Regrexit, Sometimes, a Win is a Loss

I remember chatting with a man at a train station who wanted Blacks to revolt against the West. I asked, what if we rebelled and won, what would we do with a destroyed continent? Right now the economy is moving. Transportation is operating. There is some sort of a rule of law that protects human rights, education, women, and children, etc. He explained how Blacks are too feeble, submissive and how to “overthrow the system.” And replace it with what? I asked.

This, of course, is when you project on commerce, social security, and the ramification of an attained outcome.”

As good as this cataclysmic idea sounded to him, I reminded him. A war like that will cost many innocent lives. It will deplete the country’s already waned resources and disrupt our global community on an Armageddon-level. Once we achieve that victory, what would we do with 3 destroyed continents? How better will circumstances become after we realize this? The man said nothing. I don’t really care for the campaign in his story. Sure, at the end of the day, the rich will be safe, but the poorest of the poor will suffer. I have seen what war does to a prospering but underappreciated country.

Every win is NOT a win. Sometimes, a win is a loss. And a loss can be is a win. This, of course, is when you calculate social security. Or the ramification of an attained upshot. Many times, the passion of a good fight is all it really is – a terrific fight. I have come to view courage not only as the ability to draw first blood or stage a brazen outcry. But the capacity to accurately estimate the long-term consequence of those efforts. It’s the ability to withstand a circumstance, be long-suffering, serene and wise. The joke is to step forward and take charge without fully understanding.

In our situation, we must push through. We take those who want to come along, knowing that eventually, everyone else will benefit from the process. That is what has to happen. Off Fareed Zakaria’s GPS he cited studies showing that most of the people who voted “yes” for the UK to leave the EU did not fully understand the global economic ramification that was entreated. Many of them have little to no college/university level education and were practically radicalized.

They looked at the issue from a nationalist perspective, wherein, as Donald Trump puts it, they “want to take THEIR country back.” Voters who said “no” were the most diverse group from multiple Diasporas who were more principled. They assessed the situation from a global standpoint, especially the complication that this withdrawal could cause the United Kingdom’s already integrated standing. That is why the prime minister of England stepped over the mess after the decision was made.

They assessed the situation from a global standpoint, especially the complication that this withdrawal could cause the United Kingdom’s already integrated standing.”

According to the associated press, Scotland and Ireland are reconsidering their option to break away from the UK to stay in the European Union. As I explained earlier, how beneficial is it to win this vote and lose the United Kingdom? The United States won the war in Iraq. There is no doubt that the Arab Spring succeeded in expelling the former political regimes of Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. Of course, the plan worked, victory was achieved. But at what cost? It was not realized until the Syrian war. That was when the back-splash from the Arab Spring finally hit the ceiling fan!

This backsplash came with a shock wave through Greece to Eastern Europe to Western Europe. The West took a massive dump in the Middle East, and the sewer overflowed at the doorstep. The solution to this problem is not to build walls of isolation, deport refugees, become xenophobic nationalists, start a new war or quarantine Muslims. The answer is to clean the shit poured into the Middle East so that the backsplash and overflow may decrease. Anyway, what does an emcee know about such complicated issues? *

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