Solange’s Elevator Attack on Jay Z

Maybe it was a publicity stunt to boost Solange’s music career. If so I commend Jay Z for doing that. I know I was not thinking about her till now. Yeah, Jigga, the streets are gonna tease because you let a girl beat you. That’s just hood. After I said that, now let’s take a closer look. First off, how did TMZ get the raw footage? Correct me if I’m wrong but has TMZ made anyone famous in a positive way? Has TMZ cleared anyone’s name or directly contributed to the rise of a star? Please, if you have this information, mention it in the comments below.

I would like to know what TMZ has done to maintain our culture and preserve the legacy and respect of our icons. I say this because their real purpose baffles me. Tiger Wood’s marital issues in his personal life became public knowledge because of TMZ? He even had to apologize to the media. And with that, let’s all thank Jay Z from the bottom of my heart for not falling into that trap. You say trap? I say yes, trap. If he’d lost his temper and kick that girl’s ass, his career would be over! Imagine if Chloe attacked Kanye West, and he beats her. His wife would be mad that he hit her sister where the media would fan those flames to convince his white fans and sponsors never to do business with him again.

Isn’t that the case these days? It’s rather unfortunate how brainwashed people don’t see it. Today’s corporate sponsors are mainly white billionaire business partners who are way too afraid of bad press. Some walk away over a rumor. Even when they can’t connect it to their business. The corporate and judiciary worlds have renamed words like discrimination. And they dare for anyone worth anything to challenge that. I won’t get into speculations of who did what to whom. None of us were there. If Jay Z said or did something to provoke Solange or if she abruptly attacked him for no reason, is all irrelevant here. What is relevant is 1) how TMZ obtain the footage as if it came from Motel 6 on Highway 11.

2) why is it that men are expected to restrain their countenance with women hitting, slapping, attacking or verbally abusing them? I see a problem there. Business and personal lives are two separate things just like religion and sexuality. Yes, I know all the sexists and feminists would have me for dinner if I go there but guess what, I just did. What’s up with the double standard ladies? You don’t want a man to hit you, though you beat him? Don’t want a man to disrespect you, but you disrespect him? You don’t want a man to tell you how to be a woman, yet you’re telling him how to be a man? What’s up with that?

The slanderous rumors, gossips, photos, and videos didn’t stop until he died. TMZ was even the first to report Michael’s death.”

You scream foul when a man yells at you, but yet you’re shouting at men and expecting that you’d go scotch free? I thought we’re looking for equality here. OK. Before another fool runs off claiming I support domestic abuse let’s make it clear that I don’t stand for domestic violence in any stretch of the imagination. This is why I commend Jay for not falling for that. In order words, Solange was wrong! When DMX’s career was being destroyed one of the things I remember him saying was how TMZ happened to know when he was being arraigned. They didn’t only get a heads up, they were there before he arrived. The judge allowed them to film the arraignment even though DMX did not want to be shot.

You’ve guessed it, the footage was aired shortly after and yet another blow was dealt with the well-loved emcee’s career. Should it be legal for the media to air damaging footage from wherever and ignite or spread rumors on someone? What right does TMZ have that gives them such boundless impunity? We’ve watched this happen to one star after another. Remember, how TMZ was hot on Michael Jackson’s trail up until his death. They probably made his life miserable. Michael had it so sorry he was a prisoner in his own mansion. The slanderous rumors, gossips, photos, and videos didn’t stop until he died. TMZ was even the first to report Michael’s death.

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For someone who had such a final camp, how did TMZ get access to his intimate information? Every time someone makes it, the success is short-lived and destroyed by media scandals? Who is the number one bearer of this bad news? Yep, you guessed it, TMZ. If I were Jay Z, I’d be even more careful who I let in my camp from now on. Privacy pls! And finally, everyone is raving about how Beyonce did nothing. Well, think about it, her husband and her sister are fighting, and there is a camera in the elevator. If she takes Jay-Z’s side conspiracy theorists will claim he has her wrapped around his finger in the Illuminati so deep that she will even turn on her family to defend him.

If she took her sister’s side, the same conspiracy theorists would say she does not really love Jay Z, although probably she is trapped with him. Damn if you do and damned if you don’t. She couldn’t do anything. One thing I can bet money on is the media would absolutely love a scenario where Beyonce caught Jay Z cheating, or she was mad at him for beating her sister and if the “Drunk In Love” couple were no more. They would enjoy any story that has to do with the fall of Jay Z.

Besides, out of all his counterparts from the 90’s he is the only one who is still going platinum and selling out shows. He is the only one with a nontarnishable street rep, a seemingly boundless talent and an array of brilliant business ventures. He is still the hottest emcee in an anti-Hip Hop era! *

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