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    Russell Simmons Wrestles with Debaucherous Transgressions of the Past

    We find ourselves in a time when the debaucherous transgressions of the past have resurfaced to torment their culprits. Skeletons are coming to life and walking right out of the closet. Just like in the late Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” video, the dead are awakening and taking to the streets. For Russell Simmons, the question is way past the speculation on whether he is guilty or not. This wave of sexual allegations strikes at the beating heart of Hip Hop itself. This subject is so delicate.

    African Leaders Must Stand Up for The Africans Who Live Abroad

    African leaders and diplomats can no longer remain silent on issues concerning racism and cultural disrespect towards Africans in the global diaspora. Last year, Al Jazeera journalists went public as tourists, smuggled into the Caribbean islands, and ambushed some of the top government officials to entrap them over the citizenship/investment scheme. Can a Caribbean journalist pose as a tourist in Kuwait, for example, and then use that disguise to accuse Kuwaiti officials of fraud?

    “Nobody Treats You Better Than The Guy You DON’T Want To Be With” – DJ Cuppy

    In April of 2020, Nigerian female DJ Cuppy tweeted that “Nobody treats you better than the guy you DON’T want to be with.” I’m not sure if she was giving other women certain information or if she was lamenting about harassment. The crazy part is if a woman took the time and made an effort to get to know that man who she DON’T want to be with, she may end up wondering why she didn’t want to be with him.

    Liberal Media Insensitivity Toward Stacy Dash

    Isn’t it suspicious how the Liberal side of the mainstream media humiliates Stacy Dash for the end of her fourth marriage? If she was a democrat, they would have painted her as a brave victim. Am I mistaken? Did the lousy press about Stacy Dash’s occur because she expressed Conservative opinions? That’s my observation. Some say the Democrats would only portray someone in a favorable image if that person bolsters their agenda.

    YouTuber Believes a Drama Princess Can Turn a Prince to a Frog

    I came across a video by a YouTuber who goes by the handle “Better Bachelor.” He titled the video, “We See First Hand What it Looks Like for Many Men in Bad Relationships.” After watching the video, I thought to my self, usually, it is the princess who is supposed to turn the frog to a prince. Is it possible to flip that the other way around? Can a drama princess turn a prince to a frog? To make that conclusion, we would have to know the inner working of the relationship between the princess and the frog.