship once stood where nothing remains tomorrow. It takes long-suffering and determination to keep rowing. South African youths must continue to strive to return their country to its original heritage like Nelson Mandela did. If it ends with an accomplished goal at the right destination the world would see change for better or worst.

Nelson Mandela’s suffering was so atrocious the authoritarian system has no other choice but to surrender some of the power back to it rightful owners. No man should go through what this man went through. Yet, man did, and he was the one who came out of it. This is what makes the Mandela story a sad one. Ask yourself, who succeeded? The foreigners who dominated South Africa? Or Nelson Mandela who tried to stop them? This is the nutshell that encases the legacy of Nelson Mandela. We must continue this legacy.

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Hard Work and Dedication

Africa has fallen, The continent has lost her glory, her spoils, her traditions trampled upon. Can Africa recover? Mandela taught us that without power it is still possible to achieve a just result. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., assassinated. President John F. Kennedy, assassinated, Mohammed Ali stripped of his title and labored to defend his legacy. Malcolm X, murdered, Marcus Garvey, sudden death, Nelson Mandela, imprisoned for 27 years, John Lennon, shot to death, Kwame Nkrumah, mysterious death; King Selassie I, exiled and assassinated; but Hue Hefner lives a wealthy man.

Now our sisters claim to never abide by traditional obligations seeing womanhood as a burden rather than a blessing. Alternatively, many of our youths now opt for drunken lasciviousness as if The Playboy raised their generation. Nelson Mandela came at a time when Europeans rained affright on the world. A time when Europeans obliterated the South African royalties, African Kingdoms stripped of their wealth and glory. They dishonored the respected chiefs and their families.

The Unfinished Journey

They hauled their fellow Africans across the Atlantic to pick cotton, scrub floors and render free labor in large plantations at those foreign lands. With ethnic people invaded, sacred cultures defiled and the land occupied. Becoming a servant, a maid or merely a night watchman to a heartless but powerful foreigner was a lesser penalty than whip lashes where blood and sweat ebbed and flowed off the backs of these proud people. As if God had abandoned Africa, her natural resources, historic landmarks and royal tombs looted while foreign laws which belittled her natives were enforced.

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Even the most esteemed and influential King Selassie the first suffered from Benito Mussolini’s bombardment. His historical Kingdom wiped out by the killing of hundreds of Ethiopians. Ethiopia fell into famine and poverty since that occurred.

This same act would anger a young Muammar Gaddafi to retaliate on behalf of Africa only to realize that such aggression is just overlooked if the aggressors were not African. A new age had come, Africans were to sit back and take it; watch their continent get looted and never attempt to defend it. Or face more dire consequences. This is the Africa Nelson Mandela was ushered into…*

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