Our civilization has gone through more than twenty years with instantly accessible [free] pornography on the web. In these twenty years, we have experienced a pioneering mobile phone revolution that has put the Internet in our pockets, twenty-four hours, and seven days all year long. That is at the same time when the genetic coding of most men dictates that every attractive woman we meet for the first time will arouse us sexually.

Saying Never to the Readily Available Free Pornography on the ...

I have made a climactic shift in the way I socialize with people. It's not only that. These days, you won't find me looking for new musicians, inviting strangers to see the latest blockbuster, and I don't buy unproven video games anymore. Anything I touch should have a predefined motive. I have taken a step back. Today my approach in every situation is relatively reasonable. I look at the history of my involvement in a given situation to decide if that is a path worth continuing.

My Reaction to Naughty Dog’s Heartbreaking Video Game, “The Last ...

It was only a decade ago when I caught heat from writing about men going their own way. I even suggested that the MeToo Movement is a trojan horse. Today, if you ask me, I'd say it's sexual harassment to post half nude or nude pictures anywhere. But, a lot of men do not know their worth. They may see such abuse as a privilege. My reason for responding this way is because the person in question causes the men who see her picture to think about sex.

Male & Female Consanguinity After the MeToo Movement

We have to ensure that, even as we call for police reforms, we do NOT alienate our police force. Regardless of our demands for sweeping changes in some of the methods they use, it is outright stupid to advocate for defunding and disbanding our police. If we look at what's happening, we should see that the police are outstretched in the variety of situations they address. We must define police brutality as their use of unnecessary force against nonviolent suspects.

Justified Remonstrances Free From Ill-considered Demands

I will begin this discussion by stating that I based this argument upon an open debate. It is not a theological critique. I am a Christian who believes in the Bible. I attended Catholic schools where they baptized and confirmed me as a Catholic. Nevertheless, I have made it my responsibility to observe Christianity in the same manner as Yeshua and his thirteen disciples. My question is, how did this religion go from the Hebrews to the Church?

Christians: From the Hebrews to the Church, Yashua to Jesus ...

I just had an extensive interview today or yesterday. It was another of those mainstream articles. I’m not going to mention the name of the paper now, but it was good. The reporter wanted to know a lot of information as if she thought my music was gangsta rap. Why haven’t I released a new album since 2014? How do I make money with COVID - 19 out there?

Exclusive Newspaper Interview Rejoicing My Tenth Book Publication

We live in a world that endeavors, regardless of culture, tradition, or religion, to tell a man how to be a good father. They quickly develop stereotypes, bastardize, and cancel their scapegoat. How many people believe that there is a systemic assault on black men and boys that goes far beyond police murders and brutality? Am I a conspiracy theorist who is making this up?

A Reflection on Modern Day Fatherhood Minus Systemic Interference

Why did President Trump wave that Bible outside St John's Church across from Lafayette Park in Washington DC the other day? It was so vital for him to do that, they swept the peaceful protesters out of the way so he could pass. Why was it necessary to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? We had a vast plandemic and economic lockdown. Why? Something else is happening out here. Make no mistake, the purpose of this in-depth blog is NOT to preach to anyone.

Biblical Prophecies of the Prophet Daniel & St. John as ...

We know that the Bible is a powerful book that works. The Gospel speaks about love. To me, love is the answer to every predicament. Is it possible that because of the billions of people who connect to the Gospel, we can use the Bible as a powerful tool for racial reconciliation? There is no doubt that someone can use particular scriptures to justify their sinister intent. One can use it to attack gays or to subjugate women or even to defend racism.

Applying the Gospel as an Instrument for Racial Justice

I have no concerns here. Most of the time, I joke that only professional women care about me. No matter how beautiful, disappointedly, high school dropouts, and diploma holders often steer clear. I don't know why, but they don't even try to pretend. If the chick digs me, she is most likely a Master's or Ph.D. grad. She might even run a major company or something like that. The downside to that is she might be a busy ass boss lady.

Do Educated Women Think They Are Better Than Blue Collar ...

We have so much concern for our police that even the thought of one being killed in cold blood turns my stomach. Remember, it is not the cops who get murdered in cold blood. It's unarmed black men. God forbid if cops were the targets, we know they would launch a ravenous manhunt for the assassin. Is it time to get off their high horse and acknowledge that they work for us. Get over it, Mr. Officers, enough is enough.

Law Enforcement & the Possibility of Accountable Policing

For me, the biggest game-changer in this round of social justice protests is the stance of the liberal media. They used to ignore the evidence and disregard our concerns. One functional similarity is feminism and the MeToo movement. The pain that is expressed through these movements is universal. All around the globe, every black man bears a deep pain from the effects of racism, discrimination, police brutality, white supremacy, and injustice within the judicial system. Our most challenging problem was the mainstream media.

Liberal Media’s Noticeable Shift of Tone in War Against Blacks

Could Donald Trump be right to reopen the country? The following table contains a list of the ten countries most affected by the coronavirus. It shows the number of confirmed cases, reported deaths, and recovery from January to now. It seems that the number of people who have recovered is far higher than the number of those who have died.

2020 Prevarications of the Global COVID-19 Plandemic II

Although I will not pretend to have medical qualifications, I happen to believe that the coronavirus is an airborne microorganism. It has to exist in the atmosphere. I would consider a setback of the chemtrails that the authorities keep spraying on us. Health workers have often said that most infections often spread in one of three ways.

2020 Prevarications of the Global COVID-19 Plandemic

I am very proud to call myself a Grenadian. This Island is home to some of the most fascinating people in the world. On March 5, 2020, we (the Island of Grenada) laid a King to rest! He was an inspiration to generations of young people. Rest in paradise, Sir Royston O. Hopkin. May your family endure. RIP.

Celebrating the Life of Sir Royston O. Hopkin, KCMG