When some people know that my parents are “born again” Christians, they ridiculously assume that I should be one too. If not, I must at least create and sing gospel songs. However, there is a reason why they will not see me in a Pentecostal church. Especially those who meet in small coven like gatherings. They read verses from the bible and pray for what they want to happen in other people’s lives.


Pentecostal Christians 

This is huge for me. I prefer people who respect the free will of others. You can advise others about what you think is right, but you cannot force them to do it. Pentecostals have a habit of wishing doom on people who don’t do what they say. They also have the practice of praying for things in a person’s life, even if that person does not want such things. For example, my mother made prayers asking God to fail me in what I pursue because she wanted me to do what she wants me to believe is right. She had deceived herself to think that she knows best.

To be honest, I would prefer a coven to most of the smaller Pentecostal gatherings. My reason for feeling this way is what I like to call a lack of “spiritual ethics.” This term describes spiritual

As a result, her will should override another person’s will. By calling on Jesus with the help of other spiritualists, she hopes that a spirit (whether it is welcomed or not) would force me to submit to her will, even if that meant that I would be unhappy. Pleasing God is the ultimate excuse. She believes that the “glory of God” should be at work in my life even if I don’t want it to have the effect she prayed for. Any “unholy” opportunity that fosters my goals must also be prayed away. My beef is not against God or the scripture but the mentality in this kind of Christianity.


Going Against Other People’s Free Will

To me, that’s no different than a curse or hex. I love music more than life itself. Nothing gives me more joy than writing, directing or producing a play. Nothing is more fulfilling to me that when a book I wrote is now published and in stores. Naturally, I want all my work to be inspiring. If fame and wealth were to result from them, then I’d bless God for allowing me to prosper that way with the talents He gave me! Anyone who disturbs this is my enemy. I reject a God that will agree to override my will for another person. Of course, those prayers never worked as I continue to record celebrated albums, tour the world, publish books and be in the Grammy award conversation.

Still, I reject any notion that I should be possessed by anything including a holy spirit. I also reject the idea that any person or mind has the green light to manifest what they see appropriate. Nothing moves in my life except its what I want. When it comes to Christianity, I believe two things: 1. For centuries, Christians have exhausted themselves with doctrine, and 2. if God and Jesus are selfish fanatics, there is no way They will ever feel my struggle. Anyway, I am satisfied with my Catholic faith, since it makes no claim to my soul. The rest of Christianity is based on belief in my opinion. I see a thousand and one bad things, I hear of a loving Christian God, and an even more tolerant Jesus Christ and yet miracles are rare in everyday life. I’d instead just repent and worship God in my own way.*


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