Political Correctness

I have always made the analogy that the children of the 1970s and 1980s are trapped culturally between two worlds. My theory is that our parents and grandparents have passed the tradition and culture to us, but the establishment in developed countries have changed the world in which we live. This change has outdated our culture and tradition. Our ancestors have instilled us with their structure. But the establishment has raised our children with a new set of values. These new values are incompatible with original culture and tradition. Despite the manner of our growth, many companies that became trillionaires used their wealth to pursue social programmings that prevent Blacks from achieving full equality.

They also targetted and destroyed the traditional family. They slaughtered the fear of God and made religion dormant. This ploy backfired as it led to single mother families. Where they wanted to kill the power of a polygamous patriarch they facilitated the baby mama era. One woman now had several children by different men. Many establishments employ social programming to slow the population increase while forcing people to buy their products. The effects of this social and cultural changes have now driven the generation after us. This daycare generation, known as the millennials are mostly single-parent children. They missed out on learning from their grandparents or living in a stable household. The daycare taught them how to think, act and live in a certain generic way. When they became adults, we found that their training is inapplicable to ours.


Millennium Generation

The millennium generation has grown up in a politically correct world. Their parents are of our lost but talented age. We were a charismatic bunch, who made everything that became a trend today. Although our contemporaries carried on the tradition of our fathers and forefathers, we also broke the mold somewhat. Remember, we are humans. We are an organism that consumes, transforms, and prolific in the most intelligent and sophisticated life process. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, but in exchange for them, she is expected to womb the children of the diamond bearer. However, in today’s world, these women have been taught to womb babies for free.

Our ancestors and grandparents came from a time, and then much of our human values was ready to multiply. They taught us to use rational reproduction. However, with increased awareness of race, sexual orientation, equality among women, etc., now have a politically correct effect where a man of the millennium may not see any reason to buy a $50,000 diamond ring for women. Many of the millennium generations have realized that marriage does not work. They live in an extended childhood. Many are over 25 years old and still depend on their parents for financial assistance. Millennial men have other fishes to fry.

Educational System

Those who graduated from college had courses such as gender studies shoveled down their throats. As a result, their characteristics are different. The girl who went to school to study home economics and snag the star player of the football and basketball team is the one who divorced him 20 years later. The girl who played secretary to the manager of that great company is now the one who sues for sexual harassment.

Bottom line is millennials are seeing women sue for sexual harassment, compete with them for jobs, divorce their spouse and take him to the cleaners all while being disrespectful and unappreciative of men. So do you think this daycare raised baby who is socially engineered to laugh at the fear of God, consider his traditions unfair to gays, females, and animals, do you think he will spend $50, 000 on a diamond to give to the woman of his day?*


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