Modern-Day Racism Disguised within the Swedish System

What comes to your mind when you think about the Scandinavian country – Sweden? We esteem them for eating healthy, “Fika” or their coffee culture. Most people remember the mythological Swedish blonde. Was that always a sign? Is the system is FAR more racist in Europe than it is in America and Canada? We are talking about racial stereotypes and discrimination. Are the Swedes still living in 1800s mentality? What are the Swedish people like? Do their government reflect the same sentiments to North Americans as we do to them? These are some questions that have crossed my mind after I heard weird stories and watched one of Lovette Jallow‘s YouTube videos.

Let me go ahead and announce that there is a difficulty with this sort of discussion. When you shed light on the severity of racial concerns in other developed countries, it appears as if you’re downplaying the experience in Canada or America. Which I am not. In Canada and America, racism exists, but we fight it. Unless it was against a cop in which case you’re dead if he decides to shoot you. In Europe, the police do not kill ordinary people, yet the average racist can abuse someone of a minority culture with an open and visible approach. There is no station to reprimand that, and it’s not easy to explain it. That is why, in my previous blog, I stated that black people are spoiled in North America.

When a black person visits Europe from Canada, we are often surprised to see African people like ourselves putting up with racism. By this, I mean that it is on a level that we no longer experience back home. In the United States, you can sue an institution or get that racist person fired. Out in Europe, it is not even a big deal when it happens. In Europe, discrimination can be explained away as a reasonable choice. In Canada and America, we have Dr. King and Malcolm X. We have the emancipation proclamation, civil rights, Black Lives Matter, NAACP, and things of that nature. The black people in other parts of the world, like Europe, Asia, or in the Middle East, do not have that.

As much as we still have a long way to go, the blacks in other countries have not come as far as in Africa, Canada, and America. The Africans have made many efforts to deal with racism, but they are more coping strategies than the complete elimination of the problem. The racist people in Europe cling stubbornly to their chronic ignorance. They resist the message and continue to be racist. Some don’t even know of the Caribbean Islands or consider blacks as illegal immigrants. That is why A$AP Rocky probably snapped. If you are not aware of it, you will snap on them. Don’t let the tourism fool you, if you run into a European bigot they will be most likely to be insanely racist. Please watch the video.*

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