Similar to Kanye’s “Famous”

When it comes to music videos at this point in time, I have my finger on the pulse of creativity. If you look at how Kanye West launched and promoted his “Life of Pablo” album that is almost identical to the way I did with my “Laboramus Exspectantes Vol. 1” album. And I must add that I dropped mine before his album came out. I cut two videos off that album; 1 | Two passports and 2 | Livin’ N’ Toronto feat. Kao Denero. Both videos were risked with a sophisticated appearance, but artistically creative.

Watch the video of “two passports.”

Check out the video for “Livin’ N’ Toronto feat. Kao Denero

About music videos, I must be onto something with my creative vision. Of course, when I do what I do, some ignore the artistic value and assume it’s because I cannot afford a conventional music video. By the time they start shooting videos like this, I would have moved on to a subsequent style of artistic expression.*

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