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    1. Learn the Law Before Starting a Protest

    This is very important. Too many people are too busy with their daily errands, struggles or pleasures. They pay less attention to legislation. Many do not even know a new law has changed their way of life until it’s too late to stop it. To protest after the fact is dumb. Many do not vote, those who vote, do not follow up on their candidate. It’s highly essential to know the law of the land and actively participate in its implementation process.

    Law enforcement works with law.”

    There should be a collective vigilance, insisting that we hold legislators to the standards of the law. We must uphold these standards and state them clearly without any loopholes. The legislator should implement rules that YOU support. For a generation that finds polarization in its system, when controversial laws are already in place, it’s their responsibility as citizens to persuade their legislator to change the law. Judges should advantageously protect the citizens.

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    2. Know Your Legislator and Learn How to Reverse a Law

    Legally, if the majority of citizens do not support a law their elected officials should not pass that law. They should know how to reverse it. Law enforcement works with code. To control law enforcement, we should check the bill. Knowing this, it becomes clear that merely protesting against a murdofficer is not enough. We should repeal the law or system that allows an agent to be a murdofficer. Protesting against the agent is not intelligent. As citizens, we must control our legislators.

    What makes it so essential when a murdofficer stands in the face of justice?”

    Officials, legislators and law enforcers are PEOPLE who choose to serve us. If we fail to pay attention to them, we allow them the freedom to do whatever they want. All citizens must belong to fraternities, movements or organizations that have a strong sway. And their elected official must heed those voices. All citizen must involve themselves actively in the process of the law. We have the power to influence legislation. Know the law, be wise who gets to make and keep the law and learn how to reverse a law or remove its legislator if the law does not serve the public’s collective interest. Take an intelligent control!

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    3. Say No to Grand Juries

    Don’t just obey. As citizens, we have the right to inform officials whether a unilateral mandate warrants any obedience. What is the purpose of a grand jury? What makes it so essential when a murdofficer stands in the face of justice? We have to ensure that the law applies to every person who draws breath in our country – politicians, legislators, law enforcers and citizens alike. The grand jury is not a transparent system. The prosecutor can manipulate them as per his or her wish. What is such a system doing in these United States??? We should outlaw the grand jury system.

    The term “grand jury” suggests that it is above reproach, that their decision is above scrutiny. There is nothing grand about that, except for the loophole it creates to allow a judge or a prosecutor to break the law without going to prison. The courts should charge everyone under the same procedure of the law. It should presume the accused innocent until it proves them guilty. If you asked American citizens, the vast majority would agree that this is what we all expect. That is one reason that outrages the people! The system releases murderers into our streets and allows them to wear a police uniform.

    Let there be a trial

    For change to be affected and not blocked by opposing legislators in Congress with political views that are opposed to the majority, there should be one voice on an issue. The trial of a police officer who has committed a crime against a civilian should be held in an independent court from which a grand jury is entirely exempt. We have seen that the grand jury is just a process used to override the voice of the people. So, instead of protesting against a murdofficer, protest against the grand jury. Call for its dissolution. Instead of rioting, go and become a legislator. Get enough votes and change the flaw in the system.

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    4. Be Rid of Unilateral Governance or Remove them from Office

    This is a democracy. Our army goes to war, under the banner of human rights, freedom, and justice. In the “land of the free,” we should demand respect from police. We are talented, educated and hardworking citizens who deserve courtesy. No law-abiding citizen should fear its government. Public service should reflect the demographics of the community being served. The law should never be used to embarrass, discriminate, ruined a reputation, profile, be prejudice or murder family members, friends, neighbors or fellow-countrymen.

    No law-abiding citizen should fear its government. Public service should reflect the demographics of the community being served.”

    The past is the past, the future should never reflect the horrors of the past. Our families love. Each of us is people with dreams and aspirations. We support our military and veterans, we demand respect and the ability to trust law enforcement. Don’t we idolize firefighters and paramedics? We love our country. They call us citizens, immigrants, and residents! We must ensure that our lawmakers genuinely represent and follow our collective interest without any excuse. For example, when the majority says, “no to grand juries,” we should never see another grand jury ever again. This is a democracy. The WILL of the people.

    Reform Bad Governance

    Protests are outcries. Do you see the police protesting? Do lawmakers oppose? Yet they are there to afford the will of the people. Why should people have to complain when they have the ultimate power? Why are they asking? When the majority of people call for a murdofficer to be indicted, we should see an indictment for the crime. If this does not happen, legislators need to be replaced, promptly. Before we protest, we must know the law, the process it takes to create or reverse one and then identify the legislators who have been delegated with the opportunity to pass the laws which our Judges. Prosecutors and law enforcers are HIRED to upkeep.

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    5. Police the Police

    The military [which we all adore and respect] has military police. If we have military police, we should have police for the police. In the civilian system, there is no way you can expect true justice at the same court that gave the officer his marching orders. A civilian court will never prosecute its officer for giving or carrying out its orders. Remember, the prosecutor sits high up on this pyramid. Behind the curtain lies the legislator who writes the law and the judge who enforces it through the police. Who is there to control these people?

    In the civilian system, there should be someone who polices the judge, prosecutor, and the police as they give and take up warrants and investigations. The police have proven that they are incapable of policing themselves fairly without self-vindication. It’s a natural fact. Especially since they have the media as a medium of mass communication. The entire civilian court system should be under a higher authority that is independent of the court yet superior to it. Therefore, there has to be a separate agency, one specifically designed to arrest and charge police officers just like the M. Ps. do in the military.

    Control the Power

    The people want this said agency that polices the police to have absolute authority over the police, to enforce the law over the judge, prosecutor and the police just as fairly as any other person who draws breath in the country. This means, just like in the military, we hold the police accountable. They do not get special treatment. They commit a crime we bring them to justice. If one of them oversteps their authority or causes an untimely coffin to another family. *


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