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Bullying is a Serious Problem in Public Schools

Bullying has come to a point where the victim gets punished when the attacker walks away with the crime. Well, when it comes to children we don’t consider bullying as a crime but what I can tell you is that sometimes the people who go around complaining are the ones who started the drama that they cry about. What out for the real trouble makers. Some people are born with share evil in their hearts.

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Posted by Vincent Fleur on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Staying At Home with Kids Is Harder Than Going to Work

Says the same people who discredited stay at home moms as less ambitious women. These people failed to realize that the home belongs to both the man and the woman. The children belong to both of the parents. If the mom stays home while her husband works that do not make him more important or her less significant It could even mean the opposite. Read the Article Here.

NASA Admits that Climate Change Occurs Because of Changes in Earth’s Solar Orbit, and NOT Because of SUVs and Fossil Fuels

I’ve always maintained that there is no possible way that humans can ever have the power to stop global warming. I believe we can adapt, but we can’t stop it. By that, I mean, there’s nothing we can do to make the climate better or worse. That’s if we go with the theory of a round floating globe orbiting in an infinitely vast universe. Instead, I could have bought the climate change theory if we were talking about flat earth encased in a dome. Renewable energy and other forms of environmental precautions are essential to maintain clean air, water, and sustain a sterile environment. Except I do not accept that it will change the process of global warming or cooling. It’s like saying we could reverse an ice age.Β Read.

Black Feminism 1 & 2

Where do you find black women like this??? I want to be around women that think with this kind of consciousness?

This beautiful intelligent Queen turn down feminism to support conscious black men who love conscious melanated Queens like her. Her name is Sara Lena on youtube. Source: https://youtu.be/qedcqWubJFI

Posted by Melanated Multiverse on Friday, September 29, 2017

Trust me, European women are not on that feminist shit anymore. I live here. European women will cook for a man. They will wash his clothes, fuck him whenever he wants and take care of their home. Plus they educated and employed. That feminist shit? That radical emasculate and hate your man shit? It is mainly in North America y’all. European women hate shows like Maury and Jerry Springer. They dont watch a lot of TV and rarely carry a cell phone around all the time. They believe in nature, family, and spirituality. They leave their cell phone at home and go for walks. They turn off the tv to go sit outside. They meet with people for coffee and cake so they can chat. They exercise.


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