Bragging About Completing Minor Parental Duties

This one is a no-brainer. Unlike R.J. Wilson’s perspective, the good thing is once a man has the woman he wants and the family he has dreamed about, he usually does not care who sleeps on the softer side of the bed. Men accept their place as the expendable one in the family. As a man living in 2017, the media, entertainment, and even your community systematically discriminates against you. You’re not also allowed to complain about it. In most cases, other men will badmouth you just so they’ll look good.

Whether it’s the opportunity to proceed your education, parental rights, child custody, you name it, you’re on the short end. Only when it comes to military conscription, that’s when you come first. Domestic and sexual laws neglect you as a victim, accusers of false violation go unpunished, you have no reproductive rights, and if you have some money or a decent job during a breakup or divorce, the court delivers your wallet to your ex. But, you don’t care at all, as long as you have the girl and she’s smiling, you’re right.

You are a heterosexual male with the mind of a patriarch. But today’s society has indoctrinated most women against everything you want. You’re an asshole whether you like it or not. Not only that but before you knew her, a lot of stone cold players had arrived and broken her heart. But let’s go back a little. You are in good shape, your beard look is flashy, you are a successful Captain Save a Hoe, and you have managed to catcall your way to the heart of a good girl. Now you have a child. Your money is not where you want it to be, but you’re getting there. You are a heterosexual man with the mind of a patriarch, in 2017.

A hopeful family man who is expendable. So what do people think you would do if you had a right parenting situation in your life? Your girl loves you, and the child adores you. You’re going to celebrate every booger you rag, every ride you go on and everything you do that the kid’s mom does not bitch about. Your end is almost sure to come with a load of blames. Yes, I would celebrate every moment because as a man, the automatic guesswork is that you are an unfit parent.*

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