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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    In this blog, we will dissect a crucial aspect of society. Before I get into the topic, I’d first like to reiterate some points. I will make references to related articles, videos, and researches. The content of this blog is based on my opinion. You as the reader can choose not to read it. You can want to enjoy the sarcasm in my descriptions. Or you can trust me as someone with enough street smarts to give advice on this subject. I, for one, am writing this blog to help someone. That is that one person who radicalism may have led astray had they not read and understood this message. In this case, that message is the paradox of radical feminism and how it can mislead many otherwise good women.

    By that, I mean those women who go from being a potential girlfriend, fiance’ or wife to an unsuspecting prostitute. It uncovers that inherent weakness that most women have. It shows how predators can exploit that weakness. And also how drastic life becomes after this movement radicalizes those women. A complainer, bigot or antagonist in their frantic effort to besmirch me as a writer or disprove my power of oversight may cling to their calculated idiocy. That individual may decide to interpret this blog as a misogynistic fueled rant against women.

    Many people choose to ignore the radical in radical feminism. Many also wrongly associate the word feminism with women in general. All women have the freedom to choose whether they should be a feminist or not. I can waste two or three paragraphs explaining how womanism does not represent all women. Or I can talk about how I support the outlined agendas of the first three waves of feminism. That approach will be ineffective against anyone who is determined to bend the truth. Be that as it is, I will spare you the agony of reading those facts. I’ve covered them in other blogs. Instead, let’s focus on what the heck is radical feminism. Or what makes it different from progressive feminism.

    What is radical feminism? One source describes it as, “a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists view society as fundamentally a patriarchy in which men dominate and oppress women.” Ellen Willis, a former “American left-wing political essayist, journalist, activist, feminist, and pop music critic,” described radical feminism as “a viewpoint within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts.” I describe radical feminism as a cult-like sect of womanism that they’ve based on reversed sexism.

    Canadian American renowned radical feminist, Shulamith Firestone wrote in “The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution (1970):” “The end goal of feminist revolution must be, unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.” As you can see, radical feminists consider that the patriarchy oppresses women. They have resolved to the social, emotional, psychological, and financial blackmail of all men or boys.

    Radical feminists wrongly identify all males as benefactors of patriarchy. I condemn them because of the adverse social impacts they effect. In the first instance, I think that the reason our communities are male-dominated is that males devised culture. It was men who conceived and built the world which we inherited. Not only religion but even government, corporation, institution or civilization itself. Nearly everything came from the imagination of men. Therefore, it is natural that males are more visible in their creations.

    Radical feminists are blind to these kinds of fact which is also why I’ve deemed them problematic. Another reason is their mistaken view of the patriarchy. In my opinion, they associate authority/privilege to patriarchy. They associate their definition of patriarchy to men. The reality is that we live in a genderless system. Opportunities stem from hard work or strong connections. I did not earn what I have from being a man. I got them from thinking outside of the box and being creative. I adjust to change and strive tirelessly for what I want. In most cases, beautiful women have had more access to what I needed. Men created civilization so it is rational that particular connections exist between those men. 

    All men and women are under the same systemic mechanism. That system includes government, law enforcement, the mainstream media, and corporate industries. It also involves educational systems, religions, courts, and other dominant establishments. Those establishments are the real patriarchy. The radical feminist tends to be short-sighted here. They do not identify who the real patriarchs are. Or if patriarchy is the correct word to describe the source of their oppression. They have chosen the wrong villain to blame for their problems. The real villains still exist. Moreover, these wrong villains (men) are mere scapegoats who radical feminists intend to hijack of their rights. 

    So, the radical feminist is, in fact, a hijacker. They kidnap a creation, turn its creator to a villain. And then they deprive him of his right to thrive within his concoction. Hence, they are worse than the patriarch they want to replace. Furthermore, it is essential for argument sake, to simplify that radical feminism is not the same as feminism. It is a privative offshoot. The former advocates for the destruction of a functional arrangement. The latter is about the premise of gender equality. However, feminism does not always adhere to men’s rights. In that same breath of clarification, I must also mention that the word patriarch literally means father. Radical feminism is a destructive concoction.

    It removes value from long-standing cultures and traditions. And it aims to satisfy the ego and desire of a few women. These people seemingly wish to hijack the leadership of a civilization that we’ve all inherited. Radical feminists do not appear to consider their mortality, or what will happen to our culture when they’ve unraveled the order that is set in place. Or if their motives will damage our society for their selfish whims only to die and leave disoriented conformities be constant for future generations.


    Saying Never to the Readily Available Free Pornography on the Internet

    Our civilization has gone through more than twenty years with instantly accessible [free] pornography on the web. In these twenty years, we have experienced a pioneering mobile phone revolution that has put the Internet in our pockets, twenty-four hours, and seven days all year long. That is at the same time when the genetic coding of most men dictates that every attractive woman we meet for the first time will arouse us sexually.

    My Reaction to Naughty Dog’s Heartbreaking Video Game, “The Last of Us Part II”

    I have made a climactic shift in the way I socialize with people. It’s not only that. These days, you won’t find me looking for new musicians, inviting strangers to see the latest blockbuster, and I don’t buy unproven video games anymore. Anything I touch should have a predefined motive. I have taken a step back. Today my approach in every situation is relatively reasonable. I look at the history of my involvement in a given situation to decide if that is a path worth continuing.

    Male & Female Consanguinity After the MeToo Movement

    It was only a decade ago when I caught heat from writing about men going their own way. I even suggested that the MeToo Movement is a trojan horse. Today, if you ask me, I’d say it’s sexual harassment to post half nude or nude pictures anywhere. But, a lot of men do not know their worth. They may see such abuse as a privilege. My reason for responding this way is because the person in question causes the men who see her picture to think about sex.

    Justified Remonstrances Free From Ill-considered Demands

    We have to ensure that, even as we call for police reforms, we do NOT alienate our police force. Regardless of our demands for sweeping changes in some of the methods they use, it is outright stupid to advocate for defunding and disbanding our police. If we look at what’s happening, we should see that the police are outstretched in the variety of situations they address. We must define police brutality as their use of unnecessary force against nonviolent suspects.

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