New Age Celebrities who have Stopped Being Macs just to Idolize Thots

I’m NOT 100% sure how it works these days when a street person seems wealthy and famous. Back in the days, we had a few ways to describe it. We’d say Ghetto Fabulous, or he’s a Mac. Now, in the setting of this blog, let’s turn our attention to the Mac part. Before we do that, we should define the terms. When the famous guy in question is an entertainer, he has what everyone knows as groupies. According to Ladona513 on the Urban Dictionary, Ghetto Fabulous means: “you live in the ghetto yet you are always seen with the latest of everything, standing at the bus stop decked out in name brand clothes and shoes, fresh hair and nails, talking on a cell phone, gold or platinum grill, iced-out wrists, fingers, ears, and neck, with a big, colorful hairstyle.”

Safir wrote: “to be hood and fabulous. To live in the ‘hood’ yet drive a Mercedes, rock a rose gold Jacob, and sport the latest designer goods. In other words, living good in the hood. The true and exact definition can be equated with inappropriate spending on depreciable items instead of items that build wealth.” For Rebecka Wicker, Ghetto Fabulous means: “being on food stamps, section 8 and welfare. You have your nails, and hair done in the latest weave, a large Gucci purse. You give your man your food stamp card to slide so you can say he takes care of you. He has on Jordan’s (that you bought him) and your kids are walking around barefoot with a heavy diaper.” That should cover the hood-rich part. You know, appearing to have money and fame.

So, what is a hoe? Well, we know that in 2021, we have a lot of loud-mouth feminists who are unafraid to yell out their double standards. They believe it’s courageous to call masculine heterosexual men, misogynists. But as a clear sign of their double standard, the word misandry appears to be lost to them. Therefore, since their cry for so-called equality is one-sided, we pay them no mind. Now, on the same Urban Dictionary, Memenhimaymay wrote: a hoe is “someone who sleeps with a lot of guys.” Prospeed wrote: “a person who uses their looks and charm to manipulate their partner to gain sex, money, or clout. A hoe does not love their partner and the minute someone with better looks, money or clout comes along they abandon their previous partner.”

In 2021, young people use the word, THOT to describe a hoe. Maraj01 wrote: a thot is “a girl who is looked at as a hoe or slut.” The word “thot” is an abbreviation or acronym for that-hoe-over-there. Okay, we have the hood which is a nickname for the community, shortened from neighborhood to hood. We have Ghetto Fabulous guys who are hood rich. And then we have hoes or thots. What about groupies? FlyAway candidly wrote: “women that sleep with rappers, athletes, famous people, etc… simply because they are famous.” SSS wrote: “sluts who would do anything to get backstage for a band so they can fuck them.” That brings us to our final phrase to define. The Mac. IDK wrote: “a pimp or playa, Macking on someone to put your moves on her.”

Tanan described it as, “actually a word that indicates hood power of a gangster (especially Afro-American), his command in crack dealing, slut management, he runs an entire industry related to local gangster crimes.” If I were to put a short storyline together from the words above, it would go like this. When a guy appears to be rich or famous, a lot of promiscuous women would do anything to get close to him so they could have sex. If you pay attention, the descriptions do not talk about these Macs making a girlfriend or wife out of their hoes, sluts, or thots. It only refers to an exchange that involves bed rattling sex. This was one of the perks that famous, talented and somewhat wealthy men enjoyed back in my day. What’s going on today tho? I don’t know.

I’m hearing that today, rappers, even though they are the most popular celebrities in the industry, are no longer Macs. Most of them have been simping. In the Urban Dictionary, ilikepie96 defines simping as, “when you infatuate over women, allowing them to take over your mind and cause you to do things for them that you wouldn’t normally do.” Leafdroid wrote: “the act of treating someone like a celebrity while getting treated as their fan.” Wait a minute. Does this mean celebrities now treat groupies as if the groupies are celebrities?” Rappers are fans of thots? How come? Macs know how to safeguard their heart. Rappers have started dating thots but generally, when it comes to dating, the woman you want can ignore, reject, or leave you at any time.

This is a well-known fact. I’m not going to pretend that I know why most women do that, but the fact is known. It does not matter how well you treat your girlfriend or fiance. Women always assess their romantic relationships on a day-to-day basis. Their lover is only as charming as he was on their last good date. With or without love, he’s always seconds away from getting the boot. That is why Macs date the best of the best. When our relationship ends, we repeat the process. Logically, a true Mac knows that as a man, he has a much longer staying power in the dating market. To all of my old school Macs, let me ask this question. Where are the women who were live on the scene in your day? Is the 1992-1997 batch still hot today? Where are they right now?

Many ignored, refused, and left a lot of you. How many other, nicer and cooler women, have you dated since then? Can you even count? What about the 1998-2003 batch? They were cute on the scene. 2003 to 2009? Sex in the City, 60 Shades of Gray, or whatever else I forget. As long as you’ve been on the strip, you’ve seen beautiful women hit the scene, and you’ve watched them vanish. This is the year 2021, many from the 2010-2017 batch are already starting to fade from their uproar. You can now see a new batch arriving. Their driver’s license says born in 1999 or 2000. And yet you are still here. You will probably watch more disappear in 2027 as a new batch arrives in 2028. My point is, the word “hurt” has never been in Mac’s dating vocabulary.

Even if you were married and she divorced you because you were a drunken cheater. You can circle back to the dating pool and marry another one. You could lose money, your home, your kids, or whatever, and that is going to be painful. As a Mac, if you shake it off and get back on track, you’re going to run into someone great. The crazy part is later in the game that ’93-’97 batch, or ’98-’02 batch, or that ’03-’09 batch becomes your pick of the litter. You can reach back in there and date the same ones who ignored or rejected you back then. It’s a cold game. Make sure you put your thermals on, that’s all I’m saying. And guys, all I’ve just said is if you rocked in the same area code or time zone. Hop on a train, land in another state or country, and see what happens.

Get your passport, hop on a plane, and emerge on the other side of the planet. Leave everything behind. Invent a new swag, learn a new language, culture, and everything. Change your routine, get fit and start a different career. See if you remember that woman who ignored, rejected, or left you a while back. In my experience, God always comes through when you make a move. Honestly, today’s celebrities don’t even choose the right mates. You rarely see them with a woman who can pull her weight. Like she’s got her Ph.D. in something or she’s the head of a large company or the mayor of a city or a lieutenant in the US Marine. Remember how Ghost smashed that hot district attorney? These guys with all their fortune and fame don’t pull those moves.

They’re out here idolizing thots and posting them on their Instagram. They’re tongue kissing them in public. These rappers aren’t Macs. 21 Savage is not a new rapper anymore. He’s one of the newer rappers that I like. His music slaps and his swag is dripping. Certified in my book. But I’m hearing that this generation of rappers are simps. They’re in publicized relationships with women who have no education or talent. They’re posting photos of their groupies on the gram, buying expensive gifts on public display, and everything. I’m not saying you can’t make a love song but all of the above is against the code. You will get violated. Man, what a time we’re living in. All you have to do is call a man names like toxic or misogynist and he folds? How is that possible?

As a man, you can’t look good for everybody. I’d rather the people thought I had no one before they see me simping on a thot. Let them think I’m miserable and alone, a sad man, down on his luck. That can be their perception. People don’t need to know if your side chick is a smoking hot civil engineer who sends you all types of nudes. You open your phone to check your newsfeed and bam, she wants you to scoop her up! Or if your main squeeze is a gorgeous pharmacist who makes restaurant-grade candlelight dinners every night. Your rap shit is your career, that’s your business. You should be promoting your products and your gigs on your gram, not a drunken selfie of you French kissing a thot who is completely useless to your overall purpose.

Take the name-calling and skid off laughing. With $8mil in the bank, DJ Akademiks could pull a Tomi Lahren and have her cooking her mom’s best recipes. Showing him how to dress while trying to become a stay-at-home mom. It’s women out there who are educated, have their own business or career and they’re gorgeous. They love Hip Hop, they idolize rappers and they can pull their weight. They’re single, fit, sexy, have no kids, few tattoos and you couldn’t find ten guys who have seen them twerk. You have wealth and fame and you simp for a thotiana? What part of the game is that? The misconception is that black men don’t get married or start a family. That’s probably not true. If you look at the numbers, most black men marry by the age of 30.

It should be inappropriate to find a completely single black man over 30 years old. So in most cases, being his side chick should be a thots’ best bet. The ratio of men to women is unequal. There are fewer black men than women of ANY race. When you add determinants like financial stability, travel experience, or accessibility, the number drops even more. Black celebrities have a greater responsibility. Most women make the mistake of believing that they are the most sought after. Yes, they’re beautiful queens and princesses. But, their population more than doubles the number of black men. Instead of getting together with a man, while he’s young, to grow and build with him, many thots ignore, reject, or disapprove of black men who are not celebrities.

Thots do not choose men who are broke and unpopular. They never realize that black men are the prize until it’s too late. They take us for granted, use and abuse us verbally, and financially. That’s usually the case when well-educated, cultured, and good-natured women are waiting to give us the peace we deserve. We can’t give that spot to thots. They may be fun girls but they can’t maintain a home. Statistics show that most black men do not make it out of the womb. As a fetus, we are aborted in droves. If we make it out of the womb, between ages 0 and 13, they abuse us physically. This happens at home, at school, and sometimes in church or all three places combined. Then we go out on the street looking for love as we attend high school at the same time.

We have to survive gun and knife violence. Half of us end up in prison. Many of the other half who survive our gunshot and stab wounds never live to see 21 years of age. If we do, we try to go to college and find work. At that point, we’re on the police’s radar. Now we have to deal with racial profiling, racism, financial alienation, and police brutality. That’s at the same time as securing our career. Many of us die or go to prison before 25 years of age. By the time we get to 30, WE MARRY THE MOST LOYAL WOMAN WE’VE KNOWN and try to make it past 35 years of age. By then, life has taken its toll. Many succumb to substance abuse before 40 years of age. There are fewer of us in any community outside of Africa. Becoming a wealthy celebrity is a huge opportunity.

That’s our chance to make things right. We can invest and save our money, clean up our act, and establish a traditional black family. When a decent woman meets one of us at the age of 35-50 years old and we are single, that woman should be able to start a family with us. Statistics show that black men do not stay single for a very long time unless that man wanted it that way. In fact, the older we get, our list of good options increases. Suddenly, at any given moment, we have more than five wonderful women who are willing to start an honest relationship with us. If you know a black man over the age of 25, sit him down and ask him how many of his friends or acquaintances passed away at different stages in his life? I’m sure he’ll have a list for each stage.

Those who died between the ages of 13 and 21 and many more who died between the ages of 20 and 25. He will remember their names and describe each of their traumatic deaths. People from other races might be shocked by that. Every black man has this list. There is another list of his friends and acquaintances who are in prison for a long time or life. That guy cannot become of celebrity and waste his wealth on one batch of thots and groupies. He is a certified Mac. He knows those types of women are not rare nor are they valuable to his purpose. For many, it would be an honor for them to be his fourth side chick. He can’t become a fan of his groupie and treat her as if she is a celebrity. He Mac with her but preserves the goods for a woman of honor.*

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