As a Hip-Hop artist, I’m concerned with the reestablishment of black dynasties. I am not overly courageous about becoming a diamond or gold dealer. Instead, I seek to improve global opportunities for African and West Indian markets. From Sierra Leone’s point of view, I want to import many diamond polishing companies into the country. I would like to promote a national and local market for the Sierra Leoneans and their conglomerate of corporations to fully capitalized on.

Do you know that Russia is the most significant producer of diamonds in the world? Canada also plays a vital role in the world diamond market. Yesterday, I was fortunate to attend a highly secured and honored meeting at the Antwerp World Diamond Center. The world knows this place as the most superb diamond market since 1447. Every day, more than 200 million euros of diamonds passes through this historic and fundamental market.

Open Display of Wealth

My interest is not how to inspire you to sell or buy individual pockets of rocks. In my opinion, this goal is far less profitable and less empowering. We must have as many diamond cutters and polishers on the ground in Sierra Leone. Just as there are diamond diggers and traders. This is because you face urgent issues when you sell rough stones abroad. Such as money laundry, conflict financing, and business credibility. We must implement a game changer. We must mine, appraise, cut, polish and sell our signature stones directly to the primary world markets just like Canada and Russia are doing right now. And this is not only for Sierra Leone but also Liberia, Central Africa, Congo, Nambia, and others.


Practicality over Materialism

We must eliminate the question about who cannot afford the money to export raw stones. It is essential to know that many who can provide funds to transport the natural stone also find that it is not possible to use those resources in this business. A local person with access to African mines is automatically suspected of using that mine to fund the overthrow of a democratically elected government. We must eliminate this stigma. To do that we need independent production at least for the not so beautiful stones.

During this meeting, what were the most unclassified topics discussed? What is a diamond? For example, I did not know it is coal. Some of the other issues we have discussed were not just the African countries that are tainted as conflict regions, we defined mining, diamond trade, diamond cutting, grading jewelry, celebrity and diamonds, industrial diamond and new technologies. Then we came to the subject that caught my full and undivided interest – why do the millennial generation not buy diamonds as quickly as generations before them? This sub-topic is where we will focus on the rest of this blog.*

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