Pretty Face gets Old, and a Nice Body will Change

The crazy part about dealing with certain females, in a romantic situation, is when you’re just tryint to socialize but they think you’re hitting on them. Or when a social media thot assumes that you’re one of her thirsty suckers for love. I’m talking about a female who behaves rudely without ever recognizing that you were not checking for her. You have a boss lady in your camp. An adept mermaid. You’re sitting on a couch somewhere with a senator, a physician, a lawyer, a consultant, a medic, or some top company’s senior executive resting on your lap. Instead of finessing a job or a lil come up out of you, that broke thot is out there thinking with her pussy, like she’s rejecting somebody. Lol. Sometimes I just laugh.

I Want A Woman That Make My D!ck Hard , Not My Life 🥰

Posted by Nino brown on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The government has been, been, been giving women free scholarships, student arrangements, and all sorts of educational privileges. Many women get free homes or shelters. They have means. If you’re a woman in the 2010s, you can get a free diploma or degree and find a decent job out there. Women graduate in droves! Women get good paying jobs these days. So if you’re a woman and all you have is a sweet ass, some succulent tits, and a dolled up face, girl, you better be a hustler or a businesswoman. You better be coming home with the bag, or else you are a statistic (uneducated, lousy credit, etc.). The homies who sit behind the doors you knock do not have time to date a statistic.

We check if you have an education… if you can bring home the bag… if you’re okay. Oh yes, these lawyers and doctors look lovely in a thong too. Not just social media celebrities. We check to see if your fine ass has a credit card; if you speak properly, have a driver’s license or a car. What part of town are you staying at? Who was the last nigga pounding your shit? Oh, trust me, ladies, it’s niggaz out here selecting. Know your level before you step up. Some of y’all don’t even qualify to be the side chick. You ain’t reject nothing… if you were up next, you’d have been got that tap on your shoulder. The call woulda came but you’re stuck on text. Need an example? He hadn’t called but he wants a nude, right? I wonder.

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