5 Sensible Ways to Get Justice Against Police Murdofficers Pt. 1

Bear in mind, this country has a long history of racism. The mendacious nature of the American law enforcement system is appalling.”

First and foremost, this blog points to policing in the United States of America. Police officers in Canada, Europe, Asia or Australia may not fall under this aggregation. [a] Each country’s laws are as per the constitution and culture of that country.  [b] Let’s face it, the police do not murder civilians in other developed countries. Not in cold blood, at the same alarming rate as the police in the United States. Policing is very different in other countries. Some don’t carry leather weapons. And those who do, rarely use them on unarmed civilians.

Bear in mind, this country has a long history of racism. The mendacious nature of the American law enforcement system is appalling. The media’s blind eye and failure to confront the police directly on this issue contributes significantly to police accountability. With all this, there is still no hatred for cops, far from it. It is the unscrupulous policing and presents a corrupt system. Good cops do not speak up against bad cops or make any effort to bring them to justice. Evil and good cops fall under the same assemblage. All the same, there are effective ways to speak out. Moreover, there are also “waste of time” ways to address the issue.

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The Murdofficer

Who is a Police murdofficer? A police murdofficer is a policeman or policewoman who murders innocent civilians. They usually do so in cold blood. And then they hide behind a prosecutor or grand jury to avoid justice. That officer uses the hazardous nature of his/her line of duty as an excuse to get away with their crime. Some use the good guy myth of the police job, as a reason why their grand jury exonerates them. It’s like a priest who the Vatican exempts from prosecution just because of the excellent image of the priesthood. Don’t prosecute me for my crime because I belong to a reputable organization.

I actually feel bad for female cops because they do their jobs right.”

Ironically, armed to the T, with laws that prohibit resisting or defending one’s self against police aggression, it is the police who claim to be at risk rather than the under-armed civilian or criminal they face. This system outrages many. And as such, prosecutors who twist evidence, grand juries who fail to indict when there are ample evidence and other police officers, the media and family members who say or do nothing to effect justice when a murdering officer sits in their midst are all co-conspirators of the murdofficer. They all contribute to the problem. 

The Judge and the Policeman

A few years back, I wrote a post saying “every town has a judge and the policemen and women in that town are the judge’s foot soldiers.” That, “they get marching orders from the court, which is why the court is the last place to take a police officer after he or she has committed a crime while on duty.” I actually feel sorry for female cops because they do their jobs right. It is this reproach that the media has failed to effect against crooked police officers in their community. This is what the public yearns to change. Police accountability to THE PUBLIC. 

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With that said, let’s ignore the Jazz about how not all officers are corrupt and how there are good policemen out there. We cannot afford to let fact twisters distract us. Let’s stay focused on the subject of accountability and that this accountability must be transparent and fair. Since cops don’t snitch on each other, how can they expect the public to trust them to investigate each other? Will they do that if roles were reversed? 

Fact Twisters

The public is at a HUGE disadvantage. [a] citizens pay taxes but have no control over what those dollars are used for. Often, it is the citizen who pays for it all, retraining of cops, upgrade of equipment, settling of lawsuits against crooked cops and the salaries; even while a murdofficer is on “administrative leave.” The majority of citizens are unemployed or underemployed people who are already struggling to make ends meet, yet a reasonable sum of their tax dollars are used to settle disputes or lawsuits against crooked cops who never get fired. 

Whether it’s a teenager who is murdered by a crooked cop in Ferguson or a middle-aged man who is choked to death by overzealous police in New York or a twelve-year-old child who is slaughtered by a trigger-happy officer in Ohio, it comes as no surprise that all three murderers will go free. Why? Because of the 5 sensible reasons which I’m about to outline on this blog… that is not being implemented by the public. *

…see part 2


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