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    Our civilization has gone through more than twenty years with instantly accessible [free] pornography on the web. In these twenty years, we have experienced a pioneering mobile phone revolution. It has put the Internet in our pockets, twenty-four hours, and seven days all year long. That is at the same time when the genetic coding of most men dictates that every attractive woman we meet for the first time will arouse us sexually. Yes, even though we live in a monogamous society, our ancient cultures have telegraphed polygamy into our primitive brain. Pornography causes its addict to masturbate repeatedly throughout the day. At the same time, each video has the same effect as if a new person was willing to sleep with the horny viewer.

    I haven’t done that with my significant other, but I can imagine it being a fun experience.

    Consequently, pornography is an excellent simulator of infidelity. That is a crucial ingredient for relationship intricacies such as a breakup or divorce. To compose “The Sandmann’s Journal,” we dealt with radical feminism, systemic racism, domestic abuse, police barbarism, moral double standards, and even the mass shootings associated with the MK-Ultra. We donated funds to African cultures, Hip Hop Kulture, music, black on black crimes, and also the end of sex trafficking. After four years and six volumes of The Sandmann’s Journal, we have reached the seventh and final volume. So, what about pornography? Shouldn’t we deal with this elephant in the room? By no means do I suggest or convey that an addiction to porn is exclusively a male dilemma.

    In 2020, many women are active consumers of porn. I will be the first to admit that sex is a primitive desire that enthralls both genders. Factually speaking, I’ve even read stories about doting couples of all sexual orientations that enjoy porn together. I haven’t done that with my significant other, but I can imagine it being a fun experience. Some couples look for new moves to spice up their sex life, and perhaps, share a moment of awe. A significant number of children also experience pornography. Some are already addicted to it. Alarmingly, most people will see what they perceive as a delicate woman who must be someone’s innocent daughter. The reality could be that the said woman is secretly addicted to solitary masturbation or hardcore pornography.

    What I’m saying is that even though men are more likely to view porn, it’s very reasonable that the hospitable woman may also connect to it as a fuel for her mysterious desires. Many times you will find women who are sorely depressed since they feel troubled with themselves because they have this secret addiction. Others may be rather upset with society because we deny them the freedom to indulge in it openly without judgment or stereotype. Whichever way we look at it, porn is a double-edged sword that works for or against women. The indisputable truth is that most men consume it even when we know for sure that pornography consumers could exploit both sexes, or all sexual orientations while enjoying it. The gift of porn is also a curse. 

    She hashes her discrepancy on her realization that the billion-dollar industry is producing increasingly aggressive porn to get “the same kick.” Therefore, in her ascertainment, pornography is a drug. 

    Maria Ahlin, a Swedish anti-pornography activist, describes porn as a brutal discourtesy for women. Her attitude is that the various acts of sexual perversion border on physical and psychological maltreatment. She even believes that there is a deep-seated social structure that programs porn consumers to enjoy the physical abuse of women. In a non-sexual context, those same users would consider the same acts as cruelty. She hashes her discrepancy on her realization that the billion-dollar industry is producing increasingly aggressive porn to get “the same kick.” Therefore, in her ascertainment, pornography is a drug. The European anti-prostitution powerbroker equates generative obscenity as a gateway to sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

    However, Maria Ahlin’s disputants in the various Men’s Rights organizations have petitioned that, in a world of gender equality, female pornstars earn significantly higher salaries than their male counterparts. I’ve heard porn advocacy groups, like the MGTOW, say radicalized gender-bias is a conspiracy to deprive the accused gender of their right to individual freedom. Some have sited that all sexual fetishes are mutually entertaining. In this piece, we must consider that both sexes consume porn, and although it satisfies many pleasures, it also tends to be exploitative and addictive. I still remember a time when teenage boys worshiped Playboy or Maxim magazines. Anything other than the Swim Suit Edition of the Sports Illustrated was subpar.

    When I was growing up, most hardcore porn users were dodgy men in their fifties and sixties. They made every effort to go to raunchy XXX video stores to rent the “dirty movies” on VHS. Many guys had a secret stash of XXX magazines and DVDs. In those days, if you were going to watch porn on the Internet, you needed a credit card to access the website. What is it about sex and us men? We go to painstaking lengths just to experience this pleasure. Today, an eight-year-old boy can see more naked babes in two hours than his ancestors saw in their lifetime. If you are a man on the Internet, websites will harass you with many ads to join fake dating sites or watch free porn. How does that affect women when they represent half of the scapegoat’s family?

    That endeavor includes romance and foreplay, as well as all the stimulations I shower upon her senses during that traditional date. It should be so intense that she craves so much more that she becomes my partner. 

    If free porn desensitizes our brains to our sexual preference, how does that influence our ability to engage in genuine romance? Furthermore, how does that affect our capacity to be proficient companions, boyfriends, husbands, or fathers? Personally speaking, I will not totally condemn it, but I am against the overuse of pornography. That is because it is a virtual pleasure. I consider myself to be an old school black male who is a heterosexual traditionalist. For me, sex happens in a sacredly scripted plot. Men like me are the last of a dying breed. While pornography can raise awareness and bring someone to a joyful climax, it doesn’t fill the void left by the physical absence of a woman. There is no one in the room except for the actress on the screen.

    Therefore, we cannot strike a healthy bond for magnetism. Porn appeals to imaginary senses. Men are hunters. Pleasure is not only the temporary death of our raging desire but also within the hunt itself. I want to observe a sexy woman who has caused my attraction, seduce her, and then command the appropriate moment as a reward for my effort. That endeavor includes romance and foreplay, as well as all the stimulations I shower upon her senses during that traditional date. It should be so intense that she craves so much more that she becomes my partner. Pornography does not allow any of that, which is what makes it empty and pointless. I would imagine meeting the actual pornstar in person would be far more appealing than to sleep with myself.

    A porn user must connect to a site and watch another person have sex with the star they like. There is no illusion that they are the only person they want. There is no interaction, no conversation, no enticement. And as a black man, this situation is even worse since the person sleeping with the pornstar might be Caucasian. At least, watching a black man give it to her will be a small consolation. White men often sleep with the most fascinating gals in porn movies. Those films usually depict the black pornstar as an overhung torturer. At that point, the experience becomes one of abuse rather than an allurement. In my subjective mind as a traditionalist, there is absolutely no fun in masturbating to the sight of a beautiful woman while watching another man there.

    In other words, I have to be the one fucking and not the one who is watching. And then, of course, there’s the added downside that I wasted my best sperm just to get over it. When I finally have a real woman in my bed, I will be too exhausted from the waste of time, energy, and solitary ejaculations in front of a computer or television screen. If anything, porn should stimulate my desire for my real-life partner, not rob me of it. As you can tell, I could write a whole chapter on the numerous reasons why I could never indulge in pornography or the coercive masturbation it causes. There is too much physical, mental, or emotional ramification without the presence of a physical person to justify the effort. Then there is the psychological desensitization.

    What about the general mental health of our society as a whole? Is there a racial aspect? What about your physical performance in the bedroom? Does masturbation affect a man’s sperm count?

    Viewing countless nude images of various women lessens the thrill. You will lose enthusiasm for your partner, who is the real person in your life. Wouldn’t it be better to hold off, to build my desire, so I’m immediately satisfied with my partner? That is the reason why I see it as a virtual pleasure. As I have insisted on feminism, I am not alarmed about women’s rights or equality. On the contrary, it is the fundamental aspects of the women’s movement that often cast a dark shadow on male courtship. The same can be said for policing with its deputies and officers. Of course, excessive use of force justifies a protest. When it comes to pornography, it’s not the ability to dominate naked babes but the inability to resist masturbation when observing those pictures.

    Therefore, I would be the first to justify the occasional curiosity to observe a remarkable sex act. However, at what point does it go from overlooking one or two questions to a complete addiction? How does that addiction affect our health? How does it affect the women in whom we make discoveries? What about the general mental health of our society as a whole? Is there a racial aspect? What about your physical performance in the bedroom? Does masturbation affect a man’s semen count? How does the gift of porn lower our real expectations? When you consider the answer to these questions you will realize how reckless it is that free pornography exists on the Internet. At the very least, it is savage exploitation of our primitive craving for sex.*


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