Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Quandary as Conquerers

Before I say anything, I want to make it clear that I am against all forms of racism. It used to be normal for a woman to be next to her husband. Here, it is the opposite, but I still congratulate Prince Harry on supporting his wife. However, who should we believe in their news about how the Duchess of Sussex experienced extreme prejudice in the royal palace? We must recognize how there is no physical indication that her claim is true. She accuses her inlaws without naming names, providing witnesses, or showing any proof. Choosing which side to believe is the most unpleasant decision I have made since Tory Lanes and Meghan Thee Stallion split up. No one knows what really happened. All anyone can actually do is read between the blurry lines and speculate. 

We also know that the United States public has turned to a culture of victims using a court of public opinion. The general public tends to believe the liberal side…”

The public had to choose between an alleged abused black woman and a black man who is allegedly accused falsely. This is a similar quandary. We all remember the way Oprah and Gale handled their Kobe Bryant interview scandal last year. Gale has not apologized for what she did. We all love Oprah, but we also know that she uses her platform to spread a word about a word. We love Megan Markle, and we also know she is a radical feminist. Radical feminists love to reverse long-standing traditions when the customs are incompatible with their wishes and want. We also know that the United States public has turned to a culture of victims using a court of public opinion. The general public tends to believe the liberal side of the mainstream media reports.

Everyone uses social media to promote their emotions. These are the known facts and the starting point on which we rely. Outside of that, we can say that I am a great supporter of Prince Harry and his family. As a teenager, I also cheered for Lady Diana. On the other hand, I am partly Canadian and partly Grenadian. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of both countries. As a result, my own diplomatic status is ultimately supported by her banner. Yes, I know that the British monarch enslaved the Africans. They plundered the world and continue to benefit from those achievements. These are some of my variables in this awful scandal. That’s why I don’t understand the reasons behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

These are very powerful people who could resolve their estrangements internally. Is it some kind of distraction? A publicity stunt? Was it for a paycheck? A low blow? What is their purpose for starting this scandal? Lots of people know that I was most excited in Canada when the news came that Prince Harry was marrying Meghan Markle. Back then the rave was whether Markle could be a suitable royal spouse and member of the royal family. Could she learn and follow the etiquettes and protocols? I was one of their highest supporters until I heard that Prince Harry was literally relinquishing his royal status as Duke of Sussex to live a regular life somewhere in America. Now, don’t get me wrong, if he did that for the benefit of his wife and child, then I salute him.

Teaching, most importantly, obeying the rules! We defended her when the powers questioned if she was stable enough, or capable of managing the rigors of the royal palace.”

I’m speaking as a black man. An African man, in fact. I live in Europe. If a black man were a fish, in Europe, racism would be the water in which he swims. Let’s face it. You are not going to have a great time as a black woman and a radical feminist while at the same time being a senior member of the royal family. Meghan should have already known that. Racism against the Dutchess is unacceptable. Yet, there is also a place where she loses me. Did she expect an easy path to greatness? As a black woman, an African-American actress who rose in British rights, she must know the world we live in and understand that her best choice is to stand and persevere. She had a journey to triumph. We are black. We die for our purpose to pave the way for our people.

If the queen wanted to deny her great-grandson of a royal title, Meghan’s sole responsibility was to establish her loyalty by winning everyone over in the end. She simply had to prove that the culprits were wrong by earning her honor heroically. Packing up and fleeing seemed excessive. As if she gave up when she also represented us in that palace. What about charity deputations in Africa? Philanthropic foundations in Asia? A call for world peace and economic growth in the Caribbean? Being selfless and using her privileged position to create better opportunities for unfortunate people. Teaching, most importantly, obeying the rules! We defended her when the powers questioned if she was stable enough, or capable of managing the rigors of the royal palace.

When she arrived there, her cause was for women as opposed to the African people as a whole. One is forced to ask if she underestimated the challenges she was bound to face after marrying the prince. The most consequential question that arises is whether the royal palace opposed Meghan because she’s black or because she’s a radical feminist? Was she relaunching the black agenda or was she moonshining a feminist cause? Did they resist her at all? Where is the evidence? I hate to have to say it, but there is a familiar undertone to this scandal. Unsubstantiated allegations in the age of bait and switch. Using the passions of racial equality and civil rights to get public support, then shifting the program to something other than advancing African dignity.

To be present in one place, one must be absent in another. Everyone always has a tricky choice in front of them. Outside looking in, it appears the prince has to choose between two families that should be one. Sticking by his wife is very commendable even though she also has sacrifices to make. In the royal palace, she stands as a representation of black people. That is especially if she is going to use the race card. But this is supposed to be a love story. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet we have a cautionary tale on the effects of impatience. Cinderella got what she wanted but first, she had to lose a slipper. The prince has proven himself to be loyal but he definitely has a very tiny needle to thread. He’s going to need steady hands with the eyesight of a hawk.

It will be very interesting to see their protest lead to a systemic change in the royal palace, but what would such a change entail? Would it conquer racism or will it topple the patriarchal structure in the royal family? Queen Elizabeth II is already a woman, so there is little room to make an argument for the lack of women’s rights. Racial equality and civil rights would be next, but that is just my guess. Who really knows what’s going on? The prince spoke of a cut by family members who now refuse to take his calls. He dances in the moonlight but it is too dark to see if it is with the devil or an angel. Whatever the case, I praise him for sticking with his wife and keeping his family together at all costs. This drama is more than what meets our eyes and ears.*

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